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    My main non-seasonal is a Barbarian and my main seasonal is a Monk, although I've played all classes, less so on Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter. Nonetheless, I'm going to hit all the legendary items in the game that either don't have something unique about them, or should receive some love to what they have. I'm familiar enough with the classes I don't play to make some borderline suggestions, but forgive me if I miss some aspects ;-)

    Blind Faith
    20-40% Chance to Blind on Hit. Each blinded enemy within 25 yards reduces your damage taken by 12%.

    Deathseer's Cowl
    15-20% chance on being hit by an Undead enemy to charm it for 2 seconds. Charmed enemies take 200% more damage.

    Mempo of Twilight
    Chance on hit to increase Attack Speed by 20% for 2 seconds.

    The Helm of Rule
    Chance on being hit to increase Block Chance by 15% for 2 seconds.

    See No Evil
    Blinding Flash gains the effect of every rune.

    Erlang Shen
    Chance on hit to summon a random Mystic Ally to fight by your side for 15 seconds.

    Bezoar Stone
    Inner Sanctuary's circle of protection now follows you.

    The Eye of the Storm
    Fists of Thunder's third hit also casts Cyclone Strike.

    Split Tusk
    Your Zombie Dogs have a 5-10% chance to stun enemies they hit.

    Chance on being hit to summon a Globe of Annihilation at your location for [1000-1500%] weapon damage as Fire.

    Tyrael's Might
    +10-20% Damage to Demons. Demons that attack you have their Attack Speed and Damage reduced by 50%.

    Mantle of the Rydraelm
    When you take more than 15% of your maximum Life in damage within 1 second, your resistances to Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, and Arcane are increased by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times.

    Lacuni Prowlers
    Chance on hit to increase Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 10-15% for 2 seconds.

    Kethryes' Splint
    Chance on being hit to reduce damage from ranged attacks by 50% for 2 seconds.

    Stone Gauntlets
    Immobilized enemies take 20% more damage from all sources.

    Penders Purchase
    Chance on hit to increase the damage of your followers by 1000% for 5 seconds.

    Vigilante Belt
    Chance on being hit to reduce the cooldown of all skills by 50% for 2-3 seconds.

    Saffron Wrap
    Reduce the remaining cooldown of all skills by 4-6 seconds when hit by a control-impairing effect.

    Hellcat Waistguard
    Chance on killing a Demon to release an explosion that deals 1200-1400% weapon damage as Holy to enemies within 10 yards.

    The Witching Hour
    Increases the Critical Hit Damage of Weapon Throw, Justice, Grenade, Deadly Reach, Magic Missile, and Firebomb by 100-150%.

    Fleeting Strap
    While below 20% Life, your Movement Speed and Attack Speed are increased by 15%.

    Girdle of Giants
    Wrath of the Berserker gains the effect of the Striding Giant rune.

    Kotuur's Brace
    Each enemy affected by your Threatening Shout increases your Critical Hit Damage by 10-15%.

    Skelon's Deceit
    When receiving fatal damage, there is a chance you instead heal to full but lose 20% of your life per second until you die. While awaiting death, increase all damage by 200%.

    Board Walkers
    Effects that would slow your movement speed instead increase your movement speed by the same amount.

    Squirt's Necklace
    Whenever you pick up gold, your Gold Find is increased by 7-10% for 3 seconds.

    Golden Gorget of Leoric
    After earning a massacre bonus, 4-6 Skeletons are summoned to fight by your side for 20 seconds. Each Skeleton deals 100% Weapon Damage as Physical per second.

    Rondal's Locket
    Whenever you pick up a Health Globe, there is a chance it will split into two additional Health Globes.

    Holy Beacon
    Heaven's Fury heals you for 3% of your Maximum Life for each enemy hit.

    The Flavor of Time
    Chance on being hit to reduce the remaining cooldown of your abilities by 3-5 seconds.

    When you run out of Fury, your next Overpower deals 150-200% increased damage.
    When you run out of Wrath, your next Heaven's Fury deals 150-200% increased damage.
    When you run out of Hatred, your next Cluster Arrow deals 150-200% increased damage.
    When you run out of Spirit, your next Cyclone Strike deals 150-200% increased damage.
    When you run out of Mana, your next Wall of Death deals 150-200% increased damage.
    When you run out of Arcane Power, your next Black hole deals 150-200% increased damage.

    Manald Heal
    Whenever you would take damage that would reduce your life below 10-15%, reduce that damage and all further damage taken by 75% for 4 seconds.

    Leoric's Signet
    Each enemy killed increases your Experience bonus by 1-3% (0.1-0.3% at level 70) for 3 seconds.

    Stone of Jordan
    Whenever you kill an Elite group, gain one of their abilities for 5-10 seconds.

    This shield occasionally pulses with lightning, stunning all enemies within 10 yards for 1-1.5 seconds.

    Gazing Demise
    Horrify gains the effect of the Face of Death rune.

    Hex no longer has a cooldown, but its mana cost is increased to 300.

    Fletcher's Pride
    Hungering Arrow has a 100% chance to pierce.

    Holy Point Shot
    Marked for Death gains the effect of the Death Toll rune.

    Archfiend Arrows
    Chance on killing a demon to heal for 10% of your maximum Life.

    Hand of the Prophet / Ribald Etchings / Relic of Akarat
    Equip on Follower: Your follower cannot die and gains access to all skills.

    Smoking Thurible / Skeleton Key / Enchanting Favor
    Equip on Follower: Your follower cannot die and gains 100-200% increased damage.

    Vadim's Surge / Slipha's Letter Opener / Hillenbrand's Training Sword
    Equip on Follower: Your follower cannot die and reduces the cooldown of all Follower skills by 50%.

    Flesh Tearer
    Increase all Bleed damage by 100-150%.

    Utar's Roar
    Cold skills have a chance to permanently freeze lesser enemies.

    The Barber
    When your Rend hits 3 or fewer enemies, it gains 100% Critical Hit Chance.

    Mad Monarch's Scepter
    After killing 10 enemies, you release a Poison Nova that deals 2500-4000% weapon damage as Poison to enemies within 30 yards.

    Revenge gains the effect of every rune.

    Telranden's Hand
    When your Fist of the Heavens hits 3 or fewer enemies, it has a chance to activate the effect of all runes for 10 seconds.

    Your Thorns damage is increased by 200% of your highest Resistance.

    Chance on hit to stun lesser enemies for 10 seconds.

    Echoing Fury
    Increase damage against enemies that are Feared by 100-120%.

    Sun Keeper
    When your Sacrifice hits 3 or fewer enemies, your next Sacrifice deals 400% increased damage.

    Fire skills have a chance to cause enemies to burn for 3000% weapon damage as fire over 9 seconds.

    Empyrean Messenger
    The first time an elite pack damages you, heal yourself to full.

    Akanesh, the Herald of Righteousness
    Slash causes enemies to Bleed for 200% of Thorns damage per second for 7-10 seconds.

    Monster Hunter
    Chance on being hit to increase Armor, Attack Speed, and Damage by 10-15% for 5 seconds.

    Chance on taking Poison damage to increase your Resistance to Poison by 100% for 10 seconds.

    10% chance on hit to instantly deal 10000% weapon damage as Physical to lesser enemies.

    The Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis
    An unspeakable power occasionally emanates from this sword dealing 1500% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies within 20 yards and restoring 1% of your primary resource for each enemy hit.

    After killing an Elite pack, increase your Movement Speed by 10% and Life per Second by 20,000 for 2-4 Seconds.

    Gift of Silaria
    When you take more than 15% of your maximum Life in damage within 1 second, increase your Chance to Dodge by 25-35% for 5 seconds.

    Devil Tongue
    Chance on killing a Demon to cause an explosion of gold.

    Griswold's Perfection
    Reduce all resource costs and cooldown of all skills by 5%.

    Living Umbral Oath
    Reduce the cooldown of Spirit Walk by 1 second.

    Rabid Strike
    Way of the Hundred Fists gains the effect of the Assimilation rune.

    Crippling Wave gains the effect of the Mangle rune.

    Sledge Fist
    Deadly Reach gains the effect of the Scattered Blows rune.

    Logan's Claw
    Chance on hit to increase Physical Damage and Life Per Second by 20-30% for 5 seconds. Your items are indestructible.

    Won Khim Lau
    Using Breath of Heaven also casts Inner Sanctuary.

    Demon Claw
    Wave of Light deals 100-150% increased damage against Demons.

    Ambo's Pride
    You gain the effect of the Weapons Master skill.

    Night's Reaping
    Cleave gains the effect of the Reaping Swing rune.

    The Executioner
    You deal 300% additional damage to enemies below 10-15% health.

    Messerschmidt's Reaver
    Chance on hit to engulf all enemies within 30 yards for 1000-1500% weapon damage as Fire and cause them to burn for an additional 3000% weapon damage as Fire over 10 seconds.

    Chance on being hit to reflect all damage taken for 1-1.5 seconds to all enemies within 10 yards.

    Arthef's Spark of Life
    Heal for 3-4% of your missing Life when you kill an Undead enemy. Undead enemies have a 10% additional chance to drop a Health Globe.

    Reduce the remaining cooldown of Overpower by 4-5 seconds if it only hits one enemy.

    Wrath of the Bone King
    Chance on hit to march forward with swinging strikes for 1800% weapon damage as Cold over 3 seconds. While channeling, you are immune to all damage and all control impairing effects.

    Sledge of Athskeleng
    Chance on hit to increase Armor by 20-30% and knock enemies back.

    Pledge of Caldeum
    Enemies that attack you are Immobilized for 2-3 seconds. Enemies cannot be Immobilized by Pledge of Caldeum more than once every 10 seconds.

    Heart Slaughter
    Critical hits slow enemy Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 10-15% for 2 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

    The Broken Staff
    Storm Armor gains the effect of every rune.

    Mark of the Magi
    Magic Weapon gains the effect of the Force Weapon rune.

    Faithful Memory
    Whenever you kill an enemy, all damage dealt against the same enemy type is increased by 100% for 3-5 seconds.

    The Zweihander
    As long as there are 3 or more Elite enemies within 15 yards, all damage is increased by 75-100%.

    Chance on hit to cause your next attack to deal an additional 20-30% damage to all enemies within 10 yards.

    The Sultan of Blinding Sand
    Enemies you Blind take 10% increased damage from all sources for the duration of the Blind.

    The Grandfather
    Your Vitality is increased by 20-30% of your Dexterity, Intelligence, or Strength, whichever is highest.

    Your Physical skills deal 3-4% more damage for each enemy within 10 yards.

    1.5-2.5% chance on hit to cause your attacks to restore 3% of your Maximum Life for 2 seconds.

    When a nearby ally receives fatal damage, there is a chance that they instead become immune and redirect all damage to you for 2 seconds.

    Enemies hit by knockbacks are slowed by 60-80% for 3 seconds when they land.

    Sydyru Crust
    Whenever you kill a Demon, your Attack Speed is increased by 3% for 10 seconds.

    Unbound Bolt
    Generate 1 Hatred for each enemy Hungering Arrow pierces.

    Bakkan Caster
    Preparation gains the effect of the Backup Plan rune.

    Arcane Barb
    Cluster Arrow deals an additional 50% damage if it only hits one enemy.

    Balefire Caster
    Double the number of Grenade impacts.

    Impale gains the effect of the Impact rune.

    Blackhand Key
    Your Arcane skills occasionally restore 7-10 Arcane Power.

    Meteor deals an additional 150-200% damage as Arcane when it only hits one enemy.

    Familiar gains the effect of the Sparkflint rune.

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    Better get my tinfoil hat for this...

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    Blizzard doesn't need to change anything. It was a completely fair death on the basis that, at some point in continuing to climb the greater rift ladder, you will encounter mobs that have extremely punishing moves. Would that charge have killed you on GR40? Or 35? Or 30? If Blizzard "fixed" it, what level of GR would you expect to die on from an instant charge?
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    Quote from Improstor
    I would say most people hating eventually see these barbs (Dutch and Buleh) are insanely skilled Raekor users.

    This is just general depression of how these rifts are done..

    I salute for perfect Raekor usage! I cry for stupidity of Blizzard Density/Pylons idea.
    My playstyle certainly changed after I completed my Raekor set. I have a number of Vile Wards as well, but I don't use them. On higher rift difficulties it would be necessary, but I only do sub-30 grifts at the moment. In the 26-29 range, you don't really need Vile Ward. My charges already crit for 20 million, and if it's a group I can spam it against, they're going to die in a few seconds anyway. If it's a yellow champion (which a lot of people skip at higher rifts apparently), then the minions will die from charge spam, leaving only the champion, at which point the vile ward bonus is useless.

    Another reason I don't use Vile Ward is because I use Immortal King. My ancients do a pretty hefty sum of my damage, especially in areas where I can't stand because of the high damage.

    Essentially then it becomes a playstyle comparison -- I like Raekor, but I like Immortal King and Maximus as well. I won't sacrifice the latter two for cooldown reduction so I can ascend higher, that doesn't seem like fun to me. Ancients and fire chain is fun to me. And obivously Buleh had a lot of fun (I hope) with his own build (or rather, jd_dutch_freak).

    I find it kind of humorous when people think they're the first to come up with an idea though. In this case, Buleh saying he dropped Frenzy after watching Dutch. My primary attack has been Furious Charge for months, with Whirlwind being my secondary attack. Of course, no one is going to give me credit for it, but assigning these revelations to certain people seems foolish to me. I dislike this idea of being a 'spotlight' in the community. Pretty much anything someone has thought up, someone else has been doing it first, they just aren't necessarily ranked 1. They aren't here stroking their ego.
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    Skills that do damage based on your block chance look at your total block chance, not your shield's block chance. The passive that increases your armor by your shield block chance uses only your shield's block chance: note the possessive. Divine Fortress won't increase your armor if you use Punish to get 15% more block or Hold Your Ground for 15%. It will increase if you add 10% block affix to your shield.
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    ITT: People who want others to know just how much they don't care that someone else is doing something. Athene, a character mind you -- he isn't really like that -- did something. Don't enjoy it? Don't watch it. What are you accomplishing by whining about any of it? Who cares how easy or hard it is or how much time it took? It doesn't affect you. And I get a real kick out of the guy saying he's never going to visit diablofans again because of this video being posted. My god you must go through life constantly being disappointed. "What? That maniac is driving on the road!? I'll never drive on this road again!" -- "What?! This TV station is playing that crappy movie? I'll never watch this station again!"
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    Quote from ErlendOlsen

    I wish blizzard would give us more MPL levels to play with, instead they are nerfing the endgame unneeded.

    You are one of several millions of players, and of those players, far less than 1% have the gear you have. For the other 99.9% of other players, monster power is absolutely fine where it is. Asking for it to be adjusted further so you can feel a challenge on a character you have literally "maxed out" is pretty silly. Start a new character on hardcore and do MP10 the whole way through if you're looking for a challenge.
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