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    Seems as though Blizzard have gone and changed the Diablo lore, but is if for the better, or for the worse?

    I am merely delivering this to you, as it was delivered to me.

    Hi, Avi -

    All what I wrote in the Sin War was as Blizzard has decided the
    official story shall now be. I agree, it differs from the original
    Diablo material, but that is because they have expanded well beyond
    that now, just as they did with WoW. Even at the time of Mel's book,
    this was not so, but was decided shortly after. Obviously, what
    happens after Inarius is turned over to Mephisto is up for conjecture.


    Richard A. Knaak

    So what, now the books are more canonical than the games, which intoduced the lore?

    What are your guys' thoughts?
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