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    Before looking into your gear, I would highly recommend you to drop Vengeance and Night Stalker in favour of Archery and Steady Aim, both of which will boost your dps significantly, with your current crit chance, Night Stalker isn't that effective, and imo Vengeance is a waste.

    Secondly, I would consider dropping either Multi-shot or Ball Lightning, they both serve one purpose, AOE damage, so I think one is sufficient, you can instead substitute in traps, cluster arrow, ss, bat depending on your playstyle.

    Gear wise, I don't know much about the US market at the moment, but one thing I would suggest changing is your chest and replace one with 10disc if possible, that will help a ton :) And try to find some crit in your gear especially when you don't run with Sharpshooter.

    Have fun farming~
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    Quote from xebrec

    Just some noob passing through:
    Isn't playing with a crossbow with natural low atk spd irritating? Cuz that's one of the reasons why i'm not buying a crossbow
    (using a bow atm)

    (Ow and one more thing, is it smart to invest in high crit dmg when your crt chance is still low?)

    That's pretty much a personal choice, 2h xbow packs the most punch so to speak, but obviously with a very slow attack speed, whereas I use 2x 1h xbow for faster attack, better hatred regen, and given enough critical damage, you will see some very pretty numbers :>
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