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    I haven't been around much due to:

    1. Work and IRL obligations

    2. When I'm free, too busy playing the game

    But anyway, I've been wanting to record higher level wizard group play for a while because there aren't a lot of resources/footage of it out there. I keep forgetting, but no more! Finally got to it.



    Disregard ALL defense. Your defense = witch doctor + crusader. DPS all the way. YOLO.

    Rotation Details:

    From the build link, this is the cycle I generally follow to the best of my ability. Yes, sometimes usually the buff bar is uncooperative and you won't be able to track your Tal Rasha stacks, but you're going to have to develop an internal clock for timing the stacks.

    Tal = Tal Rasha stacks

    F/R = Focus and Restraint stack

    - 5x Electrocute (1x Tal, 1x F/R)
    - Hydra (2x Tal, 1x F/R)
    - Blizzard (3x Tal, 2x F/R)
    - 5x Electrocute (3x Tal, 2x F/R, initial F/R stack refreshed)
    - Hydra (3x Tal, 2x F/R)
    - 5x Electrocute (3x Tal, 2x F/R, initial F/R stack refreshed)
    - Star Pact (4x Tal, 2x F/R, second F/R stack refreshed)
    - 5x Electrocute + up to full AP (4x Tal, 2x F/R, initial F/R stack refreshed)
    - Star Pact (4x Tal, 2x F/R, second F/R stack refreshed)
    - 5x Electrocute + up to ~75% AP (4x Tal, 2x F/R, initial F/R stack refreshed)
    - Star Pact (4x Tal, 2x F/R, second F/R stack refreshed) impact will be post-4 stack expiration
    - Electrocute transitioning to next cycle (1x Tal, 2x F/R, initial F/R stack refreshed) you do this while the previous Star Pact has yet to land
    - Hydra (2x Tal, 2x F/R)
    - Blizzard (3x Tal, 2x F/R, second F/R stack refreshed)
    - Continue/repeat

    A note for the video:

    Super easy Rift, but a clear is a clear.

    In-game audio removed because we were talking dirty to each other.

    RG took about 4.5 minutes to kill, which is too long. Something went wrong there and I have a feeling it has to do with Eskandiel's hitbox because this isn't the first time I noticed that he took an abnormally long time to die. Since it takes about 3 minutes for us to kill an RG on GR69 without a Pylon, either one or both of us really screwed up our DPS cycles on the RG (which I don't believe could have been that drastic), or Eskandiel is a jerk.

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    Removing the sticky here as I don't intend on updating this from Patch 2.2 onward.

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    Porting this from my thread in the official forum: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16953975977

    The melee Tal Rasha spec for Greater Rifts is incredibly fun to play. It leans more on the defensive side, but that doesn't mean it lacks DPS. It will not deal as much effective DPS as the range setup, which means its GR limit will be lower, but it is more consistent when you're running GRs all the way up into the 50s.

    At the time of this post, I've personally cleared GR51 in a single try, GR52 in a single try, GR53 in a single try, and currently on my third GR54 try using this setup.



    LMB: Electrocute - Arc Lightning: This is the required signature spell for this Arcane Dynamo-based spec. Since you'll almost always be at melee range, Arc Lightning is preferred for its superior coverage and damage. It can be replaced by Flame Blade to further buff Mammoth Hydra damage, but Dynamo ramp up will be slower as Electrocute has a speed coefficient of 2 vs. Spectral Blade's 1. You will then have to give up a different skill slot to cover lightning damage. Kiza covers this particular Flame Blade setup in another thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16953845641

    RMB: Teleport - Calamity: No exceptions. Calamity is the rune to use. You need this to set up or maintain crowd control in order to benefit from APD, your lifeline. It is also the main source of arcane damage for your Tal Rasha stacks.

    1: Hydra - Mammoth Hydra: Your main source of DPS.

    2: Blizzard - Frozen Solid: When you cannot lock down enough targets with Calamity and Halo of Arlyse alone, Frozen Solid is a great way to hold down enemies at range until you get into a better position. This is also your way to gain cold Tal Rasha stacks.

    3: Magic Weapon - Force Weapon: I usually fall on Force Weapon, but this is an open slot. You can use Bone Chill to work with Halo of Arlyse, which will more or less give you insane uptime on the 33% debuff. Slow Time is another great substitute. If you're running a different element for a signature spell (e.g. Flame Blade), a lightning spell like Supermassive works well here.

    4: Ice Armor - Crystallize: Need this to get the most out of Halo of Arlyse and to make up some raw toughness lost from dropping Energy Armor.


    Arcane Dynamo: The main passive. You use this to buff up Hydras and let them loose.

    Elemental Exposure: Self explanatory when working with four elements.

    Illusionist: Mandatory for keeping Teleport up.

    Unstable Anomaly: Necessary unless you enjoy taking long walks or staring at your corpse.


    Halo of Arlyse
    Ancient Parthan Defenders
    Serpent's Sparker
    Tal Rasha 6-piece - Helm, Chest, Belt, Pants, Amulet, Source

    A note on the Tal Rasha source. Those found prior to 2.2 have the ability to roll Hydra bonus damage on them. As of Patch 2.2, the new Tal Rasha sources always come with Meteor bonus damage. It's a fixed roll, meaning you cannot touch them in any way. As a result, the remaining primary stats cannot be enchanted to a skill bonus. The preference in this Hydra-oriented setup would be to have Hydra bonus. However, Meteor bonus from the new source is still fine.

    Alternate Item Combos:

    Unity - Recommended item for dealing with excessive range damage (Ice Armor/Halo only prevents melee); requires immortal follower token (e.g. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/enchanting-favor ) and a second Unity on the follower

    Stone of Jordan - If you're not going to run Unity, you can try Stone of Jordan for elite DPS as this setup sorely lacks it.

    Ring of Royal Grandeur + Firebird - Trading away damage reduction from Unity, you can switch out a Tal Rasha piece with Firebird and run the 2-piece bonus for a free cheat death. Shoulders + source (Firebird's Eye) are good choices, the source is especially nice if you cannot obtain a Hydra Tal source.

    Nilfur's Boast - Best way to get more DPS out of your free Meteors. Greatly aids in Rift Guardian kill time.

    Firebird's Pinions + Firebird's Tarsi - Shoulder options are highly lacking and Unstable Anomaly is the only way you can cheat death. Having the 2-piece Firebird bonus can save you a lot of headaches. This would be the choice if you are willing to sacrifice Nilfur's Boast, but unwilling to give up a ring slot for Ring of Royal Grandeur.

    Pauldrons of the Skeleton King - As said, shoulder options are highly lacking. If Nilfur's Boast is selected, these shoulders can sometimes give you that extra cheat death opportunity.

    My preferred setup:
    Helm: Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom
    Shoulder: Pauldrons of the Skeleton King
    Chest: Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit
    Belt: Tal Rasha's Brace
    Gloves: Tasker and Theo
    Bracers: Ancient Parthan Defenders
    Pants: Tal Rasha's Stride
    Boots: Nilfur's Boast
    Ring 1: Halo of Arlyse
    Ring 2: Unity
    Amulet: Tal Rasha's Allegiance
    Weapon: Serpent's Sparker
    Off-hand: Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare


    Zei's Stone of Vengeance - Dynamically updates all DoT damage the further you are away from the affected target. For Hydra damage, this is based on where the Hydra is located relative to the target.

    Bane of the Trapped - Bonus damage triggers as long as the target is under crowd control (you don't necessarily have to be the one doing the CC).

    Esoteric Alteration - Crazy added defense prevents ranged enemies from picking you off when you don't have APD's bonus active (physical projectiles can still wreck you, though). This gem allows you to take even more damage to the face.

    Pain Enhancer - Works incredibly well with Mammoth Hydra (which can proc the gem's effects). As you would often be surrounding by enemies, the increased attack speed can further boost Hydra's DPS. If you're running a Flame Blade variant, this gem can be considered your go-to choice. Beware of potential frame rate drops if you're hitting too many targets.

    Gem of Efficacious Toxin - Some extra debuffs. Not the greatest choice for gems in this particular setup.

    Bane of the Powerful - Since this setup sorely lacks elite damage, this gem can make up a good chunk of it. Personally this is probably my last choice for a gem.

    Follower Spec (Templar):

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/follower#0101 Just pick heals (Heal, Guardian) and crowd control (Intimidate, Charge).

    Follower Main Gear:
    Eun-Jang-Do - RIP Thunderfury. First thing, this setup is already on crowd control, so no need for a Thunderfury to help aid Bane of the Trapped. Eun-Jang-Do? Save it for those fleeing elites or a dying Rift Guardian.

    Freeze of Deflection - Extra CC opportunities

    Enchanting Favor - Used in combination with a second Unity in order to grant permanent 50% bonus mitigation

    Follower Optional Gear:
    Oculus Ring - More APS for the follower means more CC.

    Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band - If you're not running both Unity and Oculus Ring, BK Wedding Band is a suitable DPS option for your Templar.

    Ess of Johan - More CC, great for helping set up targets; can sometimes get you killed if the Templar pulls mobs in onto you, but usually that won't happen in this setup.


    Unlike Apocalypse Firebird in 2.1.2 and prior, the melee Tal Rasha wizard is incredibly durable and can push out a lot of damage without needing to herd things around all over the map. Some herding may be necessary when mob numbers dwindle, as the APD bonus is dependent on how many targets you manage to stun.

    Play style is somewhat frantic, but in a way, elegant. Personally, it reminds me of the old CM wizard in classic D3. Mobs are more often than not locked down. You have a lot of synergy happening simultaneously:

    1. Calamity can set up a fight, trigger an early Star Pact Meteor from Tal Rasha 2-piece, add an arcane Tal stack, and trigger APD to help you tank incoming range attacks.

    2. Incoming range attacks against your APD fueled toughness usually isn't enough to kill you, but can deal enough damage to trigger Halo of Arlyse, which in return continue to trigger APD. In addition, it can trigger Illusionist to allow you to recast Calamity. Rinse and repeat.

    3. Frozen Solid also contributes to APD's bonus if you freeze targets within 25 yards. It's also your weapon to lock down more high-threat ranged enemies when Calamity is unavailable. The cold damage that enemies walk through, but do not freeze, can trigger Comet from Tal's 2-piece, which will then guarantee a freeze on impact.

    4. In a situation where incoming damage is too much, Esoteric Alteration's secondary effect kicks in to give you the time to reposition and re-engage additional targets for more APD bonus reduction. During this time, it's relatively simple to heal up through globes from slain enemies, the Templar's healing spells, or your own potion.

    And let's not forget the signature spells, Arcane Dynamo, and the secondary effect of Zei's (chance to stun on hit). Since Arc Lightning scales with attack speed, as does Hydra, the faster you attack, the more you can trigger Zei's for more stun for APD, the faster your Dynamo ramps up.

    This all sounds nice and dandy, and to be honest, yes, the spec is much easier to play than Firebird's. While you can do the same with Firebird, the 6-piece Tal bonus is a much stronger option. However, like with all high Greater Rift attempts, you have to constantly make decisions. From the last 101 thread:

    All serious GR attempts follow a system similar to driving on the road. It involves repeating three phases over and over and over again:

    Phase 1: Scanning
    Phase 2: Predicting
    Phase 3: Reacting

    In Phase 1, you will be scanning your surroundings. In terms of GRs, you will be constantly checking the minimap and your character's immediate vicinity for enemies and patterns. In addition, checking on the progress bar for how much time you have remaining is important. You have to factor in the time it'll take you to down the RG. As soon as you get an idea of what type of tileset you're in (e.g. Caverns tileset, Keeps tileset, Sewers tileset, etc.) and what mob combination populates the Rift level, you move on to Phase 2.

    In Phase 2, you will be predicting the best and worst outcomes for the current Rift level. Based on the mob types and the level tileset, you have to decide whether to attempt to engage the enemies you encounter or skip them. For low density levels in long, intricate map layouts (e.g. levels that resemble Act II's Sirocco Caverns), you may have to decide to speed through it to get to the next level rather than waste time picking off the occasional enemy. Depending on how any of these levels roll, you move on to Phase 3.

    In Phase 3, you react to situations based on your predictions in Phase 2. This is where players adapt. Sometimes things will go as planned (mob composition is exactly what you expected), sometimes not (encounter mob types you did not expect, hit a dead end, etc.).

    The melee Tal Rasha spec requires you to play aggressively. The more you idle, the more likely you'll get smashed in the face. You have to try to stun enemies as often as possible, as many enemies as possible. The more you do so, the tankier you are, the more forgiving mistakes are (but don't let this be an excuse to make dumb mistakes like walking into Demonic Forges or a line of bees). Since you'll always be in the middle of heavy combat, you have to keep an eye out on everything happening outside your freeze and stun range. Projectiles coming from the side of your screen, incoming elite affixes, etc. can also cause major issues if you leave them around. Try to address them as soon as you see them (or at least set up a plan) so you can hold down as many enemies and kill them off at the same time.

    Example scenario: You see a group of Lacuni Huntresses and Lacuni Slashers in the northwest. As you're moving, you plan to lock down the Huntresses before they can leap and throw their projectiles. The Slashers should pose no problem as your Halo can negate their attacks. However, if you fail to stun the Huntresses, they may spread out and start bombarding you with ranged attacks.

    Best case scenario, you lock down and kill off the Lacuni before they can react, but in the case where a few jump out, you have to make decisions. Do you know if you can stand your ground and tank the hits? Lacuni Huntresses will leap, throw their projectiles, and leap back onto you. If you can withstand their ranged attacks without fear, they'll come back to you and you'll be able to lock them down. Now combine these Lacuni with other types of enemies of all threat levels. Morlu Incinerators? Savage Beasts? You have to grow extremely familiar with what enemies can pose a threat to you even if you have APD's bonus and Tal's 4-piece bonuses active.

    For example, as an Apocalypse Firebird wizard, enemies like Corrupted Angels and Winged Assassins were pretty much the bane of your existence. However, these mobs are food for a melee Tal Rasha wizard. As both are melee enemies and relatively easy to kill when they're standing still, they can't do anything to you. Conversely, enemies like Grotesques and Succubi don't pose too many problems for a Firebird wizard that's constantly moving around, but for a melee Tal wizard that specializes in clamping down in one spot and DPSing everything from one small area, physical attacks like Grotesque explosions and the Succubus's Blood Star that sneaks through the cracks can bypass Esoteric's reduction and potentially catch you during APD's downtime.

    This is why it's so important for you to always aim for the largest clusters of mobs and bring whatever enemies you're fighting with you. It's a form of herding. You fight and kill off what you need to, but straggling enemies that can still contribute good progress should come along with you to combine with packs up ahead. While this habit isn't limited to a melee Tal spec (it's pretty much a basic practice for any successful GR run, solo or group), it's especially important because of APD's reliance on the number of stunned targets.

    When all the engines are running, you'll Teleport into a huge cluster of mobs and start cycling through your Tal Rasha stacks and buffing up your Hydras to DPS everything down while you repeat the crowd control to maintain APD's bonus. When the enemy numbers dwindle, you lead them off toward the next cluster of mobs and repeat the process until you face the Rift Guardian.


    1. Cycling through the Tal Rasha stacks isn't an issue at all in this spec. As everything is available at all times—other than Calamity, which still has high uptime due to Illusionist—you can ramp from zero to four in very little time. I generally always have Arc Lightning going to be at full Arcane Dynamo stacks. I cast or reposition Hydra when I can to always have the fire Tal stack. Repeating Frozen Storm and Calamity as means to maintain APD's bonus naturally also give the remaining stacks.

    2. Always prioritize locking down ranged enemies if you are unable to get past them. Melee enemies will eventually get into range, but ranged mobs can be devastating, tend to run away or keep a distance from you.

    3. Focus on killing high progress to health ratio enemies. It's a rule to follow for all Greater Rift attempts, but it doesn't hurt to mention it here. Don't bother picking off the last little spider or Bile Crawler. Kill off the goatmen, the Disentombed Hulks and Fallen Hounds first and look for more to kill elsewhere. Then again, see #2 - don't neglect the dangerous ranged mobs if you cannot get away from them.

    4. When fighting a Rift Guardian, try to kite it to narrow corridors or corners with doors so your Templar can block it, allowing you to move into blind spots outside aggro range. This will allow you to place your Hydra at max distance to get the most out of Zei's. You don't have to hit things with your spells for Tal's stacks to kick in or for Arcane Dynamo to ramp up. It'll help if you land the spells to trigger the 2-piece Meteors, but if you're fighting a really dangerous physical RG like Bloodmaw or Perdition, or a ranged RG like the Choker or Agnidox, it may be in your best interest to focus on staying alive and allowing your Hydras to do their thing. Dead DPS = zero DPS.

    5. If you find a Power Pylon, don't grab it right away. Take a look at your surroundings to see if the mob composition offers fast and easy progress. Also take note of the map you're on. If it seems like the map will be a massive one and the enemies are manageable, skip them and the Pylon so you can come back later when the RG is close to spawning. This is another tip that's not limited to this particular spec. Just a good habit to keep.

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    Quote from RasAlgethi24»

    Do your hydras snap shot whatever you had when you put them down? That is any buffs, breakpoints, etc? Or do they update dynamically.

    Snapshot Dynamo, update dynamically with Flame Blade, Focus/Restraint, Tal stacks.

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    Quote from BDF2000»

    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from BDF2000»

    But for this particular build you do need perfect IAS to push it to the limits as it frees either a legendary gem or skill slot which is pretty big.

    You might want to check out post #7 :-)

    Yeah, they got the clear despite having lower dps, shows how much higher the ceiling really is.

    Dude is running identical gear, and a similar spec, but is just running it with less actual output.

    Yep. As I said earlier, it took a single try to clear GR65 for me. Basically cakewalk with regular mobs, no fishing required.

    We "practiced" in another GR65 and failed by about a minute. Thing is, 90% of the Rift we didn't have a crusader (he disconnected twice in one Rift). And we still came close to clearing it.

    You're going to need the IAS if you're focusing on the Hydra setup. You lose a third of your effective damage output without hitting the breakpoint.

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    2% pet APS on TnT away from perfect now. Just got my IAS Focus.

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    Quote from Mad_Tom»

    Nice job.

    So, even though it looked so at PTR end, you are not giving up on Wizz :D

    I was actually gearing up my UE DH until a few people told me to go gear up my wizard, so I did.

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    Snapshot of the NA 4-man leaderboard at the time of this post:

    Original post on the official forum, copying/pasting here:

    Lance from <Dragon> and I are currently leading first and second, respectively, in 4-man parties.

    Team composition:
    1x ZDPS sader
    1x ZDPS WD
    1x UE DH
    1x TR wizard

    Both Lance and I ran completely different builds at the core. While he was oriented toward Meteor, I was oriented toward Hydra.

    My spec: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WQiYhc!RWeT!aZcbZZ

    Lance's spec: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UPilgS!RcYT!YZcbcZ

    Variants of these have been attempted before.

    I'll wait until Lance decides to put in his two cents, but the reason why he ran Stretch Time was because he was unable to reach the 4.032 BP for Hydras. I opted for Gogok instead as I use Flash and Frozen Mist.

    For the spec I used, it should be superior to the one Lance ran for multiple targets, though it pales in comparison against single targets. More research will need to be done on this.

    So to go into the spec I used a little more, all the focus goes into the WD/sader clustering enemies together for Flame Blade to quickly rack up stacks to buff Mammoth Hydra. Throughout the Rift, it isn't uncommon to see 200-300 Flame Blade stacks. Trash mobs and any unproblematic elites mixed in melt with ease. Frozen Mist, Flash and Arcane Orbit are all used to maintain Tal stacks. The reason why I chose those are because they take no attack turns, allowing you to continue maintaining Flame Blade stacks without stopping.

    However, once it comes down to a single target, the group DPS suffers. Both the UE DH and the setup I use don't deal too much single target DPS. We can still down a GR65 RG in ~3 minutes if there are no issues stunlocking with the WD. Anecdotally, when dealing with multiple mobs, the spec I used is comparable or even better than what a UE DH can push out... based on current gear levels.

    Core items:
    Serpent's Sparker
    Tasker and Theor
    Focus and Restraint
    Tal Rasha (helm, chest, belt, pants, amulet, source)

    Key stats: I haven't been able to achieve this yet, but it's a work in progress
    7% IAS on weapon, chest, gloves, bracers, both rings
    50% pet speed on Tasker required

    If you cannot get the above, you will be gimped somewhat by being forced to run Stretch Time or a legendary gem like Pain Enhancer or Gogok to meet BP requirements.

    I also used 2-piece Firebird (shoulders/boots for cheat death), but optimally, I would run Nilfur's Boast and Pauldrons of the Skeleton King (potential cheat death). As a result, while I was running, I was missing a decent chunk of my single target DPS, despite Hydra being the main focus.

    I don't know how many attempts Lance made for his GR65 and GR66 clears, but the GR65 I did was done in one attempt.

    Go explore, guys, and come back with your experiences.

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    posted a message on Vizjerei Clan Opening Doors to New Applicants

    Wizards are just gravy considering the clan was founded by wizard veterans.

    We're prioritizing competitive players capable of running pretty much any character for high Greater Rifts (i.e. high 50s to 60s). Solo wizards should at least be able to clear GR45+ consistently and compete for Top 10 spots on the leaderboard.

    Most members capable of doing group and solo GRs are just biding time until the end of the Era for the big push.

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    posted a message on PTR GR59 Clear (2x Wizards, 1x Crusader, 1x WD)

    FPS was so terrible throughout the entire Rift that it was almost unbearable to play. Single digit frame rate all the way!

    Yes, I know the video isn't from the POV of a wizard, but that's not the point. You just need to focus on the amount of damage being dished out (yes, even with the horrible lag).

    Copying and pasting most from the official forum.

    I just put out a video showing the GR59 clear I ran in a group consisting of 1x WD, 1x crusader, 2x Tal Rasha wizards. Basically, it's the same composition we normally see on live, except with the 2x wizards replacing the 2x DHs.

    The GR59 Rift Guardian was killed in ~52 seconds (starting around the 13:00 mark). And at a little over 1.8 trillion HP, that equates to the two wizards combining for about 34.6 billion eDPS. This was done with Focus and Restraint.

    Going into 2.2, we know the benchmark for DPS is whatever M6 DHs can put out when they're ramped up (which doesn't take long).

    If that's to stay, I think it's in the best interest of every class to have at least one type of setup that can be around the max damage output of a geared out M6 DH.

    Granted, I don't know exactly on average how much damage a buffed up DH can do in a group setting. Since we're talking about high group GR clears, various videos and stream recordings I've watched put individual DHs around the 10-15 billion eDPS range. Some push out a little higher damage, some a little lower.

    Here's what I would like to know. Before 2.2, there is no 150% multiplicative damage boosting Focus and Restraint. If a currently well-geared DH drops both RoRG and SOJ and replaces them with Focus/Restraint, thereby dropping Cindercoat for Marauder's chest, is there an effective damage increase or is it a wash?

    Dolynick posted the following numbers regarding DHs and the new Focus and Restraint:

    With optimal rolls in both situations, F&R = RRoG+SoJ (vs elites) @ +35.6%. You lose 40% fire, 30% elite but gain 12 CC and 650 Dex (Let's say 12000 vs 12650) for base sheet damage.

    Using the above numbers:

    If you calculate at +150%, it's x1.843734 damage vs elites (x2.396854 non-elite).

    If you calculate at +100% (66.67% resources), it's x1.474987 damage vs elites (x1.917583 non-elite).

    If you calculate at +75% (50% resources), it's x1.290614 damage vs elites (x1.677789 non-elite).

    125 Hatred -36 for a cast of Cluster Arrow (10% RCR) = 71.2% max resources.
    @71.2% Resources, F&R = +106.8% for x1.525137 damage vs elites (x1.982678 non-elite).

    125 Hatred -32.4 for a cast of Cluster Arrow (19% RCR) = 74.08% max resources.
    @74.08% Resources, F&R = +111.12% for x1.556996 damage vs elites (x2.024095 non-elite).

    These multipliers will go up if the DH had less than 12k Dex with RRoG+SoJ.
    The "1 Cluster Arrow down" multipliers will go up if they have any +Hatred bonuses or if he has any additional RCR (must be in non-ring/amulet slots).

    I'm still going to state again that even if this works out to roughly equal in this specific 4-man, infinite resource for wizards (Power Hungry fed by globe doc) scenario, it's still an awful way of calling it "balanced". Take away the infinite globes (for solo for example) and a DH will hold a much larger percentage of his damage output than a Tal wizard will. It won't even be close. We gain a lot more from a team like this than they do.

    And I agree that for solo, DHs will likely do a better job sustaining the damage than a wizard, so we'll have to see how it plays out as the PTR goes along.

    But for groups, if M6 DHs in 2.2 are running damage within that range, then it's great. The Tal set's damage is good enough to be competitive. That's the goal. What's left really is some quality of life adjustments to make cycling elements not as clunky and messy.

    For those curious, this is the build that BDF was running: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UPQabO!aceY!YYZaaZ

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    posted a message on Vizjerei Clan Opening Doors to New Applicants

    Since the very first day when clans and communities were implemented in Diablo III, the Vizjerei Clan has been closed off to active recruiting of its members. Every member to date gained membership through community influence, friendships with existing members, or having developed the influencer mentality and relationships necessary to find a home within the clan.

    However, we have decided after on and off discussions throughout the past few months, that the Vizjerei Clan will adopt a new recruitment policy aimed at stimulating clan growth and activity.

    You can find the application by visiting http://www.vizjereiclan.com/index.php/apply

    For general questions and concerns, feel free to post in the clan forum.

    Fair warning, we are not that easy to impress. For the lack of a better term, you ought to bring a shiny résumé.

    About the Vizjerei Clan:

    Lore-wise, the Vizjerei clan was one of the oldest and most powerful mage clans in Sanctuary, with its history predating the events of the original Diablo game.

    The clan is known for its strict discipline and ability to curb even the wildest of young magic wielders in to proper sorcerers.

    Most of the current members in the clan (particularly the founders) consist of community icons, influencers, contributors, theorycrafters and veterans of the wizard class dating back to the original launch date of Diablo III.

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    You guys.

    When the expansion first came out, I ran approximately 1600 Act I Bounties in the first 40 hours (that's about 320 Caches). Some split farmed, some solo. Some in Normal, some in Master, some in T1/T2 (T6 was out of the question that early in the game). By the time the first month passed, I did around 3000 Bounties.

    Not a single RoRG rolled CHC or CHD. Not sure how many rolled sockets, but back then legendary gems didn't exist so it wasn't a desired stat.

    Didn't get one with CHC until June 2014.

    Now with the guaranteed legendary drop per Cache on T6... too easy.

    I lost count on how many RoRGs with CHC/CHD or sockets I've gotten since they made the change. One of the first RoRGs I got since 2.1.2 was a socketed ancient one, too.
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    posted a message on A mistake by blizzard or did they actually improve wizard with hotfix??
    Quote from russell3773»
    I'm not saying your wrong. But every wizard I have talked to says they see the damage increase. I see it. Mammoth Hydra isn't doing 1 attack per second as a DoT anymore. It is critting for a lot and doing it very fast with a TnT. I also don't lose cindercoat with my build. I guess it could just vary from person to person and what their build is. But as of right now, I see a major damage increase with using a non-ancient Serpent.
    Seeing something you think is happening doesn't mean it actually is happening.

    Major damage increase? Me downing a GR48 RG in 5+ minutes pre-hotfix and me downing a GR48 RG in 5+ minutes post-hotfix doesn't exactly scream major damage increase to me.
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    posted a message on A mistake by blizzard or did they actually improve wizard with hotfix??
    All they changed was how damage is displayed for Mammoth Hydra and Blazing Hydra. It was to improve system performance and reduce the strain on their server. The numerous individual ticks make up for the aggregated display ticks that used to show in fixed intervals of 0.8 seconds.
    Quote from russell3773TnT and a Non Ancient Serpent's sparker(if you don't have an Ancient one) is the way to go. Will out perform an ancient Devasator. It is a buff. But like I said was it a mistake or not, is the real question.
    Serpent's Sparker will beat out Devastator hands down in single target scenarios without question. Different story when depending on RNG in a Greater Rift where everything—monsters and you—are constantly in motion. Forced repositioning for both you and Hydras will play a role in how much eDPS you actually dish out. By running SS and TnT, you lose Cindercoat and fire bonus from the Devastator, resulting in lower infinite DoT size, which adds up over time throughout the duration of a GR.

    What you may lose, you may gain back against the RG, which is still RNG dependent considering those with numerous adds will drastically reduce Hydra eDPS. Map layout is also a huge factor as highly mobile RGs will also cause problems. Whereas with a Devastator, a significantly larger Firebird tick size makes up for some of the lost damage.

    TL;DR - both weapons were comparable before and they're still comparable now.

    This is coming from someone with a 2880+ DPS EE-capable Devastator, ancient 20% Cindercoat with 15% Hydra damage, 3100+ EE-capable Serpent's Sparker, and ancient trifecta TnT 43/10 with 49% pet speed.
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    I don't have the testing gear, but that's what I've known before (it's been a while since I looked at the numbers). Similar to how it interacted with Arcane Dynamo.

    Should be an easy test with something like Arcane Hydra.
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