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    posted a message on CTRL button is wasted - poll
    Quote from Schippi

    you know you can rebind keys, right?


    by the way, i found myself confused when SPACE changed it's function... old habit, i guess
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    posted a message on Monks seem kinda boring compared to other classes?
    monk is fun and helpful in MP - pity MP is so underrated. monk seems to be only class designed primary for MP (auras, healing allies etc). lots of barbarians just enter MP games and leave in 2 min - guess they find solo more rewarding :(
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    posted a message on Divine website on game improvements
    despite all weirdness - which is actually fun to read - this thread contains some useful stuff - like analysis of lategame influences of secondary effects

    this actually made me read the site - i can't say that i agree with everything said there, but still there is a number of good ideas

    for example, i disagree with converting percentage of blues directly to gold, especially rares. patch 1.05 can reduce greatly number of useless rares found, and item found is item found, i'll prefer that player should decide their ultimate faith, not some algorithm

    still, i found a number of really good ideas - of course, people can agree or disagree with them

    weird humor helps in reading the huge amount of text, so i don't regret time i spent in reading whole stuff - i even decided to put in polls some controversial stuff i found there - and being a fan of series (I, Clavdivs, by BBC - a recommended watch for ancient history lovers) made me not regret in time spent

    the 'wizard' section is also interesting - another view of class made me wonder if Clavdivs wizard would be more interesting to play than the Blizzard one. of course i would like to actually TRY playing it before deciding (wizard is not my main class, but i spent some time playing it BEFORE paragon stuff - i kinda like paragon levels, but they force players to stick to one class)

    INFERNO RUNES™ looks very interesting too - who uses 'no rune' skill option in Inferno? having a bonus rune usable only in inferno would certainly make more people to play different characters

    i hope someone of designers would read it...

    a good work, IMO
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    posted a message on CTRL button is wasted - poll
    should valuable button as CTRL be wasted on seeing characteristic of items?

    it could be put to much better use like:
    a) force move
    B) 'natural attack' - attacking WITHOUT use of skill and therefore using natural item properties, like chill

    point being that CTRL is nice button, very close to SHIFT, ALT and therefore possibly much better utilized in fight, since it's so micro-friendly

    what do you think?

    [taken from Clavdivs site]
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    posted a message on Identify item concept is wasting time and needs to be fixed!!
    1 sec or 0 sec - what's the point? if rares are picked up for ~1500g vendor price, even the 1 sec is a waste of time.

    when 1.05 FINALLY become official, it will still be waste of time - less, but still unneeded

    of course i'll look items before vendoring them, but that still doesn't explain the need for identifying them

    point being d3 should be better than d2 in matter of doing tedious tasks, and removal of time for identifying rares (or low grade legendaries, for that matter) would improve the gameplay experience

    [taken from Clavdivs site]
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    posted a message on Divine website on game improvements
    Quote from Clavdivs

    The God will speak in short here to highlight most important features detailed in blog. It will contain issue, and hint of solution, which is detailed in blog – intrigued mortals can findout a glimpse of divine wisdom here, and more in blog.

    yes, the blog – it's ugly and unworthy and it will be replaced soon – as soon as the updates being worked on are completed.

    EVERY idea and solutions listed come from divine thought, but also from common sense and rationality. it is natural that reasonable fixes are similar, even identical. while The God is all-knowing, he isn't all-interested, especially in reading every fix proposed on every forum – he would be, if there weren't so much garbage. if something is identical, then it's a coincidence, and person in question should feel honored that his thoughts are similar to divine thoughts. I owned the known world – and have no need for stealing.

    hahahahaha, man, you are crazy. total loonie! in a positive kind of way, i mean - not that you're right at all accounts (while at some are), but your attitude RULES! speaking entirely in 3rd person, violent outbursts which are not offensive to others... keep posting, please!

    Quote from Clavdivs


    I – itemization

    both one-handed+shield and two-handed style are underpowered compared with dual-wielding. shield is too random on block chance and therefore entirely luck based and flawed in nature, while two-handers are weak compared to dual-wielding and need buffs to be viable.

    level LVIII having just one item is poor – all this beautiful graphic WASTED. on inferno, every of XII different item types should be able to spawn with level LVIII stats and affixes (and levels LXI and LXII also)

    gems are as flawed as in diablo II. there is only few real uses, which are often imbalanced (emerald in weapon) or questionable (ruby in helmet – should it exist?)

    entirely random items are not good solution. there has to be some point of certainty for crucial parts of equipment, for example boots spawning the movement speed (not always, just more often than now) or weapons spawning damage and elemental bonuses)

    II Attributes

    secondary effects of attributes is highly uneven. strength being the best by far, while intelligence lacking in all aspects. fixes are needed to make builds more diverse – for example, dexterity-based barbarian could be made viable option, instead of straight – primary+vitality build. each time. for each class. with no alternative. forever. a proposition is in blog.

    SHOULD affixes not be random? entirely? game engine is build around that! with the exception of end-boss rewards (1st kill), which should give something better (as in diablo 2)

    intelligence secondary effect is pure.... nonsense. i mean 200 resistance for 2000...

    Quote from Clavdivs

    INFERNO RUNES are proposition made by The God to solve this. once in inferno, runes change their statistics, sometimes even way they function, to become balanced and fit for player to choose between them – similar to what Hydra is today and opposed to what Hydra was in the past. Alternatively, just NO RUNE could be changed to something else in inferno, because... well, nobody uses it ever

    some passives should change with game progressing – for instance 'galvanized wand' healing effects worth something in while leveling, but is later easily surpassed by ONE affix on ONE item. passives shouldn't get obsolete, too.

    NV bonus is made too valuable, so it often discourages players to change builds. The God suggest that changes THE RUNE while keeping the same SKILL should not affect NV – it could mean a world to change a rune, especially if INFERNO RUNES are used

    VIII Wizard notes and balances

    The God promised this. but, as luck would have it, file is lost somewhere on hdd. also, it was eaten by a dog! so, until this matter is resolved, patience is needed...

    INFERNO RUNES - i may have read something about it somewhere... maybe it was you on the different name, or coincidental

    THE PERKS - now, this one i haven't heard of - what is your plan? in short, please Caesar, and please spare me the blog, if you put it there at all, i'm eager to hear...
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    posted a message on poll: two most powerful classes (1.04)
    lets say that result of this poll are viable and correct. if nothing else, they are conclusive: barb=most OP DH/Wiz share 2nd place, WD and Monk are nowhere to be seen

    and lets look in 1.05 changelist - wow, the barbarian gets buffed, so is demon hunter, wizard slightly less - and witch doctor and monk are the least changed classes
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