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    No, it really is too easy. Even playing a new character purely with 2.0 gear found, you can play on master from lvl 1 through 60 without too much issues (without using paragon points even). The problem is that, they would essentially break a game you have bought. It's almost like saying that if you want to continue playing this game, you need to buy the expansion.

    It's like Microsoft making updates to windows 7 which introduces major performance issues, and saying that if you want to regain that performance loss, you now have to upgrade to windows 8.

    And yes, there are many games where people prefer to play the vanilla. Even 5 years after the release of LoD, D2 classic still had a strong playerbase.
    And it's the same with many other games.

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    Quote from Johndoe592

    Hey Jaetch was there any new info on Nephalem Trials? It was mentioned at Gamescon during Athene's interview with Josh, something along the lines of random portals spawning and facing waves of mobs and being rewarded Resplendant chests depending on how well you do I think. Starting to think it got scraped since there's been absolutely zero mention of it as far as I know.
    I could answer this one I Guess. I'm pretty certain that the Nephalim Trials became the Nephalem Rifts, 10-15 minutes randomized "loot runs", and although they don't spawn randomly in the world, they require Rift Keystones to open which is earned by completing bounties, and as random drop anywhere in Adventure Mode.
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