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    posted a message on wtf?!?! plvl req for torment difficulties...

    yeah, i saw this too. i think it's a great idea, but they could double the requirements.

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    posted a message on What are mods going to do about constant bot spam?
    Quote from Angzt»

    Myself and pretty much all other mods occasionally fight half an hour+ battles against those spammers who create new accounts as fast as we can ban them. [...] Trust me, we're probably more pissed off by the situation than any of you are, but we're already doing all that we can.

    judging from what you wrote, you're certainly not doing all you can. trying to manually ban automated account creations and automatic spam is kind of futile. you have to restrict what new accounts are allowed to do, or you will never win the upper hand against these spam-waves.

    but i guess you know that already.

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    posted a message on How does delsere/tal/firebird compare to each other?
    Quote from Maxi326»

    kilee you are right, I totally forgot Triumvirate and Nilfur's boot.

    Tal Rasha is being so much powerful mostly because of Nifur's boot, gives us 3 times damage output. so it all comes down to Tal vs Delsere.

    and than if Delsere 6 pcs bonus is additive, then Tal Rasha is a clear winner.

    no, tal'rasha is so powerful because it buffs ALL of our spells by 600%. hydras just wreck stuff with it, as do meteors. nilfur's contribute to that, too, but the main buff is the set itself. delsere only buffs 4 skills, 3 of which are utter crap, and arcane orb only becomes good because of the triumvirate. you can mix delsere with tal'rasha, but you'd always want to wear 6 pieces of tal'rasha.

    firebird is dead.

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    posted a message on Leech gear is a disease in this game .
    Quote from Tobs_tv»

    Some people in here obviously don't get Brutus' point. It's definetly not about support builds being useless, but the fact that you are forced to spend lots of time playing those with exp leech gear, if you want to be competitive in your dps class.

    a lot of people in here (like you!) obviously don't understand that you're not forced to do anything. it's a game. if you want to be on that leaderboard so bad that you sacrifice all the fun you could have with the game, guess what: it's your own fault. just play the fucking game and have fun. all you greedy kids who want nothing else but "pwn dem leaderboards"? go cry me a river.


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    posted a message on Strongarm Bracers - they stack in party?

    To my knowledge. No.

    I could be wrong but it would be kind of almost TOO powerful for Blizzard to allow.

    i always wonder why you guys feel so compelled to answer questions in public to which you don't have the answer. you're just guessing. and you're wrong. why even respond? +1?

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    posted a message on Why do people do full clears on regular Rifts?
    Quote from Dargran»

    [------------] Rift, closed after RG

    [-----------------------------------] Rift, completed

    Which one has a greater chance for legendaries?

    You do one for blood shards, you do the other for drops.

    haha, i love flawed logic. look:

    [------------][------------][------------] 3x Rift, closed after RG

    [-----------------------------------] 1x Rift, completed

    which one has a greater chance on legendaries? hint: it's roughly the same playlength, one gives you 100 BS, the other gives you 300 BS (and still the same chance on legendaries!)

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    posted a message on Multiple monks + EP
    Quote from Dick3cy»

    As long as i know different runes do stack, same runes do overwrite one another, but i'm not a monk expert so the second statement needs to be verified.

    i can verify that same runes do NOT overwrite each other. we tested it.

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    posted a message on Guide request: High greater rifts in groups.
    i hope blizzard will nurf the hell out of all "tank" builds. they themselves said they don't want "100%" stuff in their game. they nurfed things like the CM wizard in the past, who was able to perma-freeze all enemies around him, and now we have the exact same thing happening with tiki-docs. even worse, now the legacy-gear problem arose, and people are abusing the shit out of the system.

    it's boring. it's lame. it's against blizzard's own rules, but sadly i think they are too afraid to take away the only possibilty to reach grifts higher than 50 in group play.
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    posted a message on RIP Turbohud, creator called it quits.
    Quote from Fsmork
    I find it fascinating that everyone ignored Turbofish's excellent post. He summed up the main issues with greater rift rankings and how it relates to TurboHUD's use very well. Maybe it made too much sense?

    Throwing my 2c on this (and I'm on the top 100 wizard leaderboard and I've never used TurboHUD) the controversy is ridiculous, and the program looks great. If you're playing for a spot in the leaderboards and there is a program like this available, then it should not be against the TOS to use it. Then if you choose not to use it you are choosing to play at a disadvantage against those who do use it - and that's fine, because the choice was made by the player. Having a program like this be available with widespread use and be technically against the TOS is idiotic because it forces players to choose between risking their account and gaining an advantage.

    More information (allowing for better decision making) makes the game far more fun to me. A little bit of randomness keeps it interesting, but why a lot of people seem to glorify the restriction of information to the player is beyond me.
    you ALWAYS gain an advantage through cheating; it's the whole purpose of cheating. that's like saying "if aimbots are agains the TOS, it's stupid, because that way the player has to decide if he risks his account or plays with a disadvantage". great "logic" you have there, cheater...
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    posted a message on RIP Turbohud, creator called it quits.
    Quote from Speaker
    Plot twist - Some people play the game for their own entertainment, not to compete with the masses. Turbo hud made the game more enjoyable for people such as I, and now that it is gone it is time to move away from this game until things are made more enjoyable again. Hopefully blizzard will finally realize that players like options, such as ingame stats, and HUD's, instead of giving players absolutely no choice in the customization of the UI and what information is displayed.
    i can't even tell you how great it is to hear that all you cheaters might leave the game now. today is a good day!
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