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    posted a message on Using machines, bonus.
    dude, just chillax, ride free today, pay for a buddys ride tomorrow...
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    posted a message on 1.0.5 Seems cool and all...
    Quote from ruksak

    Game is 2000% percent better than launch.

    Awesome evolution in such a short time. I've been having a friggin blast.

    This man won the internets. 50 points to gryffindor!
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    posted a message on AH price pummet, upgrade now? or wait till later
    Gold has been plummeting in value for quite some time.
    And come on, people think about it, this game was never designed for players to run around with billionaire banks.

    In my opinion it is going to be a real good thing that more and more items are "flooding" the market. Eventually it will get to a point where just your regular gold income will be what you require to pay for an item you need.
    And blizzard is smart, she know this will make a great divide beetwen the AH and the RMAH, what will eventually happen is that everything good and lower will be found in gold AH. And never for nearly as crazy a price as currently 1-2 billion bid only items...
    And the real deal, perfect or neaar perfect rolls and BIS items will be found in the ah, for as high a price as people will be willing to pay (my guess is $250,00).

    And lets face it, the way legendaries are dropping now every single player out there really has a chance to get items he needs, or even items a friend needs and he can just trade them for whatever said person finds that he can use.

    I deffinately approve the change the economy is gonna go through.

    My personal advice is BURN ALL YOUR CASH!!! and keep just some gold to feel confortable with (maybe 20 mil). Spend all you have in making your character MP6 or MP7 worthy asap and you will be in the vanguard having more and better items available sooner then the rest of the players.
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    posted a message on wtf, Paragon level 24 already!
    I cleared Act 3 inferno 3 times and Act 2 one time. Never wearing a red gem.
    LVL 7 already.
    And that took me about...6 -7 hours maybe...
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