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    posted a message on COTA World Record by Quantum Warriors: 4.600.032.586 XP PER HOUR
    one word comes in mind: boring...
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    posted a message on Co-Op: Too Strong
    I think the game is more solo-based now then before the patch, since all stuff is BoA and the limited trading window, so you will mostly play solo/selffound mode. I like playing solo much better then group play, not because of the efficiency xp/hr etc. but more from the fact:

    • i can play it at my own pace, if you want to do keeps then you do that without doing something all ppl want to do
    • if i want a (small) break / get some coffee / toilet visit etc. i can do it when i want to, not disturbing anyone
    • What you find is what you get, what will you do if you are a Demon Hunter and play with 2 monks and an inna's set gear drops, who are you going to give it too without disappointing someone?
    • No fuss or rush feeling when someone is slower then you or doesn't use party buffs etc.
    • etc.
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    posted a message on Anybody taking off Mach 25th ?
    Quote from Batmanzorz

    I took in the same fear of the vanilla launch, so I just request off the 26th-28th. That way I can not miss work on launch and still play the amount of time I want that night. Even though I doubt i'll be able to focus my days at work on the 24th and 25th.:P
    this is the same for me :D
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    posted a message on How to get ROS expansion cheaper in EU
    I think you can't use iDeal that way? So doesn't change a thing for me since i'm using iDeal to pay
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    posted a message on Legendary crafting materials.
    I think they will be the most powerfull items you can get / craft, why else would you do all the trouble getting all the materials to make even one?
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 Mixed Emotions
    don't forget the set items, i would love to have the new inna's set again on my monk :D

    and there more nice rare stuff in slots like ring / amulets / bracers / gloves / shoulders / follower items / some weapons
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    posted a message on 2.01 monk builds
    Well i'm using this build now:

    Since i'm focust on lightning damage i wanna know if their better solutions?
    My gear is based on good echo fury + WKL with life on hit, and i like speed the most.
    And also an inna's set user.

    The new serenity is very nice with the damage burst every sec. when you use it, very nice skill to do a lot of AoE damage
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    posted a message on How to fix D3 PVP in 1 Easy Patch

    instead of nerfing to be able to PvP, do it different.

    Buff the HP with like 100x, don't nerf any skill whatsever. Bring a debuff before to all starting in the arena and for example lock the chosen skills.
    Create PvP shrines, like phys-immune for 10 sec. / life regen 20k per sec for 10 sec etc. and make breakable objects and such (think about the anti-rush boulders in sc2)

    This is far easier to make and needs no balance or a lot of blizz work, it also gives some tactics and skill
    it just needs to be much less work for blizz otherwise they will never intergrate PvP at all

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    posted a message on Magic Find in RoS
    well what i'm missing in this post is the droprates
    MF is only important if there is a good value on droprates, if for example legendary drop chance is 0,01% an increase of 300%MF making it 0,03% is still a very small chance.
    But if it is values like 1% vs 3% then it's a huge difference....
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    posted a message on Where is the new forum?
    or some (like me) don't have any useful things to say :kitty:
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    posted a message on Why farm higher MPs?
    Quote from m4st0d0n

    Why farm higher MPs?

    For loot.

    Many people don't realize the great synergy between MF and MP Bonus Item mechanics in this thread.

    - Bonus Item Chance applies to every drop from white monsters. Potions, gold, tomes, gems, everything (except Health Globes). Meaning you have a chance for an extra item drop (armor, jewelry, weapon) every time something drops!
    - MF affects every item drop
    - White monsters' legendary drop chance is doubled in 1.05
    - Profit!

    I can't quantify how much more gear will drop without the exact drop table, but based on my logs, on MP0 I get 1 legendary every 3 act 3 runs, while on MP3 I usually get 2 legendaries every run (my MF is capped). So yeah, you'll get significantly more good quality loot on higher MPs. But you still have to tune your sweet spot. Log loot on each MP you feel comfortable to farm, and see where do you get the highest legendary/hour number.

    so true, that's why i find most legendary's from just normal white mobs insteads of elites/bosses and i farm at MP3 (my sweet spot)
    still killing fast, still some challenge, still enjoyable and less boring
    haven't invested all those millions in better gear to keep just face rollings mobs in MP0, otherwise what's the point to get better and get more dps etc. ? then i better could stick with complete MF gear less DPS and MP0 runs.. till bored to death
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    posted a message on WTS/WTT trifecta dex / fire res. amulet
    topic closed
    i will use it myself till i find a lightning res. one B)
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    posted a message on If one shoting gets fixed
    if i remember thorns was a killer in D2 PvP, so if you staking "melee attacker takes damage per hit" as a DH/Wiz/WD with freezing/major slow down skills then can just beat everyone. I think gear with that stat is totally not used atm but will be in PvP B)
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    posted a message on Won Khim Lau stats priority order

    finally managed to get one (for 12 mill.) works great :Thumbs Up:
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    posted a message on How much HP does a monk need? ratio v.s. MP level
    Quote from thundersteele

    The concept of EHP is rather simple. Essentially it measures how much incoming damage you can survive without any healing.

    Assume a mob hits you for 100k each swing. Say you have 50% damage reduction from armor and 60% from resists. Then the damage you actually take is:
    100k * 0.5 * 0.4 = 20k
    Now if you had 40k health, you could (barely) survive two swings, so your "effective health" would be 200k. This is a bit simplified, but that's the idea behind EHP. You can check your unbuffed EHP by loading your character into diabloprogress.com

    So, how much do you need? Honestly I don't know, it also depends on your regeneration and skills. But as a simple guideline, for farming:
    "Enough so that you never, ever, die"

    PS: Also, for farming, unless you have DPS above 200k, higher than MP2 is not efficient. It might be more fun, so that's another factor, but in terms of efficiency, MP0-1 wins for most.
    tnx for the explanation, got around ~95K DPS unbuffed and yeah i need a bit of a challenge to keep me on my guard and also having more fun farming then, so i use MP3 also for the extra loot drop chance. Trash mobs die in 1-2 hits and elites cost like 10-20 sec. or so, so the pace feels good. If i go farm on MP0/1 i will almost fall asleep, so that's not working well ;)

    Just invested in some AR ~600 now, armor with seize ~4600 and ~35k HP now and it already feels more survivable
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