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    Craft Yellow 1 hand crossbows and upgrade it to Legendary, will not take so many tries to get one... 1-15 tries i would guess.

    I am paragon 550 and have found about 3 of them and crafted 4-5 (about 50 crafts)

    Good luck

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    Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning :)

    Since i am not able to play diablo more then 1-2 hours/day these days I tend to play it for 1-2 months after new ladder(season), then i have reached my goal. THen the new fun things start when the new season starts again.

    If i had time to play like in the old days 5-10 h / day i most likely would play through all seasons, to really maximize the gear.

    The greater rifts are fun, although they can get annoying.. but if they were not annoying then the game would be pointless

    Hope that will be the same for you.

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    posted a message on True end game.
    Diablo has and hopfully always will be a long struggle for perfection.. and if you call that endgame or not.. it does not matter.

    If you have all items you want, then next step is to get better version of them.
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    It should not be the economy that drives you back to the game, do you find it amuzing to play then do. If not then dont come back.

    My goal with D3 is trying to optimize my gear as much as possible, even if it is just very small improvements, and thats the core thing about diablo, trying to get as good gear as possible. If you like that then come back sure. But be prepared that when you reached a certain level of items, you can play the game for weeks without getting an improvement. Thats how it works :D
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    posted a message on Athene Sets World First Naked MP10 Diablo Kill, Life on Kill, Enemy Hit Points Bug, Blue Posts
    i wonder why commenting is disabled on youtube for this video ;)
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    posted a message on Why do you play D3?
    First, I have a family with 2 small kids 3 & 6 years old.
    Always loved to play comptergames, wow and D2 several thousands of hours.

    I play late nights with a few glasses of wine to RELAX and constantly fight to get better and better gear. Thats why D2 and now D3 works so perfectly well..it is almost impossible to get all the best items. The luck based part is also so interesting in the game.
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    posted a message on AH Pricing Too High or Broken Economy?
    Nothing strange really.
    Now the ah have zillions of medium to good to best ingame items.
    Medium items are worth 10k-50k
    Good items are worht 5-30M
    Best ingame are worth 30-sky

    A market works like that, if there are 5000 shoulder with int/vita and all res, then their price will fall to the ground. If 100.000 new players would play diablo 3 every 2 weeks the market should flatten out, but since it does not in a future of 3-6 months even good items will be hard to sell for more then say 100k gold.

    The only really thing that could "improve" the situation you describe is the old fashioned ladder system. but that will not happen in D3 in a very very long time, since the game is not built at all after becoming a ladder system game.

    PS the hardcore way will ofcourse keep their economy up for longer time since players do die there and loose their items and want to get new ones to thei new characters
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