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    posted a message on The "Help me Re-roll" Thread (Monk)

    Sorry for no screenshot (ps4).

    What to reroll once I find my second Gift...

    Ancient Shenlong's Fist of Legend

    3037.5 dmg

    1555-1866 lightning dmg

    9% damage

    981 dexterity

    21,456 life per hit

    1.1% chance to chill on hit

    15 to maximum spirit

    My offhand has vit, loh, dex and socket. Should I reroll % dmg to 10% or just the base wep dmg? According to the calculators, wep dmg is the best alternative (arter att.speed), but hard to improve. Att. speed on wep is useless I guess? Looks good but dose little to overall dps?


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    posted a message on Grift 60+ with no gift on weapons

    How far can I expect to get in Grifts without gifts for my weapons? Full ancient gear with shenlongs and fire generator build, or with static build. Paragon 500, no gifts yet.

    Sorry for no profile, I'm playing on PS4.

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    posted a message on Jawbreaker/Rainment build in 2.1.2 for Monk
    Quote from trexik»
    Flow of Eternity + Madstone and full raiment... Gonna be my build in 2.1.2.
    Same here. Can't stand looking at what's going on on the PTR atm. Bells everywhere and monks staying at range like some DH or wizard.
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    posted a message on The limits of the monk class
    Did a GR 39 last night and was 10 sec short of a GR 40 later on. Had a conduit but failed at getting to 99% so I could use it. Still completely restricted to solo monk play. Hope to see other share their story (if they are doing the same thing).

    Currently rank 59 on EU NS and climbing!
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    posted a message on The limits of the monk class
    Hi :)

    My question is simple: do you play monk ONLY or do you use a DH or some other class to help you farm high GR keystones? Or do you play in groups to improve gems/keystones?

    I've chosen to only use ONE character for everything to truly test what monks can do solo. I'm by all means a casual gamer (1 hour a day or so) but I'm getting close to getting into the top 100 on NS monk solo leaderboards. It is tempting to group up and get better gems to improve solo GR, but I'm staying true to my monk!

    How about you? :)
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    posted a message on Flying Dragon... what to enchant?
    Socket -> LpSS

    Use a gift to get the socket back. You want a better FD anyways since the CW bonus is worth next to nothing, but I would spend a gift on this one if it's your only FD. Worth to mention, I like to use CW when farming GR stones on my monk solo so it can have some value.

    If you only have 1 (or 0) gifts, then reroll CW -> LpSS.
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    posted a message on Your highest greater rift solo monk
    Quote from S3aM0nkey»
    Non season: 40 (rank 11)

    Gems: Taeguk and Gogok

    Equipment: Blackthorne (pants, boots)/FD/Peshkov/SWK (amulet, gloves, shoulders)

    pretty sure i can do 41 with my setup.....if you have a trifecta SWK amulet, it's possible to run with only two gems.
    Would like to see your profile. Never seen Peshkov + SWK (non socket) do that well.
    EDIT: found it (thanks to my everawesome internet stalker skills).

    My best: Non season: 38 (rank 125) rhye#2561 (no conduit or other pylon/shrine)

    Mirinae, Gogok (hellfire amulet with no socket), CDR build with Crimson set, WH, SWK helm, WH etc. LpSS FD.
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    posted a message on Diablo 2 fun playthrough
    Do the Ironman challenge.

    Edit: fixed broken link.
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    posted a message on Decreased amount of Arcane Dust/Resuable parts while increasing the veiled crystal amount
    Arcane Dust is the best drop in RoS. I love seeing that blue text, since it means I'll be able to craft/enchant stuff once or twice this week. I think I have 4000 crystals and not a single arcane dust atm. I always run out of the blue stuff, but I never pick up yellow items. I pick blue items and arcane dust religiously.

    Either increase the amount of arcane dust that drops at a time or the amount of dust we get from salvaging blue items.
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    posted a message on Do you even RoRG?
    Quote from Darials»

    Quote from Yavyred
    ofc u want 50%cd PLUS a socket

    Is a socket better than a 6% crit then?
    There are no stats that are better than a socket (some exceptions for monks, but that's a whole nother story).
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    posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    RNGesus blessed me last night with 3 Flying Dragons in less than 3 hours. These two came 3 rifts apart:

    EDIT: Tried to resize these, but they won't obey.. Sorry for the HUGE images. I don't know how to internet...

    The last one will be Gifted as soon as I find another gift.
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    posted a message on "The Elementalist" Debuff Build(s) - The Elite Boss-Killer for group play
    I like it.

    However, if you find an ok Wizardspike, you're even better off. I use Electrocute every 5th sec, and the rest goes to Disintegrate (Chaos Nexus). Since I have Wizardspike, I get fire + cold (free frozen orbs) in every attack. So sweet :) Gotta love Elemental Exposure.
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    posted a message on Must have enchantments?
    This, as with everything else, depends on your choice in skills/runes, playstyle, preferences and all the other factors. We can't help you unless you at least provide a link to your build and character.
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    posted a message on Reaper of Souls Expansion Highlights: Adventure Mode, Bounties, Nephalem Rifts, Blood Shards and Gambling, Blue Posts
    Quote from Doorsfan

    Either it's that the guy was playing monk and i find monk unfathomably boring - or the rifts just in general seem very boring to me.

    I would much rather do the whole bounty thing - as that seems to be a lot more fun and varied compared to running down X amount of levels to fight Y boss. I know that in concept, they both seem sort of the same - but the feels are different from what i can tell.

    It just seems more fun to run in the actual world and mess about with stuff there, hoping for loot - rather so then running this fictional litlle setup "random" dungeon.

    I agree. I also wish and hope that the rifts are 10x harder than they look in the beta. They should be HARD and RARE. Currently all beta testers are swimming in rift-keys. I want a rift to be something you gotta prepare for and look forward to.
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    posted a message on NV?
    Quote from Maffia

    Quote from CardinalMDM

    Maffia...that is a really good point. But honestly, how many people truly crank up the difficulty to push themselves? Even with the higher boosts to XP and MF, some people still do runs on MPs way lower than their gear lets them handle, in order to keep their kill counts rising faster and faster, and because the more monsters they kill the more chances they have at gear dropping.

    Though, I think it needs to be distinguished if ALL NV stacks get removed on death, or if 1 does. I'd be okay with losing 1 NV stack on death. For people who die only once in a while, it'd be an additional wrinkle to push through, and a reason to try that little bit harder. While people who are dying tons of times over and over, it'll be a much bigger pain.

    Well I do for a start, 1-shotting everything is boring, much prefer a challenge and a protracted battle, and I can't be the only one.

    You are not alone!
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