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    Endless Butcher runs. Wasps in act 2 didnt allow me to go further. :D
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    Quote from Bagstone

    Quote from wowaccounttom

    Quote from shaggy

    Quote from Sagathiest

    false hope is good hope. :P

    There are studies that would suggest that optimism is far better for your health than pessimism, though. Foreign concept around here, I know.

    I don't know. Being optimistic about surviving a car crash at 300km/h vs being pessimistic about it doesnt seem to be better for my health.

    If you survive a car crash at 300km/h you have an awesome story to tell for the rest of your live. Besides, staying optimistic about it ("yay I survived") will have a tremendous impact on your mental health and help you to get through it, let alone that a pessimistic person would never enter a car again.

    Nailed it.
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    You are the everything wrong with this community(like the rest of the whiners). Stop talking about a dream, move on and get a life.

    Seriously, this must be the most awkward community ever existed. And no, im not trolling, im just tired of a certain behaviour.
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    You know, this can be a bad or a good thing.

    Fact: this recent patch, is how it supposed to be. This is they way D2 was(you just dont farm bosses for better loots, that is the major difference).

    Its understandable, that people notice better droprates - but thats because of the loot design to start off with.
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    It is getting annoying now. Why do people complain all the time, i just dont get it?

    #0 So, you got 170 MF. Congrats. That is nothing and you expect everything. I know your feeling to be honest, but you dont find any solution. Go get more MF, farm faster and be better.
    I rather prefer a community playing the game, instead of criticizing it. This community tends to fail and expects a solution from the developers, instead of finding a solution.

    I run around with 400MF level 65 paragon. I got about 40 brimstones and they are from the legendaries i couldnt sell(above iLvl 60). Yet, i dont get legendaries every game. On avg. i have to play like 2 hours to find a legendary/set and im pretty fast on the clearing.

    Here is my wisdom: do not focus on farming items, just focus on leveling paragons! You will find your legendary/set. Do not complain, just focus on your leveling. You do not need to break every barrel you find(actually just stop it), instead be very fast and efficient.
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