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    Quote from kebapmanager

    all you said is cool bro, but dont u want to own some noobs after 500 or more pve gameplay and just have 1 more awesome way of having fun in this game?

    There are no "noobs", there are just people who invested less time/money. If you put a considerable amount of time or money in a D3 character, you take the default cookie cutter build from a forum of your choice, smash buttons 1-4 and mouse buttons at random and you're just as good as anyone.

    And I personally don't need to "own" someone to have fun. If me and my mates "own" uber bosses by kicking their asses, we have fun enough.
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    Get another offhand. The Triumvirate damage bonus does only apply to about half your DPS because your Chantodo's main hand has elemental (fire) damage. You already have two APoC pieces, so you can get with any offhand you like; Chantodo's Force or Oculus will be too expensive, I'm afraid... but maybe you can boost your EHP a bit, too. Or, if you're having troubles with arcane power, just get the third piece for APoC.

    I think your overall EHP is just fine, but for higher MP levels you probably want some more LoH and/or IAS. If a Blackthorne's pants is too expensive for you, maybe you can upgrade rings/amulet...
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    Here's a bluepost, a thread on these forums and another thread over here.

    Quote from tommmmmm

    I did search. I found the argument of barb cold snare vs wiz cold snare NOT working thingy. From what I read the %ele dmg only applies if:
    1. wep is physical only
    2. you use physical skill.

    What if I use poison skill with %poison dmg? Will it work then? I didn't find a clarification for that.

    1. Not correct. If the weapon is not physical only, the bonus will be smaller - it will simply only be applied to the physical damage dealt. For example, if your weapon has 900-600 damage and a 600-400 fire damage affix, then the elemental bonus damage will only be applied to 33% of the damage dealt. The fire damage part of your character sheet DPS does not gain the bonus damage.
    2. Also not correct; it doesn't matter which skill you use. As long as you're using a "black weapon", i.e., all physical damage, the damage is applied to 100% of your character sheet DPS and thus to all your skills.

    Regarding your last question: the "adds +x% to elemental damage" affix does not care about the damage type of your spell. The other affix on your Won Kim Lau (lightning spells deal x% more damage) however does. It gives every lightning spell a flat 23% damage increase, every non-lightning spell is unaffected.
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    Hm, looking at the Demonbuddy forums, it seems like there are indeed at least some people botting. Well, I don't know anyone who's using a bot, so like sarge26 said the number is somewhere between 0% and 100%, but neither "everywhere" nor "no bots at all".

    But it also becomes apparent why these people are hard to catch: tune in on some Twitch streams of people grinding Alkaizer route 24/7... there's not much difference between some of the crazy people on their way to paragon 100 and a bot. Telling these apart is really difficult for Blizzard and they have to be careful about not making false accusations.
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    Quote from ruksak

    Much of the bitterness that 'straight edge' players like myself have toward people whom buy gear/gold comes from the bad apples that buy all their gear and then make fun of others (whom don't buy gears) for having less than elite gears.

    Jaetch seems like the type of player that would never do this.

    I couldn't agree more.

    If you think people who spend real money on a game are jerks, just look at Jaetch, he's the perfect example of the opposite. He is completely aware that his gear is over the top and he is able to reflect on that. Even though his wizard is geared beyond insanity, he is able to give people useful advice who have 10% of his DPS. I hate it when people who just scratched the 100k DPS mark act as if they had beaten the game and almost spit at people looking for help ("rofl, your weapon is crap, you're so stupid, ..."). We all once were at this point - whether we used money, gold, or grinding items to proceed, is a different topic.

    We all try to help these people here (well, at least most of us), and Jaetch has done so not only with lots of helpful posts, but also by giving them gear. Some of his real money is probably by now distributed over the US realm on poor wizards who progress a bit better just because he decided to help them. If you never use the (RM)AH but you don't respect other people, you're more of a jerk than anyone who put real money into the AH.
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    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from GroentjeBE

    First of all, it's your money, you worked for it. Sounds to me Trail might be young kid hating on the more 'adult' players for beeing able to put money in the game. Anyways... @ the end of the line you choose what to do with your money...

    I wouldn't make that assumption. Many old school RPG'ers like myself frown on short-cuts, no matter what your excuse is. I work too, only part time but I own several rental properties that consume much of my time, not to mention being a single father.

    No matter what your excuse is... well, there here's my excuse:

    I waited for Diablo 3 for years. Then Diablo 3 release date was just exactly at a time where I couldn't play for 3 months. When I started playing mid-September, all my friends with whom I played Diablo 1+2 for 15 years and waited eagerly for D3, were already geared up and started progress on paragon levels. They had piled up some gear for me, but it wasn't really enough to even survive in Inferno. Since they have more time than I do, I would have never been able to catch up with them. So, I ended up spending some real money (D'OH!) to close the gear gap - but only a bit to get some gold and not a big amount of money.

    If I hadn't done this, I just wouldn't be playing today, because the only time I played D2 was with them, and it's the same for D3. Given that I just don't have the time to farm all that stuff, there was no other way (remember, they play more hours/week than I do). However, I only did this shortly after I hit 60 and ever since then, I haven't put any real money into the game and don't intend to do so - I even thought about cashing out to get my money back, but to be honest, I don't care.

    Quote from ruksak

    True pride in your character can only be achieved by doing it 'the old fashioned way'. By purchasing gold/items, you have chosen a shortcut, you have chosen to bypass effort and cut straight to the quick with your wallet.

    In seconds, you achieve what takes me weeks, even months to reach.

    It is your own business how you game, as well, how you achieve prominence in-game. But do not pretend that there is any sense of pride to be gleamed from a bought character.

    Actually, I agree with all that progress thing and that it's nice to spend weeks in order to achieve something. However, in my personal opinion, "pride" is the wrong word. In the end, whether you spend a lot of time or money, it's either of that which lets you achieve something in D3. I don't feel any pride about that. In the end, I know that if I play a certain amount of time, I'm gonna find some items that I can sell or wear myself as an upgrade. I don't know how to describe the feeling, but "pride" sounds wrong to me. It does feel good to find a nice item, but I think for me it's more like playing the lottery and winning it; and of course I wouldn't be proud about that. When in our group one of us is on a bad streak and doesn't get any legendary drops, we even cross our fingers that this person gets a nice item drop soon, because we all know how it feels if you play for several hours/days and don't get a legendary. Therefore, I would treat the RMAH and the pride discussion separately here.

    On the topic, what's my personal opinion about this (as someone who once used the RMAH but quit the RMAH business weeks ago):

    1) I was a student once and would have loved the opportunity to get money out of the time that I invested in the game. Therefore, if someone has the money and buys stuff, it only helps those "poor students", I like that.

    2) Some people buy stupid games for 60 bucks every month, play it for 5-10 hours (complete campaign once) and throw them away. If you play a game for years, why not spend the same money on that game and just treat it like "instead of buying Call of Duty #58374, let's put that money in the game that actually has some new content every now and then". In D2, I never used any trading (I only played and traded with my friends, so within our group we always played "self-found") - but I spent actual money because we run out of storage space and bought some more D2 keys... it was also nice as host for games, using a shared stash among our friends, or a separate account if someone who didn't own D2 wanted to play with us on a night when they came over.

    3) Like K√ľken and Cryomatic said, D3 is not competitive (it will never be an e-sports game, even when PvP arrives, just like Blizzard recently announced). In a non-competitive game, and especially in a game which involves so much luck like D3, I don't see why real money would be considered cheating. IMHO, there's not much difference between using the AH and the RMAH, but it's just my personal view.
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    You will get many biased answers. For some opinions about this look at this thread:

    I'm gonna try to carefully summarize it: lower MPs give you more XP/loot, higher MPs are better for farming keys/ubers. In the end, play the level you enjoy the most, because if you don't like what you do, your motivation will decrease and thus also your performance, leading to "worse results". Therefore, "what is better" is simply "whatever you like the most".
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    I would say it's a form of selection bias. You look at only one sample (Azmodan) and evaluate your magic find drop rate. Let's assume the legendary drop rate is 1 in a 1000, with 300-400 MF it's still below 0.5%. Statistically, you'd have to kill Azmodan more than 200 times to see one legendary. However, there's no guarantee - you could even kill him 500 times without a drop (bad luck), while others get a legendary on first kill (luck). Anyways.

    It's like picking on elite pack on your Alkaizer farm route that is always there (i.e., the first elite pack in keep level 2). Create a tally sheet how often this one drops a legendary. Unless you get "lucky" (hi RNG), you would curse this one elite and possibly after some time even say "the first pack never drops a legendary, I'll skip it". It's all about choosing your sample large enough. If you, however, choose your sample larger (all elite packs in act 3, or, what is more accurate for a typical Alk run: all monsters slain by you in a farming run), this is perceived differently.

    Humans are really really bad in coping with RNG, luck and all these phenomena :-)
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    There are so many different ways to play the game:

    -Get to paragon 100 as fast as possible (i.e., most XP/hour)
    -Get as much loot as possible (i.e., legendaries/hour)
    -Farm keys/ubers on a reasonable MP level to get most keys/hour
    -Have a challenge (i.e., play on the highest MP level possible)
    -Clear everything, RPG style
    -Get all achievements (hunt certain areas for rares or books)
    -Play MP10 purist
    -and many many many more.

    Last but not least:
    -Have some fun. Some prioritize fun less (if you're paragon 98, I guess, it's not really about fun anymore but just about finishing these damn two levels), some more. Also, everyone has a different notion of fun: some perceive a relaxed act 3 run on MP0 as fun after a long day at work, some want the real challenge and go MP10 blindfolded with their left hand only.

    Obviously, some of these may go together, while some probably won't. There are nights where I do all of the above (except for the purist option). One Alk run for some XP, then one run with MF gear, then get one of these damn act 2 keys on MP10, then the exact opposite and just a few act 2 normal runs for another shot for a Leoric's... and so on. All these words that are being tossed around here - "fun", "efficiency", "challenge" - they don't mean the same to everyone and it's good; in fact, I think you have to give Blizzard credit that they created a game that can be played in so many ways. But, by all means, it's not perfect; especially the "I want a challenge" people feel like they're not getting enough rewards; which I can understand to some extent.
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    posted a message on Moderator's actions
    I really like this forum, but one thing that annoys me is that some people clearly violate forum rules or just neglect general forum etiquette (like posting in the wrong forum, copying threads, derailing discussion, necromancing and not using the search function - opening a thread with a question that is answered literally in the next thread).

    For example, in the past several people opened a new thread offering an item in the general discussion board. You closed this and said "re-open this in the trade section". I think you should DELETE this thread. They get increased attention by everyone reading this thread - and not just people who visit the trade subforum. This gives them an unfair advantage over people who obey the forum rules and post it in the correct subforum right from the start. People who violate forum rules should not have an advantage over other users! Just delete these threads (or move without leaving a shadow topic, if that's possible) such that they don't have an advantage anymore.

    Similarly, people ask the same questions over and over, for example the "how does +x to elemental damage" work. I actually bookmarked the 3 threads because it's coming up every day, so I can quickly refer them to the existing discussions. Why is this better than to have a new thread? Well, at some point there was one of these new threads and it completely got derailed, almost ending up in a flamewar between the theorycrafters in this forum and a group of pseudo-elitists posting in weird language.

    Last but not least, when a topic comes up (and that was actually the point that made me create this thread here) there are multiple people creating multiple threads at the same time. I'm not aware of this, but is there something about gaining reputation if you're the creator of a new thread? One person just tries to end an existing discussion that was started yesterday by creating a new one, copying posts and information over to his thread.

    Don't get me wrong, you're doing a great job and I didn't overlook that a lot of troll posts were deleted recently (especially in the discussion about dupes). So please take this as constructive criticism - keep up the good work and it's nice that you're staying in the background. I'm admin in other forums and I know how much work it is, and I have a similar style of acting in the background, But I think that with regard to the points I mentioned, you could act a bit more actively because as soon as the forum (in particular the general forum) starts getting flooded with duplicate threads, the quality goes downhill. THANKS!
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