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    Horadric Council


    We are a small social clan made for nephalems that want to slay monsters in groups. A lot of what we do focusing on doing things together. For us playing alone is no fun experience. But something we want to share with each other. The members of the clan come from all around, but our main language is English.

    We are a clan that aims to be more of a seasonal clan. With mostly softcore, but also some hardcore players :)

    So do you have the need to just slay demon after demon? Do you want to just see the corpses fly all over the place while you and your fellow nephalems save Sanctuary... Then Horadric Council is here for you!


    What can we offer

    • Friendly and helpful atmosphere
    • Discord (with both text and voice channels for farming, discussion, events,...)
    • Opportunity to get involved and heard among the community
    • Groups of different calibers (from regular torment farming to greater rift pushing)
    • A place among friends from all around the world!



    If you find that Horadric Council is a clan for your liking, and want to be a part of the community that is. Then join us on Discord:




    With everything including a lot of people, some rules (guidelines) are needed. For Horadric Council they apply as follows:

    • Try to be active in-game.
    • Be Social, we love to talk and only bites sometimes :)
    • A clan that farms together, stay together.. remember that!
    • Act maturely.
    • No fighting in clan chat, some joking around is ok. But if you have problems with anyone take it in /w or talk to an officer about it.


    Hope we see you in game Nephalem! :)

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    Am I the only one who find it fun to find items my friends need while they are offline and then send a picture of it to them... then making a soul of it :D
    Or maybe just keeping it and dropping it in front of them casually ^^

    I agree with so many here. Trading would only bring more problems to the game, then it would fix. I remember back when AH was a think, most of my time playing was from using the AH, and not slaying monsters. It was just way more beneficial just buying cheap and selling expensive, then to actually play the game. And this is what some of you guys want back!?

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    Quote from Glowpipe»

    Memory lane ? this is NOTHING like diablo 1. This is diablo3 tilesets and diablo 3 mobs. With an added shitty filter. We wanted d1 looking and playing like d3. Not d3 looking and playing like d1. This is crap and should never have been made

    Ohh no! Someone liked something.. Better go tell them they're wrong and how my opinion is all that matter!!!! Yeah, that is a good idea -.- LUL
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    Quote from Demonmonger»

    Quote from Aneij»

    So all WD sets are perfectly good... interesting. Don't think I've ever seen anyone run Zuni, like ever.

    And I guess most monk sets work good as they are, but Uliana could realy need a fix to it's 2 set tbh since it don't work with either area dmg or mythic rythm :/

    I know tons of WD players that can take Zuni into the 83-88 range. I have gotten it to 82 without doing a ton of min/max on my gear or very high augments.

    Regarding Uliana, I like that it is a set that does not rely on massive density to slowly widdle foes down personally, but I get where the suggestion would be warranted.
    Zuni's problem isn't dmg, since they have buffed that several times. It's the way it's played. Compared to how HT plays zuni is just not worth using sadly. Zuni was the pet set before, but HT have taken that roll. While Zuni got left behind, and it kinda need a rework imo
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    So all WD sets are perfectly good... interesting. Don't think I've ever seen anyone run Zuni, like ever.

    And I guess most monk sets work good as they are, but Uliana could realy need a fix to it's 2 set tbh since it don't work with either area dmg or mythic rythm :/

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    posted a message on My top 5 NEEDED changes.

    ok, to start this off I'm a pretty casual player. I play around 50-100h each season, which is a month or so of gameplay before I move on and play other games for a bit until next season arrives or there are something fun to try on PTR. I mostly play solo or with a smaller bunch of friends. I've only reached as "high" as GR76, which i'm fine with since i'm not an competitive player. I only compete with myself and try to reach further each season.

    When it comes to your suggested changes I do see why you might want them, and they are stuff that often comes up on the forums and so. But as a pretty casual player I can't say I myself find them that necessary and to be the right for the game and the majority of players (not the majority of the forum users).

    1. Paragon

    Here I can agree to a certain points. Paragon could be more then just a main stat grind, and the idea of it being tied to skills actually sounds like something interesting. I can also understand why blizz implemented paragon as it is, to make sure that we're always rewarded and gain something out of our time playing when we're unlucky.

    2. Greater Rifts

    I find it a good thing that the GR is infinite, since it means that there is always something really challenging to do. Sure most of the time we'll hit a "brick wall" where we either need to get lucky or upgrade our gear a bit more. But that is a part of the game, upgrading your character in every way possible. If they would set a limit to GR ppl would still use the "best" build, since it could do it the fastest and be most optimal, that just how it works when ppl are competitive. You say that you want a cap 2 be able to use every build and still do the max difficulty. Most sets don't actually have that huge difference in what they can clear anymore, at least long from how they used to be, and blizz is sure to make changes to try balance them if needed in the future. If you don't care about competition, you can use any set you want and still be able to play at the "end game", since the end game is not the highest GR anyone do the season, the "end game" is in a way right now the whole game. Mostly thanks to the leveling process being as fast as it is.

    3. Sets

    I think it already said exactly my thought on this somewhere else in the comments, but the thing with sets is that if we remove the color on them and instead look at them as legendaries with powers. Then they are no different from a LoN build without the ring set. A set is just a couple of items that together make some skills viable, just like the random legs also do. And if we didn't have sets, you would still need a certain "set" of items to complete your build. Unless every item just had pure (boring) stats.

    4. Loot

    I might not be the best to have an opinion on this, since I never played D2, and really didn't like the loot system in D3 vanilla. Sure we get a lot of gear super fast, and there is a lot of ways to get gear (some to get specific gear even faster with cube). But the thing is that the system is made to suit as many as possible. If you like playing the game casually then you are still able to get decent gear in a timely manner. And if you are the person who play a lot you have ancient items to farm after. I see the comment a lot about how D2 had a much better system loot system since it took longer to get gear, while it being true at what rate you might get gear, the point still stands that when you had gear there was 1 thing to do, farm for that 1% better item. It don't matter if there drops a lot of items or not, if we have ancient items or not. In the end we'll all just farm for that 1% better item in both games. That's just how ARPGs work.

    But i'm not just gonna defend the loot system and say it's perfect, don't get me wrong, I would love to see more rare items (that is randomly dropped. not like the super rare cosmetic items *cough* cosmic wings *cough* that drops from rare mobs). What these items could be I'm not sure of, but something that's not necessary, but makes some power changes to your character and is rare enough to get you hyped when you see it drop.

    5. The rest...

    A) Custom games

    I don't really see a big point having this when we have communities for all different purposes. Public games is and should be fast to enter if you just want to play together with other ppl and not needing to go through a long list of games named in all strange ways.


    While I think there might be a bit to much difficulties now since they've added t11+, I don't really see a problem with having them. There is no one forcing you to use them, and some ppl rather play a slower pace game then super fast. That is the reason some wanted higher torment lvls. The thing I like with them adding difficulties is that the ubers could still feel like a challenge. But this could be fixed with having the old man outside the door change the difficulty of the ubers with gr lvl scaling.

    C) Trading

    No matter how I look at trading I just keep thinking of how the old d3 system worked and how much I disliked that. I only find more problems arise with trading being possible. And in a way I use my own economy system in d3. I find myself often running out of blue and white materials, and instead of doing boring runs for them specifically, I do different kind of boosting (1-70, gear...) and in return I get a bunch of materials I need while still getting chance for regular loot. So there is different ways of looking at it I guess.

    D) PvP

    Not a big fan of PvP myslef, so I totally see what you mean here. When it comes to the hostile system in D2 (since I never played D2 I can only speak from what I've heard) do it sound pretty stupid to be honest. A way to kill people anywhere for me has no point, and is not what Diablo is about. It is as you said earlier about loot, and more loot!

    So this is my two cents about these topics. And while I think I might be a minority on the forums. I think that there is a lot of players that can agree with me on some of these. And sorry for the long post, I guess I just needed to wright my thoughts after reading way to many posts about all the bad things about D3. Lastly I do want to give kudos to you for actually giving some constructive criticism and ideas. Not only saying "D3 sux! it's dead and no one plays it LUL". So big + for that (y)!

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    posted a message on Another mimic buff!?

    I more ment buff in the matter that most of us thought that it was suppose to work like it did until this hotfix, and the hotfix did make it stronger, even tho it's where it suppose to be according to blizz now. So the hotfix gave mimics a smal buff in that matter :)

    But no matter what, it's still a good thing it works as intended now :)

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    With the new set and revamped Helltooth set I've been thinking about what else could come to the wd. I feel most sets right now is focused on the pet skills (or creature spells). But the spirit spells have not got that much attention or love, except for on the old and not that good Jade set with it's use of soul harvest and haunt.

    So my thought was to make a new set completely about the spirit spells and part of beeing a wd. Here we go!

    The main idea:

    I've always liked the spell Spirit barrage. It's a good looking spell that is fun to play with, and the runes makes it have alot of choices on what to use it for. This spell is the main spell for the set I've started designing.

    The spirit spells are:

    • Haunt
    • Horrify
    • Spirit Walk
    • Spirit Barrage
    • Mass Confusion
    • Soul Harvest

    The set:

    Shadewalker's Embodyment

    (2) set: Spirit barrage gain the "well of Souls" rune.

    Enemies hit by Spirit barrage is also affected with Haunt.

    (4) set: Enemies affected by Haunt deal 35% less dmg to you, and take 20% more dmg for 10 seconds.

    Horrify gains the "face of Death" rune.

    (6) set: You are surrounded by spirits. Every second another spirit comes to your aid. Each spirit increase your intelligence by 10%. When you're surrounded by 10 spirits they will fly away and fear enemies (this will reset your intelligence stack).

    The runes used in set bonuses:

    "Well of Souls": An additional 3 spirits seek out other enemies and deal 65% weapon damage as Fire.

    "Face of Death": Increase the radius of Horrify to 24 yards.

    The pieces:

    I wanted this set to use some different pieces then the rest of the sets, to be able to choose to use either another 2 set bonus or 2 legendaries for the effects. This made me choose following pieces for the set. I've also choosen to give the set 7 pieces to make it possible to customize our setup a bit more.

    • Head
    • Chest
    • Hands
    • Belt
    • Pants
    • Boots
    • Neck

    (My concern with having this set capable of using another (2) set bonus is that it might be mandatory using the bonus from Jade set. But let me know what you guys think.)


    When designing the set bonuses I used the idea that the (2) set is utility, (4) set is defensive and (6) set is damage. During one stage of the process I was thinking of using a simular mechanic as the Firebird (2) set bonus have. That you get another second chance proc. Making it a spirit ressurecting you, or just putting you in spirit form and regen some of your life and mana. But having proper dmg migration from the set felt more up to date with the amount of dmg we take in higher gr's.

    I hope that you found this and interesting idea and I gladly hear your thoughts and ideas that could make this set good and competitive with the set's we already have :)

    ps. This is just an idea, and the values might be way off from what they need to, or way to strong.

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