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    what do they see these galaxies with? their imagination? i think so bwahahahah

    I think you need to be though some physics before you enter discussion about life in the universe and finding them. As you said finding them is very improprable, but there is no way to see them. Our telescope as you mention have very, very, very limited reach in the universe. We cant see whats on planets with them and even if we could heres the physics part, light travel at 300 000 km/s, the problem is that the light(what you can see) takes millions of years to travel to us, so what you see in your telescope is old, very old and probably gone already or replace.

    Heres a video to give you an idea of what exactly we are dealing with. Heres the logical truth, is there life beside us in the universe? yes thats almost a certainty. Will we even ever find or meet them? Highly impropable.

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