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    my brother told me he seen a site where it crunched how many legendary per elites killed in regards to magic find... when you get high enough paragon level and have a lot of MF they drop 1-4 a day if ur farming fast and non stop.

    for someone who doesnt have much MF and doesnt kill a huge number of elites per hour i can see how this would be frustrating. the problem arises mainly due to the auction house... if blizzard gave everyone tons of drops they wouldnt make very much money. it sucks and i personally think its stupid. even with x2 to drops in 1.05 its pretty small chance for the average player.

    when i do alcaizer act 3 runs in under 10 minutes for 4 hours at 20+ elites each run on my uber geared barbarian and dont get a legendary im super pissed.

    and even when i do get 3 legendary items in one days 9/10 times it complete garbage. i got lucky when 1.04 released and got $350 off RMAH in the first 2 days. but ever since then its been almost complete crap... i have a whole tab in my bank filled with garbage farming too paragon 60sh
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    re-roll a barb
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    great advise here so far....
    the chapeast way to get movement without losing to much stats and crit is prowlers.. just get a cheap set with str
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    LS isbetter in every way when u have enough dps, you never know which coeffiecient will nerf next.
    on the ptr life steal is better.

    find 2 weapins with high crit damage , socket, and life steal. then gear for crit and crit damage on armor. maybe some Loh on ammy and if u can afford the immortal kings belt get it. loh if u can afford it other places as well
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    one thing to remember is that mp1 and higher drops lvl 63 affixes on all drop regardless of item level. making it much easier to farm gear.
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