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    hmmmm, you're right. troubles at work...

    but i really love the game, i bought 3 copies! and was thinking about 4th! for the lan parties... but MP is just plain bad, and i feel... betrayed. by my favourite game ever. worse, they are going the wrong way, they are going the wrong way, right now, with 1.05, they are going the wrong way! how come nobody realizes?

    alright, just one, a quick one, mind you. don't ask for best-of-three later!
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    Quote from Bogok

    Quote from Bleu42

    What? There was a LOT of unbalance in the other diablo games !! Hammerdins anyones? How about the sorcerer in D1? Stack str for heavy armor and spam mana shield, invulnerable. You just didn't hear about it as much because there wasn't as many people on forums.

    There will never be true balance in this game or any game, they can only make it close. And the grass is always greener on the other side.

    Well spoken

    ill spoken. SP - imbalances doesn't mattered - take easier or harder class or build, you're playing for own pleasure. MP - imbalances doesn't matter by default, players are joined against common enemy. PvP is only mode where imbalances mattered, but i don't like it - though i won them all :)

    on the other hand, HERE imbalances matter a great deal, since you play against THE HOUSE. like a roulette. against AUCTION HOUSE, to be precise. and what if 1/5 players have increased luck by 10% by default? and 2/5 has it decreased? that does matter a lot!

    and before it did not... some kid exploiting hammerdin to the max? what the hell do i care? here, i have to give him hard earned gold, cause only advance is through items, and he can get them and i can not? can i compensate? nope, there aren't 99 levels. so this is the game where balance means the most, and there is least of it

    i'm not hating, but reacting to a pure nonsense - just because previous games had some imbalances (boring to play, btw), we shouldn't have balance now? that's your point?

    or that imbalance is unavoidable? it's nonsense, meta-game evolves all the time, and new exploits/imbalances are discovered all the time. so, game makers react to them and achieve relative balance again. it won't last or be perfect, but will be better, and sometimes weaker classes/factions/whatever are intentionally overbuffed to compensate for past. balance is dynamic thing, but it can be maintained more or less.
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