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    posted a message on Why is Dodge terrible?
    I think there are a lot of misconceptions about Dodge, although I share the general sentiment that's much less valuable than "honest" mitigation, like Armor or All Resist. I wouldn't go quite as far as saying it's the worst Toughness stat, though. At the very least, it does reduce the amount of incoming damage -- something that cannot be said about Vitality / Life %.

    Also, contrary to what one of the poster said above, Dodge is actually better if you do get hit constantly -- i.e., are a melee. Many hits make the Dodge's randomness regress to closer to average; the smaller and more frequent the hits are, the better. And since melee classes are typically tougher (mitigation-wise) than ranged ones, the hits their take ARE smaller. Avoiding some % of those small hits is nothing else than another type of mitigation.

    Or think about it this way: what if you were Crusader that could Block an infinite amount of damage? Well, that's essentially what Monk with Dodge is :)
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    posted a message on Act IV bounty farming , very short bounties on average and easy to learn the patterns.
    These are great observations! I'll surely give Act 4 a try. What I have doubts about, however, is that:

    • Mobs in A4 tend to be annoying. Corrupted Angels and Morlu Incinerators are grating with their movement patterns, especially if you're melee. Mallet Lords can quickly get out of hand if you happen to encounter an elite pack of them. Mounted Armaddons have stun effect that can be quite dangerous, too.
    • Killing Diablo takes a long time, significantly longer than any other final act boss. That's not just because of Diablo's massive HP, but also all that fading in & out of cut scenes (even if automatically canceled).
    Diablo bounty can of course be avoided, but given that you always need to get SOME bounty at the last waypoint, odds of getting 'Kill Diablo' in any one game are probably quite high.
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    posted a message on Show Off Your Loot 2.0 Legendaries!

    After countless crappy versions of those gauntlets I got pre-2.0, this is just amazing. And the proc is basically three gold piles appearing nearby after you get Massacre. On T2 with 0%GF, it's typically around 1000-1500 additional gold, and it doesn't seem to depend on the number of monsters killed.
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    posted a message on DiaBro3 - find your Optimized MP Level, and a quick gear analysis
    As said, monks have a ton of "hidden" DPS. The Blazing Wrath buff, the WotHF rune buff, the Sweeping Wind aura damage, cyclones, not to mention Mantra of Conviction (esp. with Overawe). With all that, the actual DPS can easily be double of the nominal one.

    But there appears to be a separate issue with grading weapons, too. For instance, this is my off-hand:

    It gets the "whopping" grade of 316, which is Vendor Trash. Granted, it's nothing amazing but upgrades for it are found only around few dozen millions range.
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    posted a message on Will you use the feature ''Player near you'' ?
    It amazes me how people may think this feature invokes some nigh-magical powers that finds other players based on nothing but their actual, physical location. You would think on a forum for computer gamers you can find folks with better undestanding of absolute basics of networking... Alas, not the case.

    As for the feature in question: it's nice for LAN parties and internet cafes. I would actually prefer it added to SC2 but hey, maybe D3 is just a start.
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    posted a message on [TOOL] Diablo 3 Farming Assistant
    It's just a tracker that requires player interaction, so I don't see how it would be problematic.

    @OP: Would you mind putting the project on GitHub? That would make it much easier for people to submit patches and report issues.
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    posted a message on Post your self found upgrades here

    Both weapons I'm currently using, I found yesterday. The 760dps one was over 9k (no pun intended) DPS upgrade over the 960dps fist I was using before. The Echoing Fury added about 1k on top of that.

    Earlier I also found the rare ring I'm wearing (not the Natalya one), as well as Ouroboros neck.
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    posted a message on d3gem - Gem crafting helper

    Because I was rather tired of figuring out manually whether I can upgrade gems in my equipment, I made this small script to help with that:


    So when you want to check if you have enough lesser gems to craft a specific greater one, you can just tell it what you currently have and what is your desired final gem. Then you can see if you have enough and how many more you are missing:

    C:\...\> python d3gem.py 1fst -s 20fsq,1st	
    You DON'T have enough lesser gems to make 1 Flawless Star gem(s).
    The equivalent of 34 Flawless Square gem(s) is missing for that.

    Here fst, fsq, st are symbols for gem classes. You can see all of them by running the script with --help flag. They should be pretty easy to figure out, though.
    Only Flawless Square or better gems are supported, since no one cares about smaller ones :)

    On Windows you will need to have Python installed. Other systems should have it bundled by default.
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    posted a message on EU server errors/down?!
    I'm having the same issues. U.S., on the other hand, seems to work fine.
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    posted a message on Issues With Reflect Damage, Adding Commas To Large Gold Sums, Blue Posts
    Quote from jakj

    Every major OS--windows, unix, and mac--all have locale systems that can be queried for the user's preference to format the string. Get off your high horse and admit they've been lazy. It has nothing to do with the players' ignorance.
    That's the same thing I thought of immediately. It's client-side, UI issue which has nothing to do with game regions. Since there is already a way users tell their system which thousand separator they want to use - and that info is obtainable for programs - I don't see any valid reason why it cannot be used. Granted, some locales have complicated rules (like one comma for thousands, and then next commas for hundreds) but it's nothing a talented Blizzard developers couldn't handle :)
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    posted a message on Goatman Drumming act change?
    I assume steps to reproduce this bug are roughly like this:

    1. Kill Butcher.
    2. Do the talking required to finish the act, starting the timer.
    3. Go to Field of Misery or other zone with khazra goatmen.
    4. Pull a group of them next to drum.
    5. Time it in such a way that the act finish timer counts to zero while goatmen is pounding the drum.

    So yeah, it's rather obscure bug. I sense a meme-creating potential here...
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    posted a message on No Monster Power - Still Viable, Monster Power Turning Off, Hot Fixes, Blue Posts, Hellfire Ring Farming Video
    If you are playing with Monster Power turned on, be careful because there is currently a bug that sometimes turns it back off after logging out or leaving a game.
    Eh, sometimes? I have it pretty much always. Thank goodness the MP shows in upper-right corner of the screen in game.
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    posted a message on POLL: What level MP do you run?
    Mostly MP3, at least for general loot/XP farming.

    Tried to do MP4 and while I found it appropriately challenging (and thus very fun), I lack some DPS to farm it efficiently. I was able to rack up 5NV in reasonable amount of time, though, so I will likely farm keys there.

    I may also do Infernal bosses on MP4 - it depends on whether they have enrages... Do they?
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    posted a message on can someone please explain magic find 1.05 to me?
    Quote from Turtel

    300% from your gear + follower
    Gear (be it yours or follower's) can be replaced by Paragon Level MF. So 300% is the cap for combined MF from plvl and gear.

    The rest is correct though.
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