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    posted a message on Budget Wizard speed farming and why I ditched Archon
    35-40m is the minimum dps if you're moving without teleport archon rune, 100k dps (equivalent of 3m budget gear) and really really casual gameplay. He was giving a very low estimate.

    Wizards aren't that much slower than other classes. Put in scramble rune, 24% MS, Archon and you're just as quick as any other class. And with decent gear, 70m or even more are no problem for wizards (remember, 100k is the budget dps, look at what Jaetch pulls off).
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    posted a message on Need gear advice ( more speed needed for faster mp2-3 runs)
    20k life and 400-450 allres are not enough for MP2/3.

    Your helm is kind of worthless - the 10% of a TR helm are basically useless if you're sitting at 20k life. You can get a rare helm with more int, plus allres, vit, and maybe even crit. Or you get yourself an Andariel's or Mempo.

    I'd second the idea of getting Lacuni's. For chest, look out for a decent Tal Rasha - but later, when you have more money. Since you have a purely physical damage weapon, maybe you can even upgrade your offhand with a Triumvirate for some money; you could get rid of the APoC and switch to a signature spell for Archon downtime or keep the Oculus and switch OH on cooldown.

    Sell your belt to a barbarian, you don't need that much strength ;-) You can either get a rare belt with lots of EHP or get a cheap witching hour for huge dps boost. However, even the cheapest are still ~20m and I think you should bump up your ehp first.
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    posted a message on Please help me with my Wizard
    Quote from JKlimek

    I can't read your profile in polish and google translate isn't helping much, so I can't suggest much for equipment changes.

    Change the "pl" in the address bar to "en".

    ... or click here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en//profile/tockar-2847/hero/21936970
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    posted a message on My hardcore achievement
    Wow, this is crazy. I try hardcore every once in a while, but I could never do that. Congratz!

    Btw, there's a hardcore forum - if people complain, it's probably because you should've posted there: http://www.diablofans.com/forum/86-hardcore-discussion/ ;-)

    About your rules: I don't get the first one. So what if you died? Quit D3? Go back to softcore? Not many people start a second attempt anyways - especially when you rip on later levels, lots of people quit hardcore (at least for a certain amount of time) anyways.

    I like rules 2-4 - actually, I applied the same rules when I leveled my characters up. I wanted to experience the full game, and not bypass content. Although after leveling 2 classes to 60 and thus completing all acts and quests 6 times, I'm now finished with that and my next class will be pushed to 60 by my friends ;-) However, that's softcore. All these rules are probably much more difficult to follow on hardcore... impressive.

    - once I hit lvl 60, I had 1.2kk gold that I made just from picking it up and selling gear I have found on my own.
    - I still have 1.8kk gold after finishing the game
    - found this on my way (still not sold, currently listing it @ 300kk)

    Firstly: 300m for this awesome amulet? It's out of my range anyways, but I think on softcore you would get billions if you have some patience - at least on EU. Is it just HC AH where prices are a bit lower?

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    posted a message on What to do with my Wiz? How to CM from here?
    http://us.battle.net...19/hero/4097146 - is that you?

    For CM you need 3 things: arcane power on crit or, in short, APoC (I'd say 2 pieces, preferably weapon+offhand with at least 8 APoC each), crit chance (the more the better, but 40% unbuffed will do), and attack speed (probably most important thing). You didn't mention your available budget, but if you can afford it, a Chantodo's set can give you all of that: a very fast weapon with APoC, an offhand with APoC, crit chance and attack speed, and a nice set bonus in addition to that.

    You could also get a helm with APoC, because quite frankly I think Andariel's is not a good choice for CM. It gives you crit and IAS, but it lacks ANY survivability, and EHP is one of the other things you need for CM. I like the Mempo - you can get one without crit chance for very little money. Of course this means that you need to bump the crit chance on your rings and amulet a little bit.

    What else do you need? A bit of life on hit - another stat you can get on a helm, if you go for Storm Crow. Otherwise I'd look for it on your amulet or your 2nd ring (which has no IAS or crit).

    Last but not least, survivability. Get at least 300-400 allres unbuffed, the more the better. Your armor and amount of life is fine, though. Don't be worried about giving up some DPS - focus on not dying first; once you're able to tank mobs you can play around a bit with skills and gear to increase your DPS.
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    posted a message on Lets make a list, what to fix?
    Quote from sarge26

    Perhaps add a way to add socket into weapons, with some hefty price of course, would help to save some potentially good weapons, or make ilvl63 legendary weapons roll a guaranteed socket. They are rare to find after all.
    No, no way. I want more diversity and choice on weapons, and not one affix slot for socket by default.

    Quote from Crateme

    Quote from Bagstone
    Only after finding 100 crap items you can really appreciate that one good weapon you just identified.
    You mean after 100,000 crap items
    Actually, you're about right; I guess I've picked up, identified and sold a few thousand weapons and I yet have to find the one that's worth equipping (or selling on the AH). But the day I get that weapon... I will feel like this:

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    posted a message on Lets make a list, what to fix?
    Quote from ruksak

    Per Reflect Damage; This is clearly an imbalanced affix. Being able to see it engaged on/off would add strategy to what is now a kamikaze mission under many circumstances. Another issue that would make RD more approachable would be the implementation of a weapon switch like we had in D2. At the push of a button, a player could whip out a shield and low DPS LS/LoH weapon. This idea needs pushed by the community more than it has been.
    I agree to what you're saying, but I'd say it's not a fix, but a feature. Let's see what Blizzard will come up with. I would really like to have the weapon swap (or skill swap) option like in D2, though.

    Quote from ruksak

    I feel the mot glaring imbalance in the game is the sad state of weaponry. Without a socket, weapons are almost never end-game quality capable. This should not be. Whether it's the fault of tunnel-vision toward Crit Damage or something else, some abstract thinking is required to address this very serious itemization issue.
    Haven't thought about this - yes! I guess there are only two ways: bump up all other affixes to make them equally useful (not really a good idea) or nerfing the crit damage gem (which would result in massive QQ of the playerbase). Tough choice. Even though I have a 100% gem, I'd like to see that thing nerfed - it would make my investment pointless but I'd be happy to give this up for a bit more freedom in search for weapons.
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    posted a message on FULL REFUND LEGALLY.(For those interested, not intended as a flame thread)
    Since English is not my native tongue, I won't even attempt to understand all that legal stuff. Frankly, I don't care if it's your right or not to get the money back. All I'm saying is: you played a game for five months, you leveled two characters to 60, according to your own post you played more than 300 hours. Yet, you want your money back?

    That's like buying a Ferrari, breaking two speed records with it, driving it for three years and ~200k miles, and then returning it because of some ridiculous reason (The color does not match the color that was mentioned in the contract, for example). Yes, you might be able to find an issue with the contract to get the refund. But seriously - I would feel ashamed of myself.
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    posted a message on Staff of Herding
    Quote from Komie

    I have 5 of these Plans; Staff of Herding books in my inventory.

    How do I get rid of these things?

    I've tried everything and can't get rid of these things at all.

    I don't think you have tried everything. I went to this one website you might have heard of and see what I did, using your exact words:

    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how to get rid of staff of herding
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    posted a message on [Guide] Massive Guide to Upgrading Wizard Gear
    Quote from Xoraph

    3 - This spec doesn't feel great for solo uberbosses - any suggestions for an optimal spec/MP level for these?

    Loroese already answered all your gear questions, I have nothing to add but one small thing: there is absolutely no reason to solo uber bosses. If you like a challenge - sure, go for it. But you will always find a group of people to help you, because for them it's a free chance for organs and you might get an invite back if they have machines and are looking for a CMWW tank mage. It's a win-win situation. If you decide to try the bosses solo you face the possibility of failing and wasting machines. Oh, and another thing: if you have a disconnect, the the portal is gone; in a group the portal stays open and you can re-join (the group has to abort the uber kill attempt though because you can't join an ongoing fight).
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