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    posted a message on Corrupt growth
    that is so true...i play pet wd only and my primary wich i'm "forced" to use is ROT wich for damage wise sucks!

    If i dont use ROT then i hardly have anny FS up and to make matters worse....they die (yes,even after the patch!) verry fast once you pass GR35!

    Also the damage from the pets isn't all that great,even if you have max % FA and Physicall on items,i always find myself up against the timer once i get to GR36,silly tbh...

    Blizz talks about balance etc....yeah right...so they think it is balanced when a DH just stands still with sentries spread and gets a GR 45 trial key while a WD getting a GR32 is on the limit?
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    posted a message on Rama Gift Drop Chance
    another troll guys....dont you see it
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    posted a message on Ramaladni gift
    i have found only 1 in about +200 hours of playing since the patch, and i have yet to get the goblin that opens the gold rift !!!
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    posted a message on 1,200 hours on my WD, 1 Rhen'ho and 0 SMK
    i understand your frustration wich i feel is legit!

    I got my SMK at about 900 hours but the dissapointment was immense....ill explain..

    One would think that a knife like the SMK would not drop annything lower in dam then 2K right?

    Blizz allows this ultra rare knife to drop sub 2K (mine was 1,967 dam) wich i feel is sick tbh,i didnt sleep well the first week and still i'm mad at Blizz for this.

    only 1/10 ceremonial knifes could possibly be a SMK and then have it roll even on luck???

    Where is the logic in this,i've seen a SMK with 2,502 dam,now THAT is a high end game weapon!

    annyways i do wish you have it drop soon and pray that it will have a good roll otherwise your in for a terrible shock...
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    posted a message on update the pet witch doctor!!!
    wrell,same here...from GR 30 onwards its hell for a pet wd.

    the FS die intstantly from GR30,but it's not only that "flaw" right now making it impossible to get further...it's also the sheer damage the pets need to deliver,it's just not there.

    You need to use ROT to get them spawn asap since they die intstantly and ROT isnt deliveri,ng anny damage tbh,i have physicall % + FA % on gear,run with PTV + gruesome feast +pirhando,and yet it is not good enough to progress...i once managed a GR32 (almost),came 4 sec short and i speeded the whole rift taking insane risks to beat that timer.

    My conclusion is the pets die way to fast and they do not deliver the dps i need to make it past GR 32,if one is lucky to get a conduit yeah,but im not taking that into account.
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    posted a message on RE - john-yang-on-pet-survivability - Blue Post
    Quote from SephirothUK2
    Yes....Main issue for WD pets is Fetishes. Over 25+ GR they are often one shotted. Some mobs one-shotting whole packs. dogs also die pretty fast unless your using the Giant dog (which requires a precious ring slot). FA is only viable with an SMK, else they get nowhere near the CD timer, and the Zuni bonus is next to useless in high lvl content because they are dead in seconds. Over GR 30, FS rarely gets into double figures even using the highest proccing spell. You'll typically have 1-4 the majority of the time

    With probably 90%+ of your normal damage coming from your pets, you simply can't afford to lose so many....Imagine high level DH sentry with max 1 sentry for half your CD, and your probably comparable with how my Pet doc fairs in GR30+ now.

    Other varieties of pet builds might do a bit better....such as the poison dart build which is becoming highly popular, and thats probably because they can be kept out of melee range a lot more....still, that build loses MoJ, so not sure how the effective DPS compares. If I can get myself a decent weapon and helm, I might try it, but it still crying out for some pet help.
    indeed,that is so true...i spent hours and hours trying to get past GR 31 and the trouble is the pets each time as they are to weak,FS in particular and do not deliver the dam you need to make it in time for the RG and so progress comes to a halt! (Enforcer gem at rank 33)
    I even used horrify since they benefit from it but they nerfed it to 35%,down from 100%...that was a bad call from blizz seems now!
    Horrify,bad medecine,unity on and even jungle foritude i ran to see and still got killled from GR 30 upwards,just silly!
    The only wd that can do it past GR 30 is DOT haunt and locusts swartm build + Furnace,because he can move on while the dots do the kill and he can stay away from the mobs!
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    posted a message on Anyone else *extremely* starved for mats?
    exactly ^^,hehe...well said.

    people seem to make things difficult while it's easy...
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    posted a message on TASKER AND THEO
    im at 22K shards for Taskers and counting....eventough they have a x10 lower droprate % chance Magefist,i have a total of x18 pair (you read correct!) of those togheter with x gladiator gauntlets,St Andrews..and Jade + Invoker x times..

    it's rng,but x18 magefist (only from kadala,not counting the regular drops of those!) and not 1 Tasker,not gonna worry to much yet but rng can be "odd" at moments!
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    posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    rng "seems" to be the fairest way for items to drop,but it has one huge drawback....

    Let's say that after + 800h since ROS and your item drops,a BIS...your supposed to be happy right?

    Well,mine... a Starmetal Kukri dropped 2 weeks ago and we all know it's a BIS for wd pet builds.

    However, cause of rng the roll on is lower on it then a regular "rare" ceremonial knife???

    I mean,mine dropped 1,967 dam...NO socket,had to re roll resource cost reduction to get a socket.....

    I had yellow knifes rolling 2,150 dam and higher,so plz...wtf is wrong with rng and why does Blizz allow a BIS to drop that crap?

    Is it so hard to have this(cause of its super low drop %) roll +2K and a socket like a regular TF that comes with a guaranteed socket?

    So yeah,rng sucks when it comes to rolls on BIS items,a shitty policy of blizz,im mad as hell about this logic they employ into rng.

    Whats the point blizz of having BBV up most of time if one looses about +300 dam in the first place,wake up and fix this plz so that in the future a BIS drops for a person he will feel happy and most likely say "awesome piece"!!!

    I honestly cant say that right now:(...
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    posted a message on Starmetal Kukri not BIS for WD Pet builds
    tha's just the point i'm making..."a crappy roll" on a BIS doesn't make it BIS annymore now does it.
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    posted a message on Starmetal Kukri not BIS for WD Pet builds
    I found a Kukri yesterday and it should have been the most "awesome" knife that can drop for a wd using a petbuild,right???

    Wrong...Blizz made the error of having this item drop low dam to begin with and no socket.....mine dropped with no socket and 1967 dam...

    Not even the awesome bonus of BBV up a lot of times can save this knife,i had to re roll cdr on it to get that socket.

    I have a Doombringer with 2232 dam,socket and + 15% physicall on it and even 17% Life,i'll be doing some testing today to see the dam n° of the SMK + BBV and my Doombringer + BBV....and Doombringer without using BBV

    Sometimes i just dont understand the logic Blizzard employs...they let example a Thunderfury drop with a GUARANTEED socket,making it a sure winner right of the bat...

    Annyways,what should have been a day of joy for me turned into bitter dissapointmend,i'll have to re consider my toughts on this game after a long haul of farming up to 12h a day to get the weapon....
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    posted a message on What is the point of using Zuni set in patch 2.0.5
    "easy to get 15...."not with firebats you aint!

    you are using toads i assume,cause with firebats right now there is now way you' ll get to 15 "easy",not even when you encounter a screen full of enemies!

    Firebats spawn fetish syco now by hitting the enemies is not working properly,seen a x of people claiming "i got loads dude ect,LIES!(test first and then come to this forum!)

    i only play firebats,plague and was using the passive to test it out after patch...and i mostly got like 7 or 8 on a screen full of enemies,not even close to the 15 cap!

    So people still claiming nothing is wrong with firebats hititng mobs and spawning loads...stop the nonsence plz,its not working as should when compared to let's say Toads...i had 15 fetish up on occasion by only hitting 5 mobs!

    So yes,for toads it's great right now,but i dont play toads....simpel

    I dont use the passive annymore cause pointless for firebats users as is right now,blizz needs to pick this up and test it plz.
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    posted a message on What will you be replacing Firebats with?
    yup,same here..nothing...i like to play firebats + pets (fetish syco) and now i can hardly see anny fetishes,even when there are like 20 enemies around!

    isn't it supposed to be manny enemies,the more fetishes that might ,then why is it not happening with firebats?

    i understand that they have gone with the fact while channeling in town and loads of the little ones,but like it is now....silly...

    If they wanna balance stuff,why then have 15 fetish up when hitting only 5 enemies with Toads,i dont get it blizz?

    So they are forcing us to play toads instead of firebats cause otherwise we can forget about a decent pet build?

    i tested it with only the passive on,no FA....and yup...hardly anny fetishes at all,even when i moved from one pack to another keeping the "flow" and maximizing the chance for them to spawn and i never had more then like 7 or 8,not even close to the possible 15 max !

    something must have gone wrong in the "new" way the fetishes spawnrate are triggered,no idea what it could be otherwise?
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    posted a message on Showcased Builds - Debo's Witch Doctor Guide compilation
    well done,verry informative!

    However,i must disagree on firebats giving you fetish syco,it is either bugged or not working properly...

    I mean...i use plaguebats and can hardly get fetishes to appear from the passive,while before the pacth i got them within 15 sec diving into a pack!

    And since they increased the chance to 10 % to have a fetish,they doubled it...i can only assume they did something to firebats "wrongfully" not realizing what has happened now?

    I do know they "solved" the in town casting firebats to have loads of fetishes,but that has nothing to do with them not giving us anny (or hardly!)right now when engaging a pack...even when there are like x20 mobs around,it's no use...most likely you get like 3 or 4 then,if verry lucky!

    it's limited to max 15,fine...i have tested and tested,moving from one pack to next asap to see at end how manny fetishes were up,and no way there were like more then 8 or so...and that moment i was only using the passive so a possible 15 could have shown!

    annyways,i hope blizz picks this up,as most of us use firebats + pets,and we are beeing forced to use toads now,wich i dont like playing with!

    i tested the toads and yup,15 fetishes up in no time,and that was against 5 mobs,not even a pack of 20...
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    posted a message on Can you gamble for level 70 Mask of Jeram from Kadala?
    i have the pet mask from kadala after about 1500 shards,more then reasonable!

    been trying lately for a WH belt but at about 4000 shards now and still nothing.
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