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    Quote from Archie

    That was brilliant goodguy!! That is good to hear, especially since I just broke up with my girlfriend of 1 year and a few days. I had that feeling that you describe, but she didn't, well at least not as much as I did. And she was a compulsive liar, but that is besides the point. I realize that it just wasn't the time for us, and we are both better for it.

    Sorry for the off topic, but I needed to vent a little bit to some of my friends, and I consider Dfans as a whole (despite the disagreements at times) very good friends.


    Exact same thing happened to me 2 days ago mate...except mine was a 2 year relationship...

    Well there are a lot of pink pussies out there waiting to be glum about a retarded stuck up bitch that doesn't even know what she wants/likes.

    EDIT: except i don't consider any of you friends... i consider all of you nwbs...but good ones.
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    Well i tried to read the whole thread but simply too long...so i just edited out some profoundly philosophical quotes for a very much more in line with the spirit of the thread.

    "Minsc will lead with blade and boot"
    "Go for the eyes Boo, gooo for the eeeeeyes! Yaaah! - Squeak!"

    Who can guess by whom that is?
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    Quote from Syronicus

    There is a huge glut of gems on the market right now. In fact, to balance the market there would need to be a way to do one of two things, first, bring in more players who will buy more gems or two, somehow make a way for gems to go away (i.e. destroy them when removed from an item) If you look at the economics side of things, this is true of any economy. Supply..... Demand......

    I don't even pick up gems to craft anymore. WIth the price of them as low as it is, I can score gold faster and just buy them rather than waste time picking them up.
    Not to mention sitting there crafting one by one "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsshPING!" - 4 seconds gone
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Quote from maka

    Quote from Zero(pS)
    People wanted insane customization ("hurr durr we need the old D2 useless affixes back, because that's customization")
    I am to assume that you're happy with itemisation in general, then.
    Now, I'm not saying itemization in D3 is perfect. Ideally, we would have all affixes be equally important. But I'm pretty sure we all know that's not possible. +health from globes can't be as useful as your main stat. Pickup radius will never be a "main" stat. It's a secondary "bonus" stat. Maybe they could get some of the "bonus" stats be buffed to the point where they can compete with "main stats".

    There's still work to be done, but I trust more on the current design team than on the views of a mostly biased (and very "mob-like") community.

    Personally, I feel like individual resists could go way higher than All Res. If you could "juggle" your resistances and have 150 fire res on one gear, 140 lighting res on another gear, it would improve the "resistances" game tenfold. Thorns needs to be completely reworked from the ground up.

    I've also been saying this for a while now. Crit Dmg needs to be reworked. It's not because it's too powerful. It's because it's the cookie cutter obvious choice for everyone. Bonus to individual skills have such a huge potential to improve build diversity, but first they need to make sure that a +20% bonus to Deadly Reach can actually compete with +20% crit dmg, because currently it just can't (even if it was +40% bonus dmg).

    I could not agree more.
    Thorns is a joke seriously...if they upped all damge dealt by tenfold or even hundredfold ("ok i deal 100k on thorns to these 130 million HP mobs in MP10"..Lulz) it would still be useless...

    Also CM is just like IAS was before... you either have it or your not playing with the rest of the other kids...
    Improving individual skills, making dmg type matter, adding new combinational bonuses to gear with different skill bonuses, and specially adding RUNEWORDS again... so that you would want to pick the Exceptional Demolisher white, with 1.2k dps and no magic affix whatsoever, and turn it into the ultimate badassedness weapon in the game.A
    Anyone remember D2 you were on constant watch for the white items, I once made a Phase Blade into a Silence that just totally kicked ass....
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    Quote from DOOMSD4Y

    I felt the same way yesterday...

    GREEN gloves dropped, they were IK set...

    Wait a min or two to ID them (I dont know why)

    Turns out they has almost 300 INT.......COME ON!!


    Well i got THREE mothafucking trÊs... Blackthorne Spurs... every single one a mini heart attack as the damn thing looks exactly like IK boots before IDing... and at that time a really really wanted an IK boots... almost bought one in RMAH.
    Imagine my frustration when i saw the green letter on the floor for three times "Boots"...

    Btw this was in 1.04, havent gotten a single one since 05 (thank god).
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    i probably did that once, what it does is....it runs away and even uses that little sprintity sprint they got.
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    Because one of the largest part in the cost was acquiring all the required square gems.
    What we see now is the price drop caused by all the surplus smaller gems that were stored away and now were combined into the squares tier and in order crafted up to radiant stars.
    Lots of people probably had the same "great idea" to get eazy money selling gems...and had like 100000 smaller gems waiting in alts and whatnot. Specially botters, bots can be set up to pick up gems.
    What we see is a peak in offer while demand is constant (if not dropping, wich would be my guess).
    Also last time I checked Topazes were more expensive than Emeralds. That also is evidence... many people never bother to even pick up gems that are not Ruby or Emerald, and now those are the two types that are going for least.... too many offers.
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    Top of the list is deffinatelly rubberbanding...
    I died once in hardcore in lvl 20 something due to a weird lag spike in which i was fighting snakes in act 2 and all of a sudden mobs just froze in place and the only thing moving was my charcater. about a minute later i got the message my client was disconnected from the server.
    Logged back in and... BUTTSECKS SURPRISE!!!!
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    Quote from ruksak

    Game is 2000% percent better than launch.

    Awesome evolution in such a short time. I've been having a friggin blast.

    This man won the internets. 50 points to gryffindor!
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    I use a SoJ with 6% poison. I really dont think the type of dmg SoJ adds matters at all (except for Ice as it slows mobs down).
    Way i see it is like you said, if i deal 100 dmg it adds 6 to that.
    So if in one swing i land 100k dmg SoJ just adds a nifty 6k to that ammount and i should see 106k dmg onscreen.

    Plz explain to me if i am wrong.

    Oh BTW, SoJ is the best ring in this game hands down.
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    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a server crash that could occur if a player transitioned between Acts while a "goatman" monster was drumming

    wait wat??

    How can someone change act while a goatman is drumming???
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    Knowing how those guys work the GM will advise you not to use any third party program with a text that is pretty much "pre-typed". In there he will also direct you dto download and read the TOS and ensure that any use of third party programs may lead to disciplinary action against the account.... but in the end after reading all that you will still be wondering: "sooooo?"

    I know a guy who has botted so much with one account he has more gold than he will ever use. He is harmless enough because he is not interested in selling gear for money or even gold for that matter. He has it going forever too, since late 1.02 up to now.
    When he became afraid of getting banned all he did was purchase a new account and transfer everything to a new "clean" account.

    His logic though can be understood, he told me he doesnt agree with paying for gold or items with real currency so he sought out a way of having "infinite" free currency for himself.

    Well to sum it all up, he was never banned. In fact i think he just quit because he thought 1.04 was too boring, havent seen him online for quite awhile now.
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    Your crit chance is too low. Since the nerfed crit form tornados you prolly arent getting enough lifesteal/on hit to keep you alive.
    Not to mention your must be having fury generation problems.
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    I'm seeing a lot of people on the official forums saying that "doubling" the drop rate of legendaries was bad because they're finding a lot more than twice as many as they were before the patch.

    But we shouldn't forget that in the higher MP settings not only monsters do drop more items (%-wise, there's an improved chance of a legendary for every enemy, even white mobs) due to the "extra item" chance, but the extra MF from it boosts our MF to lvls we couldn't possibly achieve before.

    If you're farming MP6-7 with 500+ MF and finding a ton of legendaries, things are probably working as intended. Which means you should be able to actually find your own well rolled Immortal King's set, instead of having to use the AH.

    Thta is exactly my thought...I want a Str, All Res, Crit Chance Lacuni Prowlers... eventually it will drop. Kinda like it was on D2, o wanted a shako.. kept on killing Mephisto until i got it.
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    posted a message on 1.05 "Sweetspot"
    I played some more over the weekend and I´m getting to a conclusion regarding the various MP lvls.
    To sum it up:
    If you dont have the gear required to kill at a fast rate and be reasonably sure you wont die in any giveng monstr power you have to turn down 1 level.
    So for those who still havent found the tier they can achieve the most just pick MP5 wich is the medium. Run the hardest place you can think off (probably Azmodan chain of levels). If you feel like it takes too long to kill something or you die more than once to finish the run. Lower it down to MP4 and repeat.
    In this case you will find out were you can farm with all the bonuses the system can give you.

    I havent really crunched any umbers but from what I've experienced this way you will be getting roughly the same EXP/time but with the added MF your loot will be more forthcoming.

    This method will ensure you are getting the most rewards off the system while retaining the most of your efficiency.

    On a side note, monster power 9 and especially 10 are really just to show off your gear and build.
    I can't see anyone really farming anything with any kind of acceptable efficiency at those levels regardless of gear set. Adequate gear for that might not even exist yet.
    (With 120k dps WW barb with 505% crit dmg took me 12 minutes to kill siegebreaker, i was amased i was able to considering the damn thing even enraged on me).

    And a fun fact about Key farming. I ran act3 4 times on MP6, and 2 times on MP7 to get one key. Here i was thinking this just isnt my day.
    Then i went to teach a guy how to do it on MP2 and got 2 keys in a row. After that i needed only one more key to complete 4 infernal machines so i decided to run it once again but with the highest possible change. On MP9 i ocassionally die, so i just went for MP8...and guess... had to run it 3 times to get the darn thing.
    Running on MP8 probably takes twice the time it takes to do it on MP5. So i could have done 6 runs of MP5 at 50% chance of they key (so 3 keys would have been normal).
    Thinking of that i decided that from now on ill run key farming at MP5 where it is faceroll and try multiple times for more EXP and Loot while im farming keys.

    I hope this info i layed on this post might be of some use to anyone still uncertin about the Mosnter Power system.
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