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    I love how people commit fallacies all the time.

    In this case, Shaggy, you are justifying that Diablo 3 is ok because D2 and D1 had no endgame. That, is a logical fallacy.

    He has a point. We're talking about expectations that were transferred from one title to the next. The "point" of Diablo has always been farming, gear, trades and PvP. That is the endgame. There need not be some constantly fresh MMO material to wage through.

    No one asked for constantly fresh, and the lovers of D3 are the ones bringing up D2, not us. I am talking specifically about D3, and am not using D2 as a measuring stick.

    Alls I want to see is more things to do, more variation when I log in. The game is about items, and farming......correct. I just want different ways to do that. Right now, there are very little options for farming and getting gear......farming the exact same route endlessly. This doesnt look like it will change this patch, once you have your recipes, which wont take long.

    So, you can say D2 was a great game, so D3 doesnt have to improve on its design.......I really dont agree, disagree, or care.

    I am making my opinions about D3, and my own feelings of boredom, and why the game is boring, and why I dont feel the "end-game" is much of an end-game.

    I have no desire to run WOW style raids or events, I just want more challenge, with greater rewards for the increased challenge, and several different options to Farm, Itemize, Trade, and ......Play.

    All of the things you desire: more challenge, greater rewads, different options to farm, itemize, trade, and play. These are all in WoW. I think you are playing the wrong game buddy.

    If this was a paid subscription game, I am 100% certain that Blizz would be investing in these different things to keep you engaged (again they do this with WoW all the time). This is the Diablo series.

    These games have endings which is something that a lot of people here still seem to struggle with. The "end-game" is just something we have made up to justify playing beyond killing Diablo. And this strong desire and request to fill the game with more things screams of someone who wants to play WoW but at the same time refuses to do so.

    I love D3 for what it is which is an item hunt. I'm not requesting for Blizzard to make an arena ladder (although maybe they should put in a ladder for Hardcore) I wish they hadn't made inferno so easy but we are in that age where people will whine nonstop until they get their way.

    So what I am saying in the end again is that all the things you are looking for: Progression, end-game, Competitive pvp (because that's what you really want and that's what all these thread about how pvp sucks in D3 are about. Not the one shot fest lulz of Diablo games - notice that D2 and D1 are included), and greater rewards for downing harder content are all in WoW and they are just $15 bux a month away which btw has been an amazing deal for several years.
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