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    If you have an empty passive slot and the PUR, GF is great. However, I don't use it much anymore. My gameplay style gets me more in the action, so I use SH.

    Now... Pierce the Veil vs Grave Injustice would be a hard decision for me.
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    posted a message on No more auction house - good or bad? (Poll only)
    Quote from Ferret

    Everything is not black and white after a first glance. There are reasons that, without having to be explained, it makes sense to remove the AH. On the other side of the coin however, they're taking something out of the game that had many positive effects beyond item trading.

    My initial feeling about the removal is generally positive, but to be clear, if Blizzard drops the ball when it comes to gold sinks, item trading, community interaction and the integrity of the players, its quite possible that the game ends up in a worse state than it is now from a community standpoint, despite direct player gratification being (most likely) increased.

    I really do hope that Blizzard can keep those issues under control. Until we get more concrete info and see how it plays out in game, it's Scrödinger's Diablo 3.
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    Quote from elQueso

    I think its still hard to predict what the standard currency will be because of the lack of information about the new item upgrade systems. And since the price of RS gems is unlikely to rise substantially due to the fixed crafting cost, but could drop if, for instance higher grades of gems will drop in RoS, there's no reason to invest in them now as opposed to waiting until more information is available (after blizzcon).

    That's my current read on the economy anyway, but you won't multiply your wealth by playing it safe, so if you're willing to take the risk on your hunch, might as well.

    With the price of AH gems being close to cost for gems from the jeweler and the real possibility that RoS will drop a higher level gem from monsters.... I wouldn't speculate in gem futures.

    If they increase the price of making gems in RoS, then it might be profitable. But, if they decrease or stay the same, it wouldn't be a good idea to stockpile.

    Stockpiling gold, however, might be worth the risk. If more meaningful gold sinks come out via enchanting and other systems, then gold might have more value going forward into the expansion.
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    Blizz needs to learn the difference between "bug" and "unforeseen design consequence".
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    With the right gear, I plan on AFK killing Diablo someday.

    Pet buffs, yum.
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