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    posted a message on Mempo vs IK Triumph
    IK is better unless u can get a mempo's with crit
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    posted a message on Stone of Jordan And Uber Bosses
    of course it works
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    posted a message on Two questions for players who vocally dislike the AH
    you guys know the auction house would be 10 times better if they would add the option to shift click an item into the search field


    as it stand right now when im trying to sell shit its fucking annoying as shit, just to see if something is worth anything. i spend way to much time doing just that. not to mention having to leave a game to check or sell items on the auction house is sooo annoying.. so fucking bad

    also 3 search fields for the first 2 months? wtf blizzard fail
    the auction house GUI is complete garbage, and buggy

    not only did blizzard make it seem like u HAVE to use the auction house. they made it painful to even use it
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