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    Where "Should" D3 be ?? I don't really understand what is WRONG with it and I would like honest feedback on this tbh. When I play for the hours and hours that I do im never sat there thinking "Well thats fucking stupid, they should change that" NOT ONCE. The game offers amazingly poor drop rates but what do you expect ? This is a game about finding gear ? I expect it to take months and months to be the best geared possible. My wizard is a little over a month old and I have Plvl77 300k DPS buffed and 450mill in the bank. I imagine myself to be hitting 4 - 500k DPS in a few months time with billions of gold.
    Im so confused when people say it needs work still, still not good enough, not where I want it. Are these people just spoilt babies who are used to pointing at things and getting them or what ?

    Its not an MMO like wow where you get the best gear and in a few months a patch releases with a new tier. The current content has to last 2 - 3 years (My own guesstimate). Imagine if you got an upgrade EVERY session you played. The game wouldnt last very long at all and the developers dont want people finishing in a few months. Unless you use ££££ ofc then whatevs, they make money lol.

    Just a topic spun from seeing an amazing amount of haters/complainers. Fire away.
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