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    posted a message on Time to buff solo??

    Ok buff solo...

    /players 1

    /players 2

    /players 3

    /players 4


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    posted a message on D1 Remake is Legit
    Quote from Glowpipe»

    Memory lane ? this is NOTHING like diablo 1. This is diablo3 tilesets and diablo 3 mobs. With an added shitty filter. We wanted d1 looking and playing like d3. Not d3 looking and playing like d1. This is crap and should never have been made

    Always so negative.
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    posted a message on No Reason to be Mad

    Good post, pretty much agree with what you say HanSolo1884 besides the Esports thing.

    All I can say is that people who are freaking are obviously very passionate about the game, but a bit too passionate to be willing to attack other members of the game they care and love about too.

    Grow some acorns and just wait for the expansion that will come in the future.

    Logically speaking we should receive 2 new classes and possibly 2 new acts with a shit-load of content when its made and ready to go.

    Diablo isn't dead so no need for R.I.P, not like we just saw our mother died its a video game.

    It will come, just hold onto your balls.

    PS. Was hoping for more but, in the end I am glad what we got.

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    posted a message on Blizzard may have indirectly announced a future D3 Expansion.

    Quote from Demonmonger»

    Every reference at Blizzcon, even through the Necro video as well as from the ending of A5 have a common theme. That theme is the Nephilim having to much power and becoming a threat to humanity itself.

    Well, if you pay close attention, the Necro calls the Nephilim the "Heroes of Light". Referring to them as something else, we can assume that the Necro is NOT a Nephilim. So is the Necro being recruited by Tyrael through the horadrim? I feel that this all makes too much sense.

    It is a risky proposition however, because if the core of the Next and Likely last D3 expansion is to remove the threat of the Nephilim, what will happen to the classes that we all love (Barb, DH, WD, Monk, Wiz, Sader)? Will there be new class art done to change the appearance of the class to notify us that the individual we played as was in fact a Nephilim, but we have not yet attained that achievement?

    Furthering my evidence, they discuss in numerous interviews changes for the future, beyond 2.4.3, beyond 2017, and they always have this giddy smile on their faces about it. They are also unwilling to comment on any question regarding the "Unannounced Project" in which they have been hiring many additional staff members to assist with.

    Realizing that the current staff of D3 is likely also working on this "Unannounced Project" it makes logical sense that the project is D3 X2, the Fall of the Nephilim. After all, the reason D3 Vanilla became a mess was because of a difference of passion and views due to the 4 year layoff of developing the game to assist with WoW (confirmed via Blizzcon 25th anniversary panel having been 2005-2008).

    What are your thoughts regarding this rumor?

    I have a thought that OP is a blind Blizzard fanboy who adores absolutely anything with (c) Blizzard
    I have a thought that this guy is a angry nerd who doesn't enjoy live and adores trying to shit on anyone enjoying themselves with a game he doesn't.
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    posted a message on [Theory about Anniversary Dungeon] Also don't give up hope for D3 Xpac.

    I realize many people are upset about the fact that there was no D2 HD, or D4, and like me another xpac announcement.

    Still, I think we have some hope. With Diablo 3 being what it was in 2012 till now, its really come quite far. We must remember that they have only recently acquired new developers and have only began on this "new" Diablo project. With nothing to hardly show besides this character pack I understand the frustration, but we are getting what a lot of people wanted a new class, one that would always be welcomed from older games. This at least shows they are listening.

    With Rise of the Necromancer pack coming, there was some details about re-doing the old D1 Tristam Dungeon (16 Levels btw) I believe we will get more info regarding the next xpac on the final level. Something down there that may possibly hint at the story were we left off. We must remember that Diablo was and all the other lords of hell was released from the black soulstone. Also that this is were Diablos soulstone was put in the first heros forehead who slayed Diablo (Then begins D2.)

    To put it short, I believe we will start getting some new details towards what is to come when they do announce a new xpac. Remember the story isn't over yet and that we have some new content to see sometime soon. Let us hope they have some exciting new details come tomorrow about what they plan on doing in the future.

    Blizzcon isn't over yet. We still have some things to unravel.


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    posted a message on Not Flame but....the Diablo stuff isn't over yet @ Blizzcon2016

    Look, I am sure we would all of loved more info/details, trailers, announcements, etc.

    But, seriously until the show is officially over there's no need to be so upset!

    We have a lot more info coming our way tomorrow..and hell how do we know they don't suddenly show the next xpac tomorrow?

    Don't nerd rage and just instantly start making topics about how bad the game is and how your expectations have been destroyed.. (Not all of you have done this btw.)

    Just...my opinion...calm down and wait!


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    posted a message on blizcon xpan what new class you like to seee

    Lets get CREATIVE.


    Can shapeshift into abominations and summon fierce kittens and owls.


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    posted a message on Disappointed with 2.3

    Someone change his diaper...

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    posted a message on With all the new legendary items being introduced every season...
    Quote from ruksak»

    Quote from Bleu42»

    Quote from ruksak»

    The way it reads, it almost sounds like you don't want more items added to the game. Which is..... weird.

    The solution is that of one word, and one word is all that is needed.



    I have to agree. I kinda want to "hissss" at my own post. I was only meaning to tell him, the only way to ensure people get everything they want is via trading, but I didn't mean to make it sound like I actually support such a thing.

    Poorly written by me. Sorry.



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    posted a message on Blizzard announces "biggest presence" ever at gamescom 2015, but no Diablo III
    Quote from zultore»

    they are probably holding the big expac announcement for blizzcon this year.

    Exactly what I was thinking.

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