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    Thanks guys, for all the nice words about my guide - you motivate me to keep making youtube videos =) And thanks to Diablo Fans for posting another one of my videos!
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    Thanks guys! I'm super-excited about Diablo Fans posting my parody! You guys rock
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    Thank you so much, Diablofans / Curse for posting my YouTube video on the home page. I think I got about 20,000 views from the site on that video alone, as well as a couple hundred new subscribers. My followers on Twitch.tv were also very excited for me.

    You've motivated me to make more high-quality videos that might be worthy of your home page =)

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    Last month we gave away 1 Billion gold on my live-stream (twitch.tv/archonthewizard). At the time I thought it would be the only time we'd be able to do it, but we're doing it again, this Saturday (October 20th) and it's going to be even better!

    We've been raising money for Boston Children's Hospital, and are currently the #2 Fundraiser on Extra-Life.org (a great charity for gamers to help kids). The charity ends on October 20th with a 24-Hour Gaming marathon from 8am until 8am PST on the 21st. I want to make sure we raise as much as possible, and so I bought 1 billion gold on the RMAH, and we'll be giving it to a random person who donates to the cause.

    To be entered, you only need to donate $5. 100% of the money goes to Boston Children's Hospital, I never even see the money, so you can feel safe donating. If you're skeptical of the charity you can do some research on Extra Life and you'll see they raised $1.2 Million last year. If you're skeptical of the 1 Billion gold giveaway you can talk to anyone who was at the last giveaway who will tell you it's completely random and we show the entire process.

    In addition to the 1 Billion gold, we'll be giving away a TON of other in-game and RL items throughout the day. It would mean a lot to us on the stream and the children at Boston Children's Hospital if you could stop by and show your support. Even if you're not able to donate, just being on the channel will help raise awareness for the cause.

    Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We've raised over $9,000, and we're aiming for $15,000
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    Quote from tanis0

    I don't want to cast aspersions here, but I don't see how this could be anything other than a scam. At 176 million gold per week with 25% given away off the top, it will take ~7.6 weeks during which you'd raise 1.333 billion gold. Selling that at $1.25 per million, that's be $1417 after the 15% cut for Blizzard.

    So, why exactly are you giving away like $1500 and getting little to nothing in return? Or is there an angle I'm not seeing because my first thought is that the big winner will be affiliated with the stream in some hidden way.

    Hey Tanis,

    This is Archon - It's my stream we're doing the 1 billion gold giveaway on, and I just wanted to address your concerns.

    I can guarantee you that we will be giving ALL the money we raise back to the viewers (Including a 1 billion gold giveaway), but I wouldn't expect you to take my word on that. Simply come on by the Twitch stream anytime (My schedule is posted on there) and the viewers can confirm that in the hundreds of hours I've been streaming, I've given every item I've found to them (including every legendary).

    You can also talk to Crystalhand, the winner of 136 mil last week (2 others won 20 mil each) and he can tell you about how it was his first time visiting the channel. In fact, just come by the channel any time, and you'll see what a great community we've established and why I'm so willing to give everything back to the viewers.

    I'm currently trying to get a big enough following that I can stream and make YouTube videos full time, and bringing new viewers to the stream is much more valuable to me than $1000 (after the battle.net cut). Also, I honestly enjoy giving back to everyone that has helped me get started, and created this amazing community on the twitch stream.

    Please stop by anytime and hang out, you'll understand really fast why it's worth it to all of us to give back =)
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    I get asked this question a lot on my live-stream, so I think I have a pretty good response =)

    Crit: It won't work at all unless you have at least 20%, but I would suggest waiting until you have at least 30% (That's when it starts working well)

    All Resist: The more the better because it's going to keep your Diamon Skin from falling off. I would suggest having 400 for act 1, 700 for act 2 and 1000 for act 3 (with prismatic). You can do it with less than that, but some elite packs are going to be difficult

    Armor: This is the MOST UNDER-VALUED STAT for CM Wizards. Armor does the EXACT same thing as AR, but for some reason no one talks about it. 10 points of armor gives the same reduction as 1 point of AR (keep that in mind when looking for gear). You could even argue that Armor is better than AR, since Energy Armor gives a bigger bonus to Armor than it does to AR. Try to have 8,000 for Act 3 (You'll want a shield)

    LoH: You only need enough to fill up your health when Diamon Skin falls off: At least 500, but 1,000 is preferrable (Much more than 1000 is overkill IMO, unless you have a slow attack speed)

    Arcane Power on Crit: This is mostly dependant on your Crit chance (for obvious reasons). You want at least 10, but if your Crit chance is low, you probably want more. A good goal would be to have your APoC multiplied by Crit chance equal about 500 (ex. 10 APoC and 50% Crit and you'll hardly ever run out of Arcane Power)

    Vitality: Not that important for CM Wizards... at least 20k (If you have less than 25k you might try using Force Armor instead of Prismatic and see how it works for you)

    Crit Hit Damage: Not necessary AT ALL for CM to work. However... this is usually the easiest way to add DPS once you have your defense in place

    I have a YouTube video that explains it better... but I think it would be bad form to post it on here.

    I hope this helps... PM me if you have any specific questions =)
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