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    "So, are we to depart soon? Or do we have unfinished business here that needs to be tended to? "

    "We are leaving." Buliwyf said sternly. He issued the command to move out to the Knights of the Burning Blade and they made their way back to Tappas.

    The road back to Tappas was nothing more than a beaten track. It wove in and out between the tall trees. The breeze through the trees was refreshing, and the smell of the pines was a welcomed change from the blood and sweat of the battlefield.

    "So many great warriors have walked this road." Buliwyf thought to himself. "And now I walk this road."

    Buliwyf rubbed his shoulder wound.

    "Still hurts." He said to himself.
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    Everyone is using the carbon fibre lay out for the site? I.E the one with the black background.

    Otherwise some text might be a little hard to see. And that could get annoying.

    If there is no issues, Ill probably be going with white from now on.
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    Just noticed how Stormcat quoted Ullion in one of her posts (Using the colour Ullion chose when she quoted him), and it made it incredibly easy to see their conversation.

    Pretty it would do that is she copy pasted the text she wanted to refer to as it was coloured.

    But yeah its a good idea.
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    These mostly feature Nyhm

    Just to OP (Ridin' Dirrty Chamillionare)

    Hard Like Heroic (Bad Touch -Bloodhound Gang)

    Just Loot it (Just Loose It - Eminem)

    Death Knight Spree (Without Me - Eminem)

    Hi My Name is (Hi My Name is)

    And the one You have no doubt seen.

    M.A.G.E (P.I.M.P - 50 Cent)

    Few Nyhm collaberations.

    What's the Difference

    Pwnage Like Us

    And here is some good lo' ETC.

    I am Murloc

    Rogues Do it From Behind

    Storm Earth and Fire (Power of the Horde)

    There are also a few that people have made where they substitute ETC for a real band, and don't change the lyrics.

    My fav is probably For whom the bell tolls

    Got any favs, why not post em up.
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    "We are returning to Tappas." Buliwyf said as he emerged from the medical tent. "Gather your belongings and dowse those fires. You are tired, wounded, hungry, and some of you have families waiting for them, I will not keep you from them any longer than I must."

    Buliwyf walked naught but a few steps from the tent before dropping to one knee. Using his sword he stood himself up again and insured everyone he was alright. He apporached his war steed, placed one hand on the saddle and with the other ruffled the horse's mane a little. He saddled up and paced about for a few minutes before pulling back on the reins, causing the horse to stand on it's hind legs.

    "Perhaps if we are lucky we can go a day or two before we see battle again." he thought to himself. "But first things first. those bastards had better pay up."
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    Buliwyf lay awke in his bed reflecting on his dream.

    "A vision of things to come?" he thought to himself. "Is a dream just a dream?"

    He sat up and rubbed his hand over the wound on his shoulder.

    "Still hurts" he said.

    Buliwyf made his way over to his armor and began the process of fitting it. Due to his shoulder injury it took a little longer and was more awkward to maneuver. He reached for his sword.

    "So many battles. About time I got a new one." he said holding it out in front of him. "First thing I shall spend my cut on then I suppose."
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    Yeah we could look into that.
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    Bout the only other one I can think of is

    /players #

    The little command that makes a Single Player game as hard as a multiplayer game of how ever many players (#) you set it to. 1 being the default and 8 being the hardest setting.

    Raising the number of players, thus raising the difficulty, also raises the experience gained.
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    Buliwyf tossed and turned in his bed. His body was like it was on fire.

    "Where am I?" he asked himself looking around to see nothing but darkness. Soon the darkness gave way to a beam of light eminating from a castle in the distance.

    "What is this? A castle?" he said as he made his way towards it, for lack of a better idea.

    As he approached it's gate house a shadowy figure appeared before him. The nearer he got to the figure the more pronounced and less hazy it got. A creature of crimson skin, with wings as black as coal stood before him.

    "Buliwyf. You have come as I knew you would" it spoke to him.

    "How is it that you know my name demon?" Buliwyf called out.

    "I know much about you and this place." spoke the demon.

    "What is this place?" asked Buliwyf.

    "A place of great power, one longing for a master. It calls your name." baded the demon.

    "And what If I choose to walk away." Buliwyf cried out. "You hold no power over me, I am free to do as I please."

    "It is your destiny, accept it!"

    Buliwyf woke and jolt up.

    "Just a dream" he said. "It was only a dream."
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    There was a set date for which entries for the RP had to be in by. Unfortunately you didn't get your's posted in time.

    That being said there is no reason you couldn't be added at a later date. It is rare to have all the characters in the story introduced in the opening chapter.

    If one recalls Baldur's Gate II for example over half the characters are not even seen until the second and third chapters.

    Just keep an eye on the thread Archie. We may need call upon you.
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    I am not putting quantity over quality, I am simply wondering if having idle chit chat is discouraged. In my opinion, the most fun part of the rp I had yesterday was the pointless banter back and forth with the other people. Limiting our posts discourages this type of interaction and if this is true that is fine, I just did not know that.
    No, your wanting to have a conversation is fine, and that in encouraged, but not waitng for characters to reply is definitely discouraged. How can you have a conversation, which you seem to like (and I do too) if you do not wait for the other people in the conversation to reply?

    once again I am unaware that the posts made were supposed to be lengthy. In thinking of role playing, to me, there is nothing wrong with short banter back and forth from one another. In fact in my opinion, lengthy posts make it harder to involve multiple people at once. I cant ask a question to somebody and continue writing without their response. nor can I ask a group of people to do something and then continue writing as if they all agreed. I did enjoy writing my first post which was longer than most of the rest of my post but I do not feel this is how every post should be. If I am wrong in this assumption please correct me, I just feel it is appropriate to have multiple short posts.
    Short posts are not completely frowned upon. I like short posts. Sometimes it's all you can get in. And that is fine, but do try to get some bigger ones in. They do not have to be big posts in terms of dialog, you do not have to have a conversation with a post every time. Just adding in a bit more description of your surrounds and current situation, is often all that is needed.

    I did not say we need to move this story along. My confusion was with the fact that jetrall said we were moving too quickly when I didn't feel we had moved the story at all. At the beginning there was a battle that was already done and jamis and buliwyf were both injured. As of right ow the same is still true, so how have we progressed too much. All of the posts that have been done so far have just been filler of the same situation. If I had not posted yesterday, today or even tomorrow, the same situation would still be before me to write about. are we just not allowed to go scavenge the dead bodies while we wait? or make a camp fire for us to sit at?
    Jetrall is primarily refering to the people who referenced his character and intitiated a dialog with his character, then took off to talk to someone else before giving Jetrall a chance to respond to the character talking to him.

    Your looting of bodies is fine.

    I dont understand what we are allowed and not allowed to do. Do I have to conform all of my actions based off of what jetrall and elfen are writing. I know we are not allowed to be like "Kifu left the group and went back to the jungles" but I thought we were allowed to interact with what was given to us. I will also stop my idle chit chat and make fewer and more substantial posts if that is what is expected of us. I just thought we were allowed to do such things as ask another person a question/ wait for their response/ act upon the answer. However, if i do that it will use up all three of my posts. :(

    Sorry if i am sounding like a noob but i thought I understood what to do only to be told that it was incorrect.
    No no far from it. If you want to have an idle conversation with someone, then by all means do so, just make sure you give that person a chance to respond, before you take off and do something else.
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    After some review we have decided to impose a slight restriction.

    Each person can only post up to 3 times per day.

    While the level of activity is greatly welcomed, the amount of posts from each player is leading to complications with progression. In other words, its getting too hard to understand what is going on. It is starting to go off in several tangents, and this is causing problems.

    So in order to remedy this, we will be imposing this rule.
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    Lento approached Buliwyf's body on the rock, he grabbed him by the shoulders and shoke him.

    "Buliwyf! Wake up! Hey! Hey!"

    "Do not shake me like that. You will open my wounds." Buliwyf said wearily.

    Lento called over several others and the placed Buliwyf onto a makeshift stretcher and proceeded with due haste to the nearest medical tent.

    "We don't have to do this." Buliwyf cried. "Put me down I can walk"

    "Do not move, you are injured." Lento replied.

    "That hurts blast it! I said that hurts!" groaned Buliwyf as a priest tented to his wounds.

    "It will heal faster with out the aid of pain killing medicine, so be patient." said the priest running the tent as he tended to Buliwyf's wounds. "That should be it."

    "What kind of man is he?" the priest thought to himself. "A person so badly injured should not even be conscious"

    The priest turned around to face Lento, and cleaned his hands of blood with a cloth.

    "So how is he?" ask Lento.

    "Well nothing serious that he will die." replied the priest. "But he needs complete rest."

    "Complete rest?" asked Lento.

    "Bah." scoffed Buliwyf. "I will lie idly in bed like an old man, not where there is battles to be fought."

    "Do not be foolish!" yelled the priest. "If you do that, I cannot guarantee you will live."

    "Guarantee I will live?" said Buliwyf "I have never heard of any guarantees in battle."

    "I do not care anymore. Do what you will." the priest said as he left the tent.
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    A tall muscular man in a chainmail shirt stood before Buliwyf and one of the militia, the last two men of their platoon.

    "I commend you, boy." shouted the man. "Your little rag tag band have killed some of my best men. And now you stand alone before Hrunndir, defiant to the end. Look at you panting away, barely able to swing that sword of yours. It is a shame your friends are not here to witness this. No matter, you shall join them soon enough."

    "We shall see." taunted Buliwyf.

    "so eager to meet your death." Hrunndir called. "Then so be it whelp."

    Buliwyf charged him but failed to fully parry Hrunndir's attack. Hrunndir's broad sword found its's mark in Buliwyf's right shoulder. Buliwyf knocked Hrunndir to the ground with and an upward thrust of the hilt of his sword and plunged his sword into his chest. He then lumbered towards the militia man who had made his way over to a crossbow on the ground, and fired it at Buliwyf, firing a bolt into his upper left arm.

    "Wh.. Who... are you?" blurted the villager as he scrambled backwacks in dismay as his attack had failed.

    "There is no point in giving you my name." retorted Buliwyf as he continued to approach the militia man. "You will not live long enough to remember it."

    He gripped the hilt of his claymore tight, and mustered all the strength he had left and lifted his sword high above his head and brought it down upon his foe's head, cleaving his skull.

    "Such a waste of life."

    Buliwyf wearily dragged himself to nearby boulder, and dug the blade of his sword in the ground and rested on the rocky surface of the boulder to reflect.

    "This is not a battle, this is a massacre." he thought to himself as he broke the shaft of the crossbow bolt before fainting from the blood loss due to his wounds.

    "Brother! where are you!" he cried out before slipping out of consciousness.
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    Sorry but I am a little confused when you say the least experienced will probably post the least. I have no experience with an rp forum but I plan on posting very often (that's why I was hoping to make two characters so I had more to write about). I guess I am confused on what's expected. Are we expected to help further the story line? Or leave our post open ended so someon else can respond? Or just merely play in the story given to us thus far?

    More often than not, a person who has less experience in this sort of thing will post less. This is only initially, as they haven't quite come to grips with how people actually write posts in RP threads. As the thread/s progresses they will post more as they know what's going on a little bit better.

    You are somewhat expected to progress the story, but you are kind of limited in what you can do, you can't run off and go fight a dragon for example. Well you probably could, but it wouldn't be that good of an idea as the main story might progress along without you.

    A little open endedness doesn't hurt. And neither does forcing a conversation with another player.
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