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    Tables are good too. I hate copying the quest table from Diablo 1 only to have it not look like I want because this site doesn't currently support tables.

    I just remember there being talk a few months back of wanting new (and possibly animated) smileys. The discussion never amounted to much though. Could never remember why it just died off. Which is what I was referring too is all.
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    They are just gif files (well the ones I posted above are anyway), so you just set it so typing in the command for say ":lol" corresponses with say the gif. The old one worked like that didn't they, a certain phrase is paired with a certain smiley image. Have to cue it up so they don't over lap. In case some people don't like animated ones. Been so long since I've coded smileys.

    Might help to if people submit the kinds of animated ones they would like to see. Unless they are copyrighted or something. Otherwise that could be bad.
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    You mean like these?

    And my personal favourite...

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    Character Name: James "Jim" Kassle.
    Race: Human
    Class/Specification: Gunner
    Impairment: The limitation of his prosthetics.
    Physical Traits - Suffers from phantom limb psychosis.
    -Height: 6 ft 1 in
    -Weight: 500 lbs (200 before ungergoing cyberization)
    -Age: 40
    -Gender: Male
    -Description: Tall, muscular appearance.
    -Personality: Outgoing jokester. Quick temper. Fondness for using big guns. Despite having prosthetic limbs James lifts weighs as a hobby.
    Brief Bio: A former member of a special forces group, James' unit was on a reconnaissance mission when the group was ambushed. The group was wiped out and James left for dead. James underwent cyberization to replace the damaged parts of his body after the accident. This included prosthetics limbs, organs, and a cybernetic brain.
    Reason For Joining the Revenants: Some what of a mercenary, he offered his services to whatever groups would have him.
    Text Color: White

    Will extend this more later.

    If this doesn't work for you let me know. I figured it's sci fi, someone had to be the cybernetic human guy.
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    Jetrall made that logo? that's awesome.

    I used to do a bit of coding, CCNA or something, but that was years ago, i've forgotten most of it now.

    But yeah, looks like we are in for some visual treats here then.
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    I kinda want this to get started as soon as possible, so we can get to playing and having fun, but it is also good to iron out details.

    I have nothing against you guys taking your time building something good to work off of. We are diablofans.com after all, waiting is like our thing.
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    I am amazed to find this place so untouched.....

    Did i just quote deckard cain? yeah, I think I did. Act 5, harrogath.

    *signals the bar keep to come on down here*
    *bar keep says "what you need?'*

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    posted a message on The History of Diablofans
    Nice to see some old faces again.

    Seems like forever since i last saw some of you guys (and girls) on here.
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    I just had a thought... A Western with zombies!!

    It's called Alone in the Dark 3

    It's a western shooter with zombies!!!!!!!
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    Well, prior to previous gaming events, such as WWI and Blizzcons we had a IRC channel we would all use.

    It went largely unused until there was an event coming up.

    Weekends would be good I guess.
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    I'm willing to bet Stormcat might want in on this too. She always seems to want to be a part of these sorts of things.

    If you cant make it a poll left me know, I have mod rights for this section. That includes the ability to make/edit polls.
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    If I am the Warrior, his Magic maxes out at 50, and his Dexterity maxes out at 60. Thus leaving me Vitality till it maxes out at 100, and Strength which will max out at 250.

    That being said I can still put on items that add X amount to magic or all attributes (Zodiac) and learn new spells. Infact which the expansion, this is the only the warrior can learn apocaplyse as you need 149 magic to learn that spell from the book.

    The Rogue's skills max out at the following values.
    STR: 55
    DEX: 250
    MAG: 70
    VIT: 80

    The Sorcerer's skills max out at the following values.
    STR: 45
    DEX: 85
    MAG: 250
    VIT: 80

    I primarily play as the Warrior, so I go with a character that has a lot of life, and hits like a truck in melee combat.
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    This sort of thing always leaves me wondering. Legit? scam? There was an incident where it was a scam once. Forget which game it was.

    As soon as a game is announced, in this case, Diablo 3, certain stores (mostly online ones) list the game as being available for pre order. Seems like a long time to be able to pre order, I doubt we will see the game this year so that's at least 2 months of Pre Order waitage (waitage? is that a word?).

    I think I had WOTLK pre ordered for about a week, maybe two.

    I don't know, there just seems something off, when Pre orders are available before a release date is even been announced.

    But the crappy part is there is no confirmed release day and the date it has one it is 12/31/10

    Standard Blizzard Release date. December 31. As I have said on multiple occasions, that is just a base date of release for their games it can be moved forward or back as they see fit.

    WOTLK had a base date of December 31, then got moved forward to November 13.
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    I have 84. I don't remember it being that high.

    Apparently I have a spectacular aura about.

    No doubt from having over 50 Rep points I would imagine.

    Maybe one day I'll get to 100.
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    Whatever is decided, make sure the person running it is fairly active on the forums.

    That's a bit thing. You need to be there progressing the story. There is only so much that players can do to progress it along if your not there.

    I am pretty much down for anything. I've done diablo/medieval, i've done Sci-fi Aliens, Battlestar Galatica, Star Gate.

    They kinda fell apart because of lack of posts.
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