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    I have to very strongly disagree with your post about Tal's 4 set bonus specifically. For YOU, it may be cosmetic. But for ME, I do run a meteor build and it works with tals quite well. +30% meteor damage + max damage % bonus to any of the 4 elements will result in main element hitting for 35m + 2m per seconddot for 3 seconds (unless lightning then 8 seconds). The other 3 meteors hit for 15m with 1m per second dot for 3 seconds (except fire which has lower damage over time than the other 3 but hits more times for 6-7m). So lets just do some fun math. For 0 arcane power, every 8 seconds I can do 100m damage to any enemies in the group. Then factor in the utities which you failed to mention comets. Comet has a 20% chance to freeze, and a 100% chnce to slow. Lightning bind has a % chance based on ur crit to immobilize all mobs for 8 seconds. The other 2 runes are just pure damage. Then we add in the 3 piece bonus, +100 all res and AP regen. Then +5% damage for the 2 piece bonus. This set is a power house in torment 6, you just have to learn how to use it.

    Even subtracting 30% meteor damage if you don't want to focus on those drops, you still would be getting a total of 60-75m free are ofeffectdamage every 8 seconds. I would love for you to convince me that this set is useless and used only because we cant equip something else. Also you described Archon as the only damage dealing skill. Credibility for your whole analysis is a out the window on that one. And, to make matters worse, Blizzard has already stated numerous times that class buffs are on the way as well as buffs to class sets. So I fail to see the point of your entire, mostly inaccurate, rant.
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    Quote from PhDeath
    Truth be told I find macro's to be a grey area, a good ol' twilight zone of moral ambiguity. On the one hand I respect that third party software should never be used in an ideal situation. On the other hand, anyone who's ever played the old SNS/CMWW wizard builds, or current WoW EB builds can attest that playing without a macro becomes increasingly frustrating, and even a painful experience.

    So tl:dr, if there weren't any builds that'd "need" macro's in order to be played effectively, I'd say full ban on macro software. Until then I hope Blizzard condones it so that people can actually properly play and enjoy builds that Blizzard created. Or they could always implement a system that'd remove any need for clicking three buttons at a time ten times per second.
    I have to point out, that your TLDR is as long as your text before it.... sooooooooo what gives dude?

    I support banning botters. However, I am not upset about it because the current implementation of ROS, no one elses gear really affects me too much/
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    Yes, we will get right on that sir. And as a reminder to all:

    We here at Blizzard's Diablofans division, read all feed back and talk it over with the developer team. If we like your suggestion, we add it to the game. So keep the great ideas coming, right here at our diablofans landing page.
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