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    He cheated because he doesn't like the game. He feels forced to playing it. He streamed the cheat because he's an attention seeking person. He was banned, while others were rolled back, because he streamed it and encourage others to do the same cheat(this is Blizzards biggest no no).

    I only have one question regarding this whole thing. Why isn't he banned from Twitch.tv?

    Cheating is never acceptable in life. Maybe when you all grow older and maturer you'll learn that cheating is bad and those who cheat should be punished appropriately.

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    Quote from zabandy»

    im surprised it took blizzard a week to fix it, it was reported multiple times
    but about mannercookie yea i know he was exploiting and streaming it but he i dont think the ban was necessary. If you actually watched his stream he was testing how fast someone could get full ancient gear he even made a new toon so it wouldnt affect what he is actually playing. He kept all the mats and everything he gained from that exploit on that toon and once he had his fun he was going to delete it. its not like he was doing it to get perfect gear to push grifts or anything like the rest of them were.

    Doesn't matter if he did it with good intentions. He was exploiting and promoting it on stream. That's bannable by both Twitch and Blizzard. He's lucky he can even stream after that shit.

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    Quote from Autocthon»

    Last season myself and many of the players I played with received boon from GRs before we ever found a vault.

    Yes, but they changed it this season.

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    posted a message on Builds for Monks after 2.1? (armor from dex, OWE down to 30%)
    Quote from Kilo55555
    Are people not seeing this section:

    A major change is coming to Dexterity to benefit Demon Hunters and Monks. Each point of Dexterity will grant 1 point of Armor instead of Dodge chance.
    EDIT: You mean you'll probably keep using STI as it will do something else?
    No, they're saying that it's changing to something else, and what we will use is still up in the air. Wait for what they'll become before discussing or theorycrafting, IMO.
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    You play ladder for competition, the ladder only items, and/or you like starting fresh characters(fresh paragon). I enjoy the ladder only stuff and starting fresh.
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    Quote from ruksak

    Itemization in D3 revolves around tough choices. The longer I play, the more I see how deep some of these choices run. Still much to do IMO to create dynamic itemization.

    The changes you speak of were done to move people away from crit and have them consider non-sheet DPS options such as +% ele damage, CDR, RCR and AD.
    This; although, it's a shame that it takes hundreds of hours and an immense amount of luck to see those choices.
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    Quote from Cncr

    Ctrl before you SS dammit!
    It's pretty easy to know what the max stats are for items.

    +(981–1199)–(1175–1490) weapon damage.

    10% is the max roll you can get for % damage affix.

    750 stat is the max you can get for intelligence.

    15 arcane power is the max.

    Godly means perfect or damn near perfect. Missing that much intelligence and no cooldown reduction makes it not godly. But, it is a damn good wand.
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    posted a message on Your take on ladder-only items?
    Quote from Emmo
    Quote from entro

    i think its a great way to introduce new items to the game over time, assuming after a season ends the 'ladder only' items go into the regular item pool while a new season would come with new stuff
    But what's stopping them from just adding a new pool of items whenever they feel like it, to everyone? They don't need an arbitrary system in place to facilitate it.
    It's fun for many people to start fresh and race to the best items. But, I do see what you're saying. They need to have an incentive to stay active on normal, for people who don't like the idea of ladder. They need to have ladder-only legendaries as well. Otherwise it will just be a ranking system that very few people will use.

    I 100% back them on adding ladder.
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    Quote from MightyWizard8

    It's not a bug.... frenzy has a 75% proc chance and weapon throw has 100%....
    This. It's just how proc coefficients work with those skills.

    The way Blizzard addressed shard of hate is that the proc of the weapon is effected by the coefficients of the skills. This isn't a bug.
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    posted a message on Why are we forced to play rift ?
    In order to open a rift you need to do bounties, and in order to close the rift you need to either leave game or kill the rift boss. You cannot farm rift chests very easily. Rifts are a good balance of what the game is supposed to be.
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    posted a message on Farming Treasure Goblins on Console
    Do the vault of assassins in act 2. Lots of elite packs, so a decent chance to get a goblin. Can clear the whole thing in minutes.
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    posted a message on Addressing Security Issues, AH Exploits Still Under Review, Preparing for D3's First Anniversary, ZzEzZ's Proc Coefficient List,
    Quote from BaronVonBeef

    Quote from OnTwoFronts

    Do people STILL think this is an MMO and it's going to get new content on the scale that WoW does, or even close to it? Not happening. We'll get an expansion and we'll get small things to do added every now and then. Pretty much everyone that played D2 knew this going into the game.
    As soon as Blizz decided to give D3 online only DRM they forced themselves to carry on supporting the game, if they allowed offline games & modding this wouldn't be a problem.

    Until then it might be best to keep your mouth shut, defending Blizzard at this point is pathetic to say the least.

    Pathetic? How about realistic. This isn't an MMORPG where you get constant updates to the game every month. Hell, even the top MMORPG's don't get updates once a month. Being online only has nothing to do with their obligation to constantly update. They made it clear that they will update the game regardless of the online thing. Look at Diablo, Diablo2, warcraft2, warcraft3, and starcraft. All of those got updates after release even though they didn't have to.
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    posted a message on Addressing Security Issues, AH Exploits Still Under Review, Preparing for D3's First Anniversary, ZzEzZ's Proc Coefficient List,
    Quote from Rhye

    I find it hilarious that they celebrate the games first year live, and at the same time talk about security issues and AH exploits. That's something they should have been done with 1 month into the game. Also, I really thought we'd have some kind of random dungeon generator or custom maps by now. Maybe some kind of survival mode or a few more uberbosses.

    Nono, it's all about "finding players near you" and "now you can have a message next to your name to broadcast to all your friends". Stop making this game into facebook and give us some content :S

    It's so easy to whine and complain about it. Where is your constructive criticism? Security issues are ALWAYS going to be coming up, as NOTHING is truly secure. Games get bugs when new content patches are introduced. They are adding new content, but it costs money and takes a lot of time.You seem like a spoiled child that isn't getting his/her way, so you just whine and complain about it instead of realizing that they are trying their best. I feel sorry for your parents.
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    posted a message on Developer Journal: Itemization Update
    Quote from maka

    Quote from reclaimer3235

    Eat it haters, Even more soild stuff coming to D3. Like i said at the very start. Rome wasnt built in a day, D2 sucked intill LoD came out for it, It took WoW 7 years but they finally got transmog. I dont get where people think games are going to be perfect at launch. Nice to see i was right again, but hey thats allways for me :)

    Hell, I don't know, maybe because people expect to pay for a finished product, and not have a company use its customers as beta testers, especially when they DID have a beta (which only went to lvl13 but that was THEIR choice) and supposedly had internal testing.
    Yeah....people and their weird concepts of finished products.....

    Let it be a lesson to all game companies: if you truly want to test your game before launching it (and not just say that you tested it), hire some hardcore gamers, give them a couple of months to play the game to the max, make them write down every single little thing wrong with it, make them sign NDA's, then fix the damn thing. And THEN release it.

    What? Most of the hardcore gamers I know loved Diablo3 at launch because it was hard to get what you wanted done(time investment, difficulty, etc...). Sure, there are some terrible ideas that were implemented, but that doesn't make the game terrible or unfinished. The launch for Diablo3 was a completed project... The only thing wrong with it was that casuals didn't like it, and since the majority of gamers are casual the game suffered.

    Note: Casual and hardcore have different meanings for different people... Hardcore means you play a lot, and casual means you play very little (this is my opinion of the meanings). But, casuals can like having a challenge, and hardcore players can dislike challenge. It's all about the gamer, and no one is the same.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Blog on Class Changes Coming, PTR Download Button Active On Launcher, Blue Posts, Curse Weekly Roundup
    Quote from von_Oberstain

    each time cookie-cutter strategy gets nerfed by blizzard, a kitty dies!

    so they usually left them be...

    WW barbarians can be rest assured their precious, 15-years-old cookie will remain main playstyle forever. be sure not to try anything else, cause it's so fun...

    (coming from a diablo1 player who played many many barbarians, some of them WW)

    seriously, i'll be pleasantly surprised if WW gets nerfed (OR other playstyles brought to same level of efficiency), but blizzard tends to avoid changing the obvious culprits IF they are popular (look at wc3 - BM, DH, DK/Lich and AM were changed... well never, even when obviously being cookies and overpowered... for years)

    i would be indifferent to whole stuff, if only my gear wouldn't mainly coming from AH, collected by *someone* who has a *certain skills* that allow him to farm while power-leveling where i can't - basically, i feed that *someone* through my own farming - so it kinda matters

    All of the heroes you mentioned did recieve a nerf/buff at one time or another. WoW has "flavor of the month" classes that gets adjusted as well. Just because it's popular doesn't make it immune to nerfs or buffs.

    I can see the Sprint: Run Like the Wind rune for barbarians being nerfed. Possibly a nerf to it's proc rate to either remove it or to make it weaker. Wizards had their proc rate on Energy Twister lowered, Demon Hunters had their proc rate on Caltrops completely removed.
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