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    I've found the fragment of destiny build to be better than the woh'rasha on console because woh'rasha relies on the num lock trick on the keyboard to be at max efficiency. On top of that the fragment build doesn't require CDR so you can focus more on other offensive stats right out of the gate. In either build you can tweak things to add the sage set for more DBs too, which also means you can craft some at least nearly perfect items, though it seems the corruption bug that exists on some consoles still hasn't been addressed.

    Great post! Ive been doing GRs on WD and just using wiz for DB farming but now I think I'll give this a shot as well.

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    Can it be saved?

    Looking for some advice to save an aging system if possible. Power supply just died so I'm replacing that as its still under warranty, but D3 isn't running super smoothly, so I'd like to give the system a boost while I'm waiting for the RMA.

    CPU - core 2 quad Q6600 @ 2.4 ghz
    GPU - XFX GeForce 9600 GT 512 mb
    Mem - 8 Gb OCZ DDR2 800 MHz

    Older system, but even when it was built the GPU was on the cheaper side. Would upgrading to something in the GeForce 550 ballpark make D3 smooth at medium settings, or would the old processor and memory really bottleneck things to the point it wouldn't be worth it? Any insight would be a big help.
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