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    posted a message on Reaper of Souls Expansion Highlights: Adventure Mode, Bounties, Nephalem Rifts, Blood Shards and Gambling, Blue Posts
    Grim dawns alpha is still better than all this shit lmao.
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    posted a message on [Spoiler] Reaper of Souls Secret Level, New Demon Hunter Visual Tier, Over 140 Legendary Screenshots
    Quote from Tybudd

    But on a Great note, this new class looks like a walking ball of mass destruction!!

    Enjoy it when it lasts, Far too OP. Just like DK's when WotLK came out. wait 1 month intill the game is out and watch them get nerfed to shit.
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    posted a message on Paragon EXP Chart: Levels 1 - 2000, Diablofans Livestream of Reaper of Souls
    My bot is ready for RoS, Already got 2 accounts with PL 1000 so its not like anything can happen.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Remote Play on PS Vita, More Details on Adventure Mode, Few More Details on Expansion Features
    Blank stats all the time are not everything. As 1 of the 1st barbs in the world to kill daiblo when it was still hard STR. DEX. INT. VIT are not everything. String of ears and stromshield can account for that. People think DPS DPS DPS all the time and think it defines the player " Oh this guys got 400k dps so hes a good player " Wrong. These are the same types of idiots that come into your mp10 games and get instant raped. Cant do any DPS because they have to AFK intill you can kill off the elite.

    People laugh at my barb sometimes. How i use a sword and shield, How i dont use a wicthing hour as my belt. But i get to laugh later because people get raped 247 and i have to carry with my 90k HP 950 all reists barb and because i use brawler and punish i have 410k DPS. So not only do i have far more EHP than you can ever dream of i also make most people DPS look like shit.

    Its called brains. Punish and Brawler gives 54% more dps. To that gives me room to play around with items that offer crazy def such as tribal bindings strongarm bracers and depth diggers. Think outside the box like the poster above and you can win like me.
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    posted a message on What We've Learned From BlizzCon, Ladders are Still Experimented With, RoS BlizzCon Fan Reviews
    Quote from UberMey

    this sux hard =(

    "...Legendary items will be soulbound. Not sure if account bound. You'll only be able to trade them to friends in your party and within 2 hours of them dropping..."

    HAHA, Sorry son but this is awesome! I was pissed when they took the AH down because i would be forced into trading and dealing with idiots in trade. Thank god we dont have too! Best news i have seen so far. Also.

    There is a fourth passive slot (unlocked at 70)

    That's yummy.
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    posted a message on Developer Interview With AusGamers, Fist Weapons, Wands and Transmogrification, Estimates on Pre-Expansion Patch, Blue Posts
    the game itself is dead at the moment

    Quiting Trolling. The game is far from dead I still get instant Q's son and everytime a new person. We got a ton of people coming back from PoE cause that game is junk ( What a suprise there ) Atlease the D2 fanboys got something now a guess. Mabye they will shut up now.

    Kevin: So PvP has been difficult for us. The reasons are actually pretty easy, it’s when people start asking “What about this, and what about this?” that things start getting complex. The reason why it’s difficult to do PvP, is that we made a vast PvE game. The core fantasy for us was “I want to kill lots of monsters in lots of awesome ways”. You can’t kill lots of players in those awesome ways, or lots of players will get ticked off because they have the exact same fantasy as you, and they want to kill you in vast ways, so essentially, the game is automatically changing.

    Daiblo is a PvE game. there shouldnt even be PvP. PvP was in D2 just for a time kill. Funny how bliizard is worryied about class balance when there was no such balance in D2. Yet nobody complained at all. Funny dont you think? 90% of PvPers in D2 was Orb sorc. Dont waste time on people that want to think they are "skilled" because they "pwned" someone in a video game.

    Instead " Fix " ( as some people say ) in the game and get RoS out and done right.
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    posted a message on Reaper of Souls First Look: The Mystic
    Quote from CardinalMDM

    So, uh...anyone else checking out that "possible properties" list?

    Reduce Cooldowns of all skills?
    Reduce Resource cost of all skills?

    And the widely demanded...SOCKET!? That's gonna make some people happy.

    Also...funky new crafting materials, check that out!

    I dont know why your so happy. Talking about all these new stats you can roll when you cant, Because everyone will have to re roll magic find because your only going to get a shit amount from paragon points. The chances of finding perfect gear thats got magic find and the stats you want already? Not going to happen. Played for 4k hours + never seen a good item like that. sorry.

    The only 2 ways you can avoild it is by gear swaping again whice is something nobody likes. The 2nd way is to forget bout magic find. Sorry did that the 1st 600 hours i played I never seen 1 set ever drop. So good luck ever getting an upgrade for people doing that. Funny how they make all these amazing changes just to fuck up the game and magic find system they PERFECTED.

    I cant belive i am saying this but PoE is starting to look good...
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    posted a message on The Future of MF & GF in Paragon 2.0, Diablo 2 Battle Chest for $4.99, Patch 1.0.2 is Now Live on Xbox 360 As Well
    Quote from Bagstone

    Quote from mailsNGEN

    So what do u think? We gonna go back at gear swapping? Its tricky cause currently we kill lots of trash mobs ASAP, which gives the most legendaries per hour and the most XP per hour. But equiping MF gear can not get us the same killing speed or MP level.
    1. We keep same gear, same killing speed and mp level, but less loot?
    2. We equip MF gear, farm slower and lower mp levels, but more loot?
    Any thoughts? Any help?

    Since everything will be completely revamped, it's impossible to compare these things ("farm slower", "less loot"). You'll have completely new gear at level 70, the MP levels seem to be redesigned with some kind of master settings similar to console, Loot 2.0 will just be entirely "different", not just "more" or "less" (less useful crap, more useful items).

    And about the MF gear - as the bluepost said, they're still tweaking that. I still vote for removing MF altogether, but that's just my opinion... I guess they want MF to become one of many stats. Like in D2, where it was just one option to go full MF, but many people didn't care about MF gear so much.

    Yeah i agree, I dont want to go back to having to gain magic find. They talk about how they want you to " Be abe to pick stats and build your class your way " That cant happpen if 100% of players are enchanting magic find on gear and spending every 4th Paragon point ( You heard it here 1st ) on magic find,

    I cant see how that is custom, Remove magic find if you want the game to be fair. Its an annoying and broken stat just like WoW's hit rating. You have to stack it just to be able to play the way you should all ready be able to play like and waste half your stats before being able to spend anything on fun stuff. Broken shit is broken. Remove it and fix the game.
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    posted a message on Difficulty Discussion, Transmogrification and Legendaries (Part 2), RoS Skill Limit Will Remain at 6, Tyrael Fan Art
    I think a 7th skill slot would be awesome - As a coodown only skill. Aka you can only place say Archon, WoTB or say Seven sided strike in the 7th slot because i know 1 Ive never used any type of long CD skill because it just does not feel worth it. 15 sec of glory or 1 powerful attack then i am useless for 2 mins? No thanks.

    Ive talked to a ton of players 20+ about this idea and they all love it. 6 normal skills you can set your build to then pick 1 uber cooldown skill based on what you like. for EXP i would totaly pick WoTB for the + Dodge chance as mine for an amaizng def cooldown. No way in hell i'd use it any other time with just 6 skills tho.
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    posted a message on Wyatt Cheng on Health Pools and Combat - Part II, Differences Between the Templar and Crusader (Discussion), New Wallpaper: Book
    If we don't want a game defined by one-shot deaths

    Then you have to remove the chances of ever being Vortex, Frozen, Jailed, knocked back into Arcane Sentry nodes. as that will kill you 100% of the time. Vortex should just be plain removed. Everyone agrees, Cant see why it made it to this point. You cant have skillful play when your getting sucked into stuff your trying to stay out of.
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    posted a message on New Datamined Patch - Class Changes, Passive Effects, Character slots, Stat caps, Quests, and MUCH more
    Quote from Bagstone

    Happy to see crit hit chance cap lowered to 40%. Also 250% crit hit damage cap is also good. This will make gearing more interesting as it's not just "trifecta all the way".

    A bit disappointed to still see the MF cap at 300% :(

    Massive LOL to the stat caps. Finally something go's my way. I am rich on the game and have quite an well geared barb. looking over the caps I am about 10% over on all the caps. as for the 300% Magic find that's what it is right now with Paragon Level's. The only thing that's bad is that you have to have MF in gear again....super bullshit.

    I feel bad for all the people that spend ages farming and buying BiS just for it to be made useless now because of caps :D.
    Its a case of. " Mr.X played for time to time and got great gear, Mr Y played all the time and got Insane BiS gear. Now here comes Mr Statscap with a kick in the teeth to Mr Y, Now Mr X is as good as Mr Y. I love it.

    As for the items effects. That's awesome. Really looking forward to this game coming out
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    posted a message on Wyatt Cheng on Negative Effects of Inconsistent Health Pools, RMAH Delay Issues Resolved, What Business Would Each Follower Want
    1ST off from a barb and monk point of view, I don't get this " Then you heal to full " I Roll 6% LS on my 324k DPS Sword and board and andi only heal about 7% of my life per Hota. my monk friend that i roll with uses the 1 passive that lowers all damage by 75% under CC effects and it does nothing. Before I continue I want to say that 1 have 71k HP over 850 All Resist and my armor is at 10k. I know how to stay out of shit. I am in a 25man H raiding guild sinic Wotlk.

    So here my Question ; Why do I get 3 shoted by Arcane sentry? The answer is simple - The game is broken. Most people would say stuff like "don't stand in it baddle" What if they have vortex? Hmmm? What if I get Vaced into stuff like Arcane sentry nodes? frozen? What if I get Jailed and they spawn an arcane sentry on me? What button do I push to save my life? That's right. There's not 1.

    The CC's in this game need a massive nerfs. Arcane sentry plague and all fire affix's need damage nerfs. Vortex needs to be removed from the game because its broken. No matter how good you are at the game it don't matter if they have vortex along with X affix because your just going to get vaced into it anyway. Frozen is stupid. Damage on top of being stunned? And its a mult hit? fuck that.
    Frozen should only stun no damage and no mult hits from it. The stun is bad in its self when your dealing with fire and arcane everywhere.

    So yeah being on the nerfed to what's needed. please and thank you!
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    posted a message on Legendary Build Changers, Travis Day on Paragon 2.0, Travis Day on Paragon in Ladder, Lylirra on Datamining
    Quote from lich13



    Haha. About time. I was tired of everyone trying to Faceroll this shit to glory. 95% of the time you joined a group that had a barb in it? What did you see? Some idiot thats miles before the group tricking GOB's. Yeah the spec is really great for AoE, But you still got to have ST damage. They cant really do anything but a fury builder against gobs which in most cases your not going to kill them on MP10.

    I wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that so many are BAD at that spec. Everytime I am in a group I see them WW into Arcane rape me nodes and get insta gibed. WW barbs dying left and right and there's me tanking like a boss in the middle of 3 elite packs lol.

    So yeah . Please die WW barbs. Die in a hole in the ground alone and try and come up with your own specs or builds. With old stats gaining new purposes and with weapon throw becoming a fury builder I am ready for RoS.
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    posted a message on Diablo III - Reaper of Souls Datamined Class Changes - including even more Crusader abilities
    Am I the only 1 that thinks the barb changes are good? 90% of Barbs right now are facerollers using WoTB and have no clue how to make there only unique builds. That's a problem that needs to be fixed.

    People are freaking out about Life steal. I see Life per Rage to be ALOT better. Think if you had say 400 Life Per rage Which would be a really low amount based on what I have seen. You use HotA that costs 20 Rage. 20 x 400 = 8000hp Heal. That's better than my 6% LS right now.

    Also keep in mind that blizzard wanted to lower damage and make it more avoidable in the format of attacks and shit you can dodge and stay out of. you not going to need life steal as much so long as your a good player. Lets look at other changes.

    Into the fray is great IMO. 1% Crit per mob around you? Most of diablo 3 is an AoEfess The nerfs to weapon master and Ruthless is amazing because I hated them being Mandatory. Now that gaining rage is an issue again I can foresee a lot of builds being made. Mabye people will start looking and using mighty weapons for the reason they where made. ( To gain rage easy )

    Finally, Shield barbs getting some love. 20 Rage per block? I hope to god they add this. there my "into the fray" right there and I only play solo so that seems like a amazing passive to have. Think outside the bun before freaking out. if you think for 1 min and give yourself time you notice these are buffs.
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    posted a message on BlizzCon Costume Contest Q&A, Community Commentary: DiaBro3, What to Include in Visual Customization
    Quote from Koboldius

    I just checked the Gear Score of my monk and had to laugh when i saw the number... :D

    God bless being able to buy 50m for 90 cents eh?
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