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    posted a message on Seeking input on a season character and future builds
    So I have been playing since about Monday of last week and I wanted some input on builds or items I should be looking for during this season.


    Since I started so late, I doubt I will be able to catch the top players but I figure if I play a lot maybe I will get closer.

    Any thoughts on what builds help with T6 runs?

    So far I don't believe I can solo T6 rifts but with a group I have been able to help and have been getting xp and items. I do notice that in certain situations my HP drops much more compared to others which still bothers me because it just seems like I spike more in HP compared to others.
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    posted a message on Need advice on Monk builds and items
    So what are People playing for Monks these days?

    Before I stopped playing there was a 1H monk weapon that was mandatory basically for them.

    Now I saw at the top an odd build with a 100dps weapon which doesn't make any sense.

    Anyone here able to catch me up quick?
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    posted a message on The Future of D3 Economy and Preparation (Discuss)
    All you need to get an idea of what happens to gold is to look at the D2 economy where gold is useless.
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    posted a message on Blizzard makes more money in the long run w/o AH
    All this did was make the black market come back along with JSP in full force for the future. So yeah it actually is the D2 economy that I suppose some want.

    I do agree that it removes the ease of getting items.
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    posted a message on Confirmed!!! Diablo 3 on Playstation 4
    Quote from OPTIMVS

    Any Information about the PS3 versions servers? They are not really going to use the same servers as the PC version`s are they?

    I am curious as to what they are going to do for this but I do hope that there won't be a link between the PC and the PS3/PS4. I wonder if it would be more difficult for people to bot a PS3/PS4 for the sake of farming.

    I'm looking forward to playing this with my buds at home when they come over :D
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    posted a message on Confirmed!!! Diablo 3 on Playstation 4
    Quote from Xenocow

    Quote from pylorih
    99% of the time people who like to state that the PC version was a disaster have over 100 hours played.

    I have close to 1000 hours, thank you... whats next?
    You gonna ask me "When the Game is so bad, why did you play it 1000 Hours?"
    And after that you gonna state "1000 hours is pretty good for a $50 Game!"

    am i right?

    Absolutely. You don't really have an argument for how the game is bad when you plow and put that many hours into one. I don't think anyone will ever put 1000 hours into Aliens Colonial Marines which is basically the argument that your bunch have been making. That D3 has been a big disaster.
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    posted a message on Confirmed!!! Diablo 3 on Playstation 4
    Quote from Xenocow

    Quote from Enty
    So what you're telling me is that Blizzard shouldn't release this game for the PS3 & 4 because....

    the PC-Port is shit, and they should worry about that first.
    How many Sales are they gonna generate on the PS3/4...after the PC Disaster?

    99% of the time people who like to state that the PC version was a disaster have over 100 hours played.

    I have yet to encounter one person who bought the game and played only 10 hours and said the game was dumpster..
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    posted a message on Diablo III Has Sold Over 12 Million Copies, Diablo III Lectures on GDC 2013, Poll: Who's Your Favorite Diablo III Villain?, Witc
    Quote from FoxBatD2

    Quote from Benegesserit

    2) Notice how they have to say "subcription-based"? Nearly all MMOs out there are NOT subscription-based. Congrats on being #1 in a nearly empty room Blizzard.

    Because the sub-based games can't get 9 million players, so they go free to play. See SWToR most recently.

    I don't think there's even an F2P MMO out there that can put up those numbers.

    WoW is the Hammer of the Ancients on the MMO community. No MMO could compete which is why they eventually went F2P. None of the big studio mmo games started F2P, they all wanted a piece of the big pie that blizz is eating.
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    posted a message on Why The Auction House Ruined The Game For Me
    The AH solved having to go to D2jsp. I like it and it made it a lot easier to exchange money for goods and in reverse with a near guaranteed system (I lost 1 item to an AH error once)

    If the AH wasn't there, I would be "forced" in a sense to sit at a chatroom advertising SS all day waiting for one person to come along and say they have the right item, then I would have to deal with whether or not I am going to get scammed in the trade window (something that was the case in D2/D3) On top of that I would need to go to D2JSP to sell items (just using that site, could be any other site where you could sell items)

    Do you really want to sit in a forum waiting for a trade or sale and then hoping the guy won't dispute your charge????

    It solved a lot of things and while people blame it for "ruining" the game, what it did was remove the middle man.
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    posted a message on Mistaken account ban
    I got news for you buddy.

    You don't get banned unless you are doing something that can get you banned (third party program is an easy one)

    I have a main and a bot. On the same laptop I would play with a bot and when I wasn't botting I would play with the main.

    The main account hasn't been banned but the bot did and you want to know why? Because I was botting with a third party program when I had game running.
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    posted a message on Banned in Diablo 3
    I call bull on this innocence the OP claims.
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    posted a message on New patch, major let down.
    Quote from Litheum

    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from Indimix

    I love how people commit fallacies all the time.

    In this case, Shaggy, you are justifying that Diablo 3 is ok because D2 and D1 had no endgame. That, is a logical fallacy.

    He has a point. We're talking about expectations that were transferred from one title to the next. The "point" of Diablo has always been farming, gear, trades and PvP. That is the endgame. There need not be some constantly fresh MMO material to wage through.

    No one asked for constantly fresh, and the lovers of D3 are the ones bringing up D2, not us. I am talking specifically about D3, and am not using D2 as a measuring stick.

    Alls I want to see is more things to do, more variation when I log in. The game is about items, and farming......correct. I just want different ways to do that. Right now, there are very little options for farming and getting gear......farming the exact same route endlessly. This doesnt look like it will change this patch, once you have your recipes, which wont take long.

    So, you can say D2 was a great game, so D3 doesnt have to improve on its design.......I really dont agree, disagree, or care.

    I am making my opinions about D3, and my own feelings of boredom, and why the game is boring, and why I dont feel the "end-game" is much of an end-game.

    I have no desire to run WOW style raids or events, I just want more challenge, with greater rewards for the increased challenge, and several different options to Farm, Itemize, Trade, and ......Play.

    All of the things you desire: more challenge, greater rewads, different options to farm, itemize, trade, and play. These are all in WoW. I think you are playing the wrong game buddy.

    If this was a paid subscription game, I am 100% certain that Blizz would be investing in these different things to keep you engaged (again they do this with WoW all the time). This is the Diablo series.

    These games have endings which is something that a lot of people here still seem to struggle with. The "end-game" is just something we have made up to justify playing beyond killing Diablo. And this strong desire and request to fill the game with more things screams of someone who wants to play WoW but at the same time refuses to do so.

    I love D3 for what it is which is an item hunt. I'm not requesting for Blizzard to make an arena ladder (although maybe they should put in a ladder for Hardcore) I wish they hadn't made inferno so easy but we are in that age where people will whine nonstop until they get their way.

    So what I am saying in the end again is that all the things you are looking for: Progression, end-game, Competitive pvp (because that's what you really want and that's what all these thread about how pvp sucks in D3 are about. Not the one shot fest lulz of Diablo games - notice that D2 and D1 are included), and greater rewards for downing harder content are all in WoW and they are just $15 bux a month away which btw has been an amazing deal for several years.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 - Dueling. Good or bad?
    Quote from tywald

    Well, ppl still like D2 pvp and it's arguably worse than this.

    How is this different from D2?
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    posted a message on Ears
    Quote from Novacron

    They could also be an outlet for Blizzard to use them as a specIal crafting material for an item similar to the hellfire ring: collect X many ears, craft a relly good legendary ;)

    That would be terrible. I can see it now: LFG Ears!
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    posted a message on Hello everyone! New WD!
    I made a bit of coin cleaning out my barbar to switch to WD. I took 100M and invested in "decent" gear but I feel that I still overpaid here and there.

    I am looking for thoughts on my current build in terms of how I can change it and what pieces I can immediately invest in to upgrade my gear. Obviously a Mempo with Crit would be nice but it's a bit out of immediate reach to most.

    I was recently allowed to hang in a MP10 uber fight with 3 others and I noticed immediately how undergeared my character is compared to what my barbar was. Where I used to be able to hang in MP10,now with the WD it was like near instagib with lasers and other monsters in-game.


    Anyways I really would appreciate input on using a more efficient build and what items I should change asap.

    Thank you all!
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