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    Swapped in the painkiller gem, found a second unity ring finally. Makes one feel near invulnerable at first :D

    Managed swap in pinpoint barrier due the extra toughness from unity link and actually got a rank 26 GR done with ~ 2 min to spare

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    Thank you, very helpful :) Guess i'll just keep pounding in the hope of finding some more firebird pieces then and hope that i get some ancient rolls on my crafted items ( managed nicely on the boots/pants, took 3 crafts total ). T6 i can actually handle with a bit of care, tho i usually stick with T5 as its more fluent for me.

    *Lights a fiery candle for the rng gods*

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    So i started playing again after a few months and enjoying it but i missed a lot changes in the game.

    For one struggling a bit with finding a good build, everything points to 6 piece bonus firebird. Unfortunately i only have 4 pieces, 2 of which are very bad.

    So far i've gotten about 20x shoulders, 10 chest and 1 head/off hand :/

    currently running on this I'm open to fun suggestions that might work a bit, getting bored playing lasergun :) Stuck on GR25 atm. I do have several banked item, WoW, cindercoat, the fire axe ,mirrorball etc.

    Also a specific question, i had a SoJ drop today. 13% cold, 26% elite, 600ish int and 6% crit. Should i reroll the cold to match my current build and fire later on or reroll crit/int to a socket and hope i can make a fun cold build ?

    Thanks for any help

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    posted a message on "Inigo Run" Best Legendary MF farming route (multiboxing, over 600 elite pack/hr)
    I have a silly question tho, how do you pick up the loot on the other 3 chars ? you got like 1-3 extra screens standing around or something ?
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    Quote from Shinna1989

    EU servers are way more expensive then us servers.
    The ideal weapon would have 1.78 or 1.79 APS total
    Something like this with like 1k dps is +20mil easily selling on eu ah... :( Same applies to witching hour. Those are like double in price compared to us with decent stats. Thats why i recommanded a loh chantodo mainhand. Those are fairly cheap on eu and he hasnt to change a few items for getting the loh...

    that is the biggest problem, prices on EU are absurd compared to US. That being said, a 1.78 MH would allow to use of one of my storm crow's for the AP make up.

    My current chant MH was an ah snipe, it only cost about 100k. Alas the cheapest 1.78 chanto on eu atm is 25 million with the second one already going for over 40 mil. Witching hour with a 100 int and 9% ias goes for 19 mil and thats with posion res/thorn/pickup affix.

    I do definitly agree on the LoH comments. Sometimes i wish i had chosen US as region :)

    Atm tho it seems the best option in budget would be the no-apoc chanto and a crap witching hour combined with using storm crow ( i have several of those in stock )

    Thanks for the advice !
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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for some advice to upgrade my CM/WW set. I can do up to MP7-8 keyfarming and ubers solo with what i have but its far from a walk in the park, not to mention very slow. However i cant seem to decide on what to upgrade

    Battle.net: http://eu.battle.net...7/hero/14454501
    d3up profile with my cmww snapshot: http://d3up.com/b/233770

    quick stats:
    ~65k dps unbuffed
    ~320k EHP
    44% crit
    2.69 attack speed, i use the enchantress 3% buff to get over the 2.73 mark when i do ubers.
    560 all res
    5.2k armor
    50% crit dmg

    Budget is roughly 20 million.

    Other items i have include a chanto offhand but it has no APoC and quite low average dmg and i have a 1200 dps/11% ias/LoH/critdamage wand but that drops me down to 2.53 attack speed,a APoC triumvirate and a assortment of storm crow's

    Now i know 20 mil is probably not going to give me more then 1 upgraded item, i'm just kind of at a loss to what which one.

    Things im considering

    The witching hour belt. Kind of a must have item but for 20 mil on the EU ah you get at best a ~90 int/9 ias / ~35 crit dmg one with maybe 20-30 physical res.

    Chant offhand with APoC. Again 20 mil nets a rather lackluster one , on the EU ah this buys you a 120-130 avg dmg one at best. Plus i'd lose quite a bit of EHP from the tal one i have

    Dropping the nata's items and use my rare 180int/100vit/60all res+armor boots and getting a new ring. I would gain decent stats on the boots but the losses on the ring are hard to compensate ( 9ias/5 crit + int rings start at about 15 mil for bad ones ) and i'd lose atleast another 2% crit from the set bonus.

    Getting a new chant MH with higher dps and either IAS, CD or a socket.

    Last option, dont buy anything , farm with the archon gear and hope that something that sells for big bucks drops eventually. Highly unlikely as in my 15 years of gaming and playing a lot of rng based games, i have never had a good item drop for me ever. Rng isnt a b*tch , i seem to be hers :)

    Any comments on my ideas or other suggestions are more then welcome , i can't seem to make my mind up.
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    I've been wondering the same thing lately. Tho i have 0 diablo playing ppl left on my friends list so no way to check really.

    CM/WW and archon are both no goes for mf/exp run imho.
    You'd probably want a moblie, fast dmg build

    I'd say shock armor is mandatory (thunderstorm/shocking aspect)
    Teleport just to keep up i think
    Magic weapon and familiar- sparkflint ofc

    for spells, i think blizzard (stark winter) is a good secondary choice. For primary Electrokute - lightning blast or Shock pulse - piercing orb seem good choices on paper. Both are piercing, fast attacks which should allow you to keep up and do some actual dmg in a large group.

    cold blooded / glass canon / <open> as passives
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    posted a message on Alternative build for Wizzard, suggestions plz
    I would suggest something along the lines of http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WliSjO!fXW!YYbcac

    Spectral blades do nice dmg and some extra healing ofc helps with the face tanking. Blizzard for some extra damage, same for the venom hydra. Magic weapon - blood magic for some extra dps and healing. Energy armor - prismatic for increased survivability.

    Passives - galvanizing ward, mostly so that energy armor lasts longer
    Astral presence, less AP problem from blizzard spam
    Cold blooded - nice dps increase combined with blizzard

    I agree with others, blackthorne's pants would be a good start
    Get a weapon with LoH instead of lifesteal, lifesteal really only works well with archon for wizards
    I have pretty decent LoH/crit/apoc wand (black dmg ) spare that you can have for it if you like.

    Shoulder, comparable stats but with +life%/vit (vile ward might be good )
    amulet: you should be able to get one with comparable dps stats ( or a bit higher) and quite a chunk of vit on it for not too much
    Helm: same stats as this but with a good chunk of armor ( likely end up with tal'rasha's helm )

    You'll lose EHP for her on the blackthorne's pants but the LoH will easily make up for that , the rest should increase it.
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    Not sure about your budget or what mp your looking for ?
    Your damage is good, your EHP is very low tho.

    My general advice would be;

    - Drop the zuni boots as you don't have the set bonus and get a pair of rares with a lot more vit/all res or ice climbers( you dont really need 24% movement speed as CM)
    - replace your storm crow with a mempo, dont worry about the crit you have plenty already.

    This leaves you short of APoC
    - Get a chanto offhand with APoC ( very expensive option)
    - Do what i did, get a tal rasha offhand, they come with APoC standard and you can get one with high int/vit and avg damage pretty cheap.

    You will lose the chanto set bonus but with the mempo and the boots you should be able to gain 100k EHP easy. This will allow you to use storm armor ( shocking aspect rune) instead of energy armor which will more then compensate for any paper dps loss. The mempo will offset the loss of IAS on the chanto offhand keeping you above the 2.73 threshold.

    build i work recommend
    You can use blur for the 3rd passive if you feel the need for it or change to evocation or astral presence. Other changes are the rune on frostnova ( 15% dmg on frozen targets instead of crit ) and storm armor instead of energy armor.

    Edit: I tried using my mempo, boots and tal offhand on the rest of you gear (d3up profile). That would result in a 7k charsheet dps drop for a 103K EHP increase.
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    Quote from Loroese

    Quote from overneathe

    Quote from shadowbane

    Quote from Robb_Stark

    Excuse my ignorance but I often hear black weapon in the wiz forums. could someone tell me what exactly it is?

    I'm actually a DH but since I hit plvl 100 I'm thinking of making a wiz so I was hoping someone would clarify this for me.

    A black weapon is one that has only "white" damage i.e. does not have any +elemental damage, for example Echoing Fury's

    The relevance of this is for damage from +% elemental damage properties on items, which only scale from the "white" damage on items

    Just to add to this. It's called "black" because its tooltip background is black, instead of lightning, fiery or frosty. :)

    I always wondered why they call it a black weapon. I still hate the nickname.

    Agreed, every other game i've played refers to standard damage as "white" rather then black.
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    posted a message on [Guide] Comprehensive CMWW Guide [PRE 2.0 PATCH]
    Quote from Fateq

    Thanks for the help, I purchased a mempo and now only have 45% crit chance with scoundrel, i've looked at increased armor chest/belt/higher cc ring to replace my current rare one but they're out of my 65 mil budget, I was looking at a neck with CC as my blackthornes has crit damage and not cc, I found this one : http:// i.imgur.com/uUgpl.png but not sure if its worth paying 55mil for 9% crit chance or whether I should keep my gold and hope for some good drops to increase my money allowing me to buy a better chest/belt/ring.

    Thanks again.

    i'd take one with a slightly lower crit chance (8/8.5), anything above 50 crit is really good still and would save you about 30 mil which you can use on other upgrades. Some more resists would probably help a lot on higher mp's
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    posted a message on [Guide] Comprehensive CMWW Guide [PRE 2.0 PATCH]
    Great guide, finally made me really understand how it works and where to go.
    Just killed my first uber (mp7). Solo kill so my fingers hurt and i think i broke my 1,2,3 buttons.

    No organ unfortunately.


    Was pretty hectic, esp with the low dmg but enough resist/armor to just keep standing in the gas.
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    posted a message on [Guide] Comprehensive CMWW Guide [PRE 2.0 PATCH]
    Looks very interesting. Going to give it a good read tomorrow.

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    posted a message on Wizard seeking some gearing/build advice.
    Hey folks,

    Im a rather casual player with a quite small budget but i feel really trapped in my progress lately.
    I seem to be doing rather okay on MP1/2, i do die on occasion to some affix combo's or not paying proper attention but for general purposes i can farm fine here.

    I've tried the CM/WW/explosive blast builds i see all around, but they dont work for me with my current gear ( lack of APoC i guess) and i usually die quite a lot. I am however fed up with my blizzard/hydra built. Definitly not the best player around but not totally bad.

    http ://d3up.com/b/174040 D3UP profile
    http ://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Qoffee-2977/hero/14454501 Battlenet
    http ://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#alXQOi!WZX!bbaYca current spec.

    I seem to have rather bad luck with drops ( my best sell was around 700k ) so i'm on a small ~ 2 milion budget. Im sure there are a lot of upgraded for me even with said budget, im guessing i just want too much on an item to consider it an upgrade.

    Hopefully someone can either point me in the direction of a different spec that works with my current gear ( or within the budget to change) or just some good advice on what items to replace and what to look for in the replacement to just get on the progress road again.

    Thanks advance !
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    posted a message on [Guide] Massive Guide to Upgrading Wizard Gear
    Quick question about G02A.

    You have energy twister listed with the storm chaser rune. But there is no signature spell in the build ?
    Am i missing something or is that really a waste of a rune?
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