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    First off I am also a D1 die hard fans. I play less often now simply I have other priorities. The current mode is completely playable, albeit shifted from the previous loot grinding. I am now at best a casual player, and play occasionally at will. But just develop and try a new build one at a time for all classes is a lot of fun, which may also take you many hours. With the new items introduced in each patch, the experience is very much refreshing and rewarding. I don't play season now, and my gem and paragon levels are not high at all, but I manage to do grift 70 with comfort for many classes in different builds. One good thing of Diablo is that you can play it anytime, pause and resume.

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    You die much less using awareness, smoke screen, keep running and never stay in shits. DH is supposed not to take any hit even though yougeared up with some protection.
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    Disappointing. Monkhasalways been chasing after other classes, and the overall design is rather poor without much imagination.

    While upgrading some skills to be on par with other classes, other skills got nerfed. Last time, WoL and MoC got nerfed and only recently WoL got some improvement. 1 dex = 1 armor is just a lazy solution and is what we should have long time ago and it is no better than any other class, but OWE get immediately nerfedto Harmony, whichis rather weak and take a lot of secondary slots to get resist. Solution: Get the design team for WD and Crusader to work on the monk.
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    There are many items you can improve, and you can give up some resist.

    Get a second dps stats for the amulet, either AS or CD, same for glove and rings.

    More than 100 dex on belt and brace..

    INNA pants for movement and DPS, 2-piece bonus = +130dex

    Weapons need upgrade too 900+ weapon dps to achieve 100k+ easier, 850+ need more dex and CD.

    BTW, what is your current unbuffed paper DPS?
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