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    posted a message on [US] Looking for a Tank/Support Monk for T5/T6 Rifts
    Currently doing T5 rifts in 8-10 minutes and T6 rifts in 12-15 minutes. Looking to partner up with a Monk so that we can be even more efficient as a group.

    DPS doesn't matter to me - just need to be appropriately geared to survive in T5/T6. You will be leading the runs, so being effective with your Cyclone Strikes & Exploding Palms is what counts.If you are interested in trying a few runs with me, please add me at unReality#1664.

    Link to my profile below. Please try partnering with me in-game before judging my profile DPS. Thanks and hope to hear from you!

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    posted a message on Gaming Food Blog
    Nom nom nom nom.
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    posted a message on Vanishing Dye to Work on Legendaries
    First order of business: Vanish the Mempo.
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    posted a message on Where do i trade SC gold for HC gold ?
    MS Paint to the rescue.
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    posted a message on + mindmg, + maxdmg, x-y dmg
    Quote from gedo228

    +10 mindmg = "10 - 10" or 100-100 weapon => 110-110
    +10 maxdmg = "0 - 10" or 100-100 weapon => 100-110
    +10 mindmg and +10 maxdmg = "10-20" or 100-100 weapon =>110-120
    Average dmg = mindmg + 0.5*maxdmg

    Mindmg is x2 better than maxdmg for average dmg at the same number.

    Incorrect. Min damage is the same as Max damage. This is an issue on the AH where minimum damage comes up when searching for average damage.

    Moldran showed it here:

    I also tested it out myself by buying 3 different rings.
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    posted a message on ✮✮✮WTB UNID Legendaries✮✮✮
    Easy, smooth transaction. Would trade with again. Thank you!
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    posted a message on Bashiok in game with working sword
    Thank you again! Been looking forever. :D
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    posted a message on Help me be less squishy
    Refreshing to see someone interested in defense, as most people these days just want the highest possible DPS.

    I have a very defensive spec with focus on future PVP, so you can take a look and see some alternative gear pieces that are more defensive in nature. For example, while Inna's pants are the most offensive item for the pants slot, the defensive stats are sub-par.

    In terms of defensive gear suggestions, perhaps change Inna's to either Depth Digger's or Blackthorne's, and make up the 12% move speed with a set of Lacuni Prowlers. The 5.5% crit you lose shouldn't be a huge deal if you're not doing the CM spec. Having gear with life recover stats (LoH, LS, LAK, Regen) also help tremendously.

    In terms skills, you can swap Storm Armor for Prismatic Armor for the defensive boots. Hope this helps!
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    posted a message on eHP vs Resist/Armor
    EHP is a combinatino of your total life (HP) and total damage reduction (DR).

    Total DR is based on "DR from armor", "DR from resists", and "Other DR". Other DR are stats like "reduce damage from melee attacks by %". So, to answer your question, you want to increase BOTH armor and AR.

    10 armor = 1 AR if you have armor and AR at a 10:1 ratio. If you have 5000 armor and 800 AR, adding in 100 AR will provide more total DR than adding 1000 armor. If you have 2000 armor and 300 AR, adding 1000 armor will provide more total DR than adding 100 AR.
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    posted a message on [SOLD] Are you a CM Wizard with Energy Twister? Check this [RING] out!
    Here's a solid ring for your CM Wizard for sale!

    Attack speed for CM proc? Check. 6%.
    Crit chance for CM proc? Check. 5% for Wicked Wind or Mistral Breeze.
    Offensive stats? Check. +92 Damage, +135 Intelligence.
    Defensive boost? Check. +200 Armor. Life on Hit +179.

    +30-62 Damage
    +135 Intelligence
    Attack Speed Increased by 6%
    Each Hit Adds +179 Life
    +200 Armor
    Increases Critical Hit Chance of Energy Twister by 5%

    On the AH now. Find by searching "Skull Grasp" with "Intelligence" and "Average Damage: 40". Take a look if you're interested, first come first serve. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Triumvirate and Cold Blooded: Does it work?
    Quote from Jaetch

    Triumvirate doesn't roll cold damage. It rolls arcane, lightning, and fire. You'll need to find a Tal Rasha's Allegiance to get your cold bonus for a wizard (or use Frost Nova, Blizzard, etc.).

    Stone of Jordan and legacy Puzzle Ring are also two other items that can spawn with the cold bonus.

    As mentioned above, this is irrelevant regarding the cold damage application for cold blooded unless you are using spectral blades.
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    posted a message on Unbuffed?
    "DPS" is "Damage Per Second", which is different from "Damage".

    DPS represents the theoretical average per second a person deals with non-stop auto-attacking, not counting skill modifiers, and IAS, CC, and CD should be factored into this number.
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    posted a message on Fiery Brimstone price is going sky high
    Salvaged all my junk legendaries last night and sold around 100 brimstones @ 75-80k. Checked this morning and they're at around 55-60k.

    Keep buying my brimstones, thanks. :)
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    posted a message on Is it smart to invest in brimstones now?
    Sold all my brimstone immediately when I saw the spike in price. It may go up a bit more similar to the 1.0.4 announcement, but satisfied with being able to salvage my un-sellable legendaries.

    Anticipating prices will drop down again in near future. With the number of ilvl60+ useless legendaries dropping, I doubt prices will maintain at 80-100k+ for a long period of time.
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