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    Unfortunately it's not that simple. Items have two different levels - an item level and a required level. For example, for Manald Heal the required level is 24, but the item level is 27. So basically you can't get it from Kadala below level 27. (We had a discussion about this on Reddit before the season and together with a lot of people we gambled tens of thousands of shards on various levels between 0 and 28, and you can't get MH below level 27).

    Someone was nice enough to write a script and query'd every item from the game API to list both required and minimum levels:


    But there's more: some items can be gambled below their item level - for example, you can gamble Gungdo Gear on a level 1 monk, Lut Socks on a level 1 barb, and so on. Initially we thought it was just a -7 level reduction, but it doesn't make sense for the case of Gungdo Gear (which are not even the lowest bracers since Cesar's Memento have both lower item level and required level). So there seems to be some special rule for some (not all) low-level gambling slots/items.

    Be careful with info you find about this - basically all of this we found out a week ago. So basically any "low level gambling guide" that's older than July 19, 2017 might contain wrong information. We really had no idea and are just scratching the surface here.

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    Moved to wizard forums - and welcome to Diablofans!

    There's a bunch of issues with your build, I'll go through them one by one.

    • You're using Archon, which means you also want to use at least 2 or 4 piece bonus of Vyr (which you're doing, good) and The Swami (which you're doing, good) but also the Fazula belt. Try to get that. Move the Tal piece to the offhand, which means you have to get rid of the Chantodo's set - which is really not a big deal, since its damage pales in comparison, see below.
    • Since you're using Manald Heal, most of your damage will come from that. Here's an in-depth guide for the ring and its mechanics.
    • Again, since you have Archon in your build, you might want to get back into Archon as soon as possible. Using an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac can help you with that. Using Archon/Manald heal and Convention of Elements requires a lot of cooldown reduction and timings, otherwise the ring is useless - I'd strongly advise to ditch that ring (for now) and replace Convention with Obsidian.
    • Is your issue damage or survivability? I see a lot of people using Power Hungry as passive, which is the ultimate "more damage" passive. But 30 yards is a long range, and unless you fish for rifts in which you can keep the mobs at bay it's not active a lot of the time. However, especially in the beginning toughness is an issue, so I'd advise to try something like Blur (flat damage reduction), Illusionist (more movement when you get hit), Dominance (especially nice for speed rifts when you're killing fast) or Galvanizing Ward (useful once you've learned to properly dodge stuff and don't get hit very often).
    • Ancient Parthan Defenders are the bracers that many people are using, but I'd also never forget the Ashnagar Blood Bracers (double your shield efficiency). APD only have a 25 yard range, so they basically only trigger when something goes wrong - since for Power Hungry you want stuff to be 30 yards away. APDs are also entirely useless against most rift guardians (when it's only one mob and most of the time 25+ yards away).
    • I think you're not proccing Arcane as fourth element? Could be wrong. Anyways, I'd suggest Teleport - Calamity, it's what most people use.
    • Your legendary gem choice is kinda... odd. Simplicity Strength only makes sense in builds where the majority of damage comes from primary spells; that's not the case. Mutilation Guard is inferior to Esoteric Alteration. I'd suggest Bane of the Trapped (the best damage gem) and Gogok (gives you attack speed, cooldown reduction, and dodge - all of which is useful). As third gem most people play Zei's Stone for more damage; that's one option - for toughness I always recommend people to start with Esoteric though.

    Okay, those are some general hints. More specifically, it seems like you're *almost* playing the standard Manald Heal build, but not quite. There's tons of guides for it... for example, check out this one by Wudijo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSWV5xjk7yQ or the link I posted above for in-depth mechanics. It's not an easy build to learn, but it's the easiest to get to GR70 once you master it. No other builds will let you get to GR70 that fast for wizard, to be honest.

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    The average blood shard count for Taskers on Necro is 10k, for wizard and WD it's 8250 (Necro is a bit worse because it has two non-set, class-specific gloves). It's a bit easier, but getting it within 1k shards is just PURE RNG.... you got really lucky there :)

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    Taskers are a level 60 item, so low-level gambling like for the Necro ring doesn't make sense. It's just RNG. And Taskers are a rare pair of gloves, so it'll take a lot of shards: on average 10k, and even after 23k shards there's still a 10% chance of not getting it.

    It's all RNG :)

    I'm gonna lock this since otherwise those threads usually derive into a list of everyone telling their RNG story, and we already have a thread for that.

    Good luck with Kadala! ;)

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    1. The wings and recipes that you already know can be sold to a vendor. You can also get rid of the pages since they have no real use in the game; it's just for collecting stories or clues or Easter Eggs but they don't lead to anything, so no need to leave them in your stash. For potions, I wouldn't keep *that* many. I keep one per type but even that's probably too much; usually the best potions are the Kulle Aid, the armor one, and the life on hit one for a few builds. Next, you have 3 of the 4 mats for the Staff of Herding. Throw away two of the Gibbering Gemstones (you only need one) and try to find the Liquid Rainbow to make the staff - it's sometimes useful if for some reason you want to go to the pony level. See here for more info.

    2. Which legendaries to keep and which to throw away is a tough one. I generally tend to keep items that are well-rolled and/or ancient if I think I'm ever gonna use them. But it just takes some time to get familiar with all the items and know which ones are useless and which ones are useful... if you have stash issues, throw away if in doubt, especially if it's non-ancient. You can also just check our build database and see if there's a build that uses that item (enter the name in "required item".

    3. Yes, Haedrig's Gift gives you the WHOLE SET :) You get one Haedrig's Gift per season, so if you claim it now on your Necro, you don't get another one for another character (or even other game mode if you switch between softcore and hardcore) *this season*. But next season you get a new Haedrig's Gift of course (after finishing the four chapters again).

    4. As others already said, re-roll the Impale damage to whatever damage spell you use (and if it's not available, then re-roll it to movement speed instead). Those boots are awesome. As for the augment (Caldessan's Despair), you put this item in cube, 3 Flawless Royal Emeralds, and a gem of rank 50 or higher (for jewelry the minimum level is 40, for weapons 30). Which level you choose depends entirely on what you can get without too much hassle. In general I think most people augment something between 10-20 tiers lower than their highest clear, because that's where you can get your gem levels up to really really fast. Items can be replaced, so you shouldn't augment an item with a gem that took you 20+ hours to upgrade.

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    A few days ago, I asked about Sage's builds in this thread. Seeing a build is one thing; but it's not the same as playing it, and some builds really surprised me when I tested them. Also, sometimes builds are exaggerating in their advertisement (there are probably 100 builds called "best build ever" in our DB, so which one is the best)? Therefore, I decided to compare them. And I call this the:

    Brainless Builds Comparison

    Why "brainless"? Because Torment farming is boring and monotonous, and I want to be able to watch something while playing and not having to pay attention to cooldowns, CoE rotations, and so on. Also, I don't have time to practice a dozen builds for 5 hours; I just have a go at it. So here are my rules:
    • 12 minutes of rifting.
    • No practicing of the build; just have a go!
    • No goblins, except for Blood Thiefs.
    • Always test on T8 and T10, go higher if build looks promising.
    • I test all the builds that were proposed in this thread.
    Obviously there is still RNG involved, but it's a bit smaller since all tests are conducted by the same player, it's always about the same paragon, gems, and the same skill level (i.e., very low ;-)). Also, I've been playing all classes on and off for 2 years now but never went for a DPS role in groups or solo pushes, so I have no crazy augmented gear that would skew the results.
    In addition to the Death's Breath per session (take that times 5 to get the DB/hour), I also make my own very subjective assessment of each skill according to 4 categories:
    • Off (offensive): Perceived damage output, burst on elites.
    • Def (defensive): Toughness, especially how much I had to dodge.
    • Speed: How fast does it *feel*.
    • Lazy: Can I just randomly push buttons or are their cycles, rotations, timing, resource handling etc?
    Okay, enough rambling. Here's a playlist with *all* videos (34 so far), and below you find the table with the results!

    Build Comparison Table (12 minute rifts, no goblins, T8, TX, T11+ opt)

    Class Build T8 TX T11 T12 T13 Off Def Speed Lazy Videos
    Barb Raekor 119 123 72 - - Link
    Crus Akkhan+Norv. 124 148 134 124 109 Link
    Crus Roland - 124 125 - - -
    DH Sha-dow 122 119 91 - - Link
    DH Natalya8881---Link
    Monk (*) SWK LTK 126131181 145151138Link
    MonkSWK WoL 98118---Link
    MonkInna 10391---Link
    WDChickn Harv.10682---Link
    Wizard (²)Tal Electr.99100102--Link
    WizardTal EB111137151111-Link
    WizardTal AT--133---

    • (*) The 181 DB on T11 were with insanely good rift RNG, so I did a re-run. See Q&A for details.
    • (²) All Tal Elecrocute runs were unfortunately a bit flawed (bad RNG etc.), so numbers are a bit lower than they should be. Still, Tal EB is stronger. See Q&A.


    Q: Why are you not running T9? And why not focus on T13?
    A: The answer is in this simple graph. Going from T8 to T9 is only a 9% improvement in DB drops, but obviously the usual 19% increase in difficulty, so it's a bad trade-off. T10 and T11 are fine again. T12 and T13 are overall really bad for Sage's builds. The reason for this is that Sage's does not *double* your DB drops, but it drops *an additional one* whenever a mob drops any DB (regardless the amount). So when you get 3 DBs on T13, Sage's just gives you a fourth, which is a small benefit compared to T8 where you have a 85% chance for a single DB drop and thus almost double your DB gain. In short, T8, T10, and T11 are the best tiers for DB overall.
    Q: 12 minutes of rifts is a laughably short time. Why not run longer?
    A: I did 34 runs of 12 minutes, so that's already 7 hours of videos. If I had run a full hour run that would be 34 hours. Including setup time of builds, editing the video, uploading, and so on, the patch would be out before I'd be finished. However, I did an estimate about how high the error rate is, and I was surprised to see that 12 minutes might be better than expected (see next question). But bottom line, I'd rather run more builds on more difficulties.
    Q: How high is the error rate?
    A: (TL;DR: About 12%). For the monk SWK LTK build on T11, I actually got insanely good RNG. As you can see in the video, basically elite-stacked open area maps non-stop. I immediately new the 181 (which would sum up to 900 DB/hour!) was an outlier. So I did another run, and as I had hoped I got "extremely unlucky" with only long tube maps except for one Oasis (but that had one had almost no elites). I also hit the endstone two times, which means losing 2 times ~25 seconds where I'm just standing around. So this 145 is the lower ceiling, and therefore I think if we take the average for that run (163) and assume an error rate of very roughly 12%, it might not be too far off. Which is very surprising and makes DB hunting less RNG-dependent than other activities, such as GR key farming!
    Q: So looking at your numbers, it looks like some classes just suck at DB farming. Should I make an LTK monk?
    A: Absolutely no. First, look at these charts: T8 and TX comparison of top builds per class incl. error bars. As you can see, all of them are basically in range of their respective error bars. Second, those results are for *me* and are more representative of *my* personal build preferences. Third, running Torment will also yield a lot of loot; you should always run Torment on your main class (or at least a class where you get useful loot, like a barb when you're gearing a LoN bomb crus).
    Q: I'm an author of one of the builds. You played it all wrong! Can you re-do the run?
    A: In short: no. One of the perks of labeling this comparison "brainless" means that if I failed your build, it's not good for a brainless player. Of course your build might still be awesome! Feel free to make your own "pro-player comparison" where you showcase each build including hours of practice ;-) That being said, if you're the author of one of the builds and want feedback, feel free to post here or PM me. Or if you're not an author and have questions, of course post as well!
    Q: Build X for class Y sucks, you should've run my build Z. Can you run it?
    A: Feel free to post your build. If I have time and a build piques my interest, I might have a go at it. However, after recording all those videos I have more DBs than all other (white+blue+yellow) mats combined, so I'm currently running non-Sage's builds (ironic, isn't it).
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    month/day/hour? Oo I guess that would be 07/20/17. Interestingly 17 is also true for year :P

    Next Thursday, 5pm of your server's timezone. I made a countdown here:


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    You gain max XP by running the highest GR you can run considerably fast and consistently (3-5 minute clears). Bonus XP gear has been nerfed to death and is mostly useless, with some exceptions but those don't apply here. Just gear for max DPS (or max survivability and buffs, if you're the support character in a group, which is what your Cain's character and the guide you linked is about).

    And a general note: Quin has sadly left Diablo 3 and is just playing WoW these days, his guides are outdated for the most part as he hasn't touched the game nor his guides in about a year, and some stuff has changed since then. So look for other builds in the build tool and always make sure they're from this current patch.

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    Quote from Discontinued»

    In Vitality to Life % calc, there's a small typo. I'm sure you can figure it out :P

    I think I did. At least I found one. Thanks ;)
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    Updated for Season 11! Now even with countdown timer.

    Also, I made a thing:


    Shows a comparison of previous seasons.

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