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    Quote from Tsukishima

    Well the thing about CM is that there is some randomness to it. Especially if you storm chaster.

    1. Defence. If you find your diamond skin breaking too fast, you might need more of this.
    2. Critical and attack speed. If you find you're consistently (not occasionally) unable to proc CM, you might need more of this.
    3. Damage. If you find you take too long per group, you might need more of this.
    4. LOH/Drain. This really works between the diamond skin procs but might not be needed if u can maintain near 100% diamond uptime. Its a variation of the defence attribute.

    Lastly, if you find this not being fun, you might need another build.

    I've tweak a lil and swap out some of the gears. I find that with Prismatic armor im less likely to die. I'm able to farm act 3 smoothly for now. Sometimes will die 2 or 3 times in the entire run.

    Now i feel that the speed of killing the mobs is not fast enough. I've roughly 30M of gold to spend. Any advise which i should invest on ?

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    Hi Folks

    Selling Immortal King's glove

    Looking for a reasonable offer.
    Please drop your offer here or you can drop me a PM

    +187 str
    +40 lightning Resistance
    +23 Crit Hit dmg
    +9.5 Crit hit chance
    reduce damage from melee attacks by 6%
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    1 quick question

    What happened to Adria after she released Diablo from Leah ? Is she still alive ?
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    Hi Thanks for the wonderful guide

    I've around 30M of budget as of now

    I'm in the middle of stuck and not sure which piece i should invest the most and upgrade.

    I can farm act 3 without problem with Alkaizer route sometimes will die maybe 2 or 3 times. I find that the speed of killing the mobs is somehow slow. This might due to my low dps us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Thai-1964/

    Can you advise which pcs i should upgrade and make use of the 30M budget ?

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    Quote from Eyebrows89
    For me, the biggest difference between an impossible elite group and a easy one is positioning us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Eyebrows-1495/hero/15943011 (me) I dont have good gear (only my legs are worth anything) so I tend to be quite frail But with good positioning, I can kill any elite group without dying (Looking at you Arcane Frozen Desecrator Firechain champions) -First off, Corners are your friends I repeat, Corners are your friends. Get into a corner and cast into the corner, (Most of the time) the tornadoes get caught in the corner and dont move That equals very quick kills and you can stand in almost anything and live (I have stood in 3 stacks of desecrator, 4 with Prismatic) -If there arent corners around, find a wall/edge of map/etc Although not as reliable, walls do catch the tornadoes quite well, and you do have more escape routes for if things start to go awry - Something usually more helpful is a Doorway and/or small Cooridor You stand in the doorway with mobs in the other direction This does a few things 1. Namely it draws Kite-y mobs near the doorway because they need LOS to kill you (See Fallen Mages) This makes it easier to kill the bane of the spec 2. It draws all mobs in 1 direction, so even with the random tornadoes, they still get alot of hits on the multiple mobs 3. Tornadoes do get caught in the doorways alot = very fast kills - Stairways Stairways double as a small corridor and a Z axis changer So you get all the plus's of the small corridor plus the added benefit of being able to dodge Arcane Beams if you move a little higher or lower on the staircase They make arcane enchanted mobs (one of the worst if not the worst elite affix on most mobs for this spec) quite easier as you dont have to move out of the beams so much - Teleport will save your life Need to get away from the Frozen Orb/ Molten Explosion/ Arcane Beam/ Multiple Desecrator stacks? Need to slightly reposition to get mobs in the right position? Need to run away? Aside from CM and Diamond skin (and if you arent over-geared for the content) Teleport is the only skill I'd say is mandatory for farming with a "Melee" Wizard Those tips allow me to "Farm" act 3 with a few deaths As for your gear, you could probably get some more D stats (it doesnt matter how low DPS you have if the mobs cant kill you (see my 50+ min Cydea kill back in 1.03 with 4k Damage, or my 10 min Siegebreaker kill)) Just try not to sacrifice APoC or Crit%

    Hi Thanks for the advise it's been very useful and now less likely to die.

    Quote from eple
    Try to swap out the prismatic rune for force armor, this should make you less squichy. And swap Fracture for Wormhole as you dont want mobs chasing mirrors. +you get a huge speed boost when it comes to farm efficiency. Smart positioning as EyeBrows said makes a ton of difference. Run into a corner, let em all come to you > Nova > Port into middle of herd > Gung Ho. LoH is nice, but you can manage very well with just a little bit of it. - Use atleast 2 items with AP on Crit. (Helm+OH, 1k+dps weaps with IAS/Crit X/APoC is expensive) - Buy a cheap Storm Crow helmet, gives enough LoH so you can use a 1k+dps weapon w/o LoH. - add IAS, and more IAS on other gear. - Then add more Crit chance > Crit damage for dps, or @res for survivability. Dont be afraid of getting a couple 100's of DEX either to get your dodge up abit.

    Hi first of all thanks for the advise
    The smart positioning that eyebrows said is very helpful and i don't KO that often after pulling them to a corner.
    I received mix suggestion that ask me to swap for prismatic for force and some ask me to use force instead of prismatic. I'm lil bit confuse now. I read that if AR is below 400 it;s better to go with force.

    I've around 42 crit chance now + scoundrel. should i aim for higher?
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    Hi All

    I've completed Inferno in coop mode and able to farm act 1 act 2 smoothly ( sometimes a couples of dead in act 2) but when come to act 3 I keep dying in elites and champion packs.

    Can you guys suggest what should I upgrade base on my current build. I swap my 1k main hand weapon to a LOH weapon to keep myself alive but many times those elites will still kill me in few sec.

    Here's my profile
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