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    Season 9 Countdown

    00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

    Desolacer's Massacre Levelling Guides

    The Youtuber Desolacer has created google-docs build guides for every class' levelling process. He also showcases a full 1-70 run for every class, taking 2-3 hours each, so the build definitely work!
    (Note: Should the links in the main document not work for you, use those at the very top)

    Butcher Challenge Live Stream

    Blizzard has announced a small Facebook Live stream for today, 3 PM PST. They will be trying to take on the Butcher in the new anniversary dungeon with new characters, using only their starting weapons.



    We're taking on the Butcher from the Patch 2.4.3 anniversary event this Friday using only the weapon our characters started with.

    Will we end up as FRESH MEAT?! Opt in and watch to find out!

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    A Hearthstone Card Back in Cherry Pie Form
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Better Icon Select Addon, World Boss - Calamir, Pet Battles Bonus Event, Tweets

    2.4.3 PTR Hotfixes

    The PTR has received a hotfix which includes some more bug fixes and balancing changes, including a buff to Whirlwind's Dust Devils, and the corresponding Wrath of the Wastes Set. Elite monsters with the Juggernaut affix will now take an additional 30% damage, somewhat counteracting their immunity to Bane of the Trapped.

    Read the full list of changes below!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

    • Whirlwind
      • Dust Devils
        • Damage has been increased from 120% to 180%
          • Please note that this change will not be reflected in the tooltip

    Witch Doctor
    • Spirit Barrage
      • Phantasm
        • Fixed an unintended interaction where Phantasm would benefit from additional bonus damage when prematurely detonated and modified by both the Barber and Gazing Demise

    • Wrath of the Wastes
      • 6-Piece Bonus
        • Increased damage bonus to Whirlwind from 400% to 800%
          • Please note that this change will not be reflected in the tooltip

    • Rare monsters with the Juggernaut affix now take 30% more damage from all sources
    • The Succubus' Bloodstar attack has had its damage reduced by 15% and the projectile's travel distance has been reduced
    • The damage from Khazra spears has been reduced by 15%
    • The damage from Ice Porcupine icicles has been reduced by 15%

    Greater Rifts
    • Greater Rifts now spawn Hellhide Tremors, Disentombed Hulks, Sand Dwellers, and Colossol Golgors with other monsters in somewhat larger groups
    • Greater Rifts now spawn somewhat fewer Sand Wasps and Fallen Grunts on floors where they appear

    Animation Support Lightning Talk

    We have another Lightning Talk, giving insights into Diablo III's game systems. This time Non Thareechit talks about how the team designs the character's animations and which aspects are important to make them work well. In the last portion, we also get a peek of some Necromancer animations.


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    Hearthstone Esports is Looking for Casters!
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Raid Tuning and Nighthold Release Date, Prestige Bug

    Season 8 Ends Dec 30th, 9 Starts Jan 6th

    Season 8 will end on Friday December 30th at 5 PM server time! Season 9 will then begin a exactly week later, on January 6th, with patch 2.4.3 certainly being applied in between these two dates.
    Read the full announcement, including information on the Season rollover here.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Blog)

    Here we are again, nephalem. As we prepare to close out another Season in Diablo III, it's time to take a moment to remember what you have achieved and ensure you're ready for the transition to a new Season.

    You’ll be able to sort through your rollover rewards and review your progress on the Leaderboards between Seasons. It’s a great time to reflect on the accomplishments you’ve made and enjoy the culmination of your pre- and post-Season loot hunts!

    Season 8 will be ending on the following dates and times:

        North America: Friday, December 30 @ 5:00 p.m. PST
        Europe: Friday, December 30 @ 5:00 p.m. CET
        Asia: Friday, December 30 @ 5:00 p.m. KST

    Season 9 will begin about one week afterward on these dates:

        North America: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. PST
        Europe: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. CET
        Asia: Friday, January 6 @ 5:00 p.m. KST


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    Yaaaar'thstone! The Angry Chicken #187 - Pirates, Pirates, and.. Pirates!
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Raid Tuning and Nighthold Release Date, Prestige Bug

    Joe Shely Q&A Summary

    Here's a summary of today's developer Q&A stream with Senior Game Designer Joe Shely. Keep in mind that these aren't exact quotes, but merely shortened versions of the questions and answers.
    Sadly, there isn't a whole lot of new information in here: The PTR will see additional changes to the Wrath of the Wastes Set and Greater Rifts, and we'll get the S8 ending announcement "very soon".
    If you want to watch the VoD, you can do so on Facebook.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Q&A Stream)

    How will the move to 64-bit enhance our gameplay experience?
    There will be faster load times and graphical improvements with DX11. This will ship with patch 2.4.3 and is on PTR now.
    Are you happy with the Paragon system or do you think it needs to be reworked?

    Paragon is an alternate progression track, allowing many players to keep gaining power. For ultra-competitive players who want an even playing field, Challenge Rifts will allow you to have just that. [You can read more about Challenge Rifts in our BlizzCon recap]

    Are there plans to rework Wrath of the Wastes?

    We want to increase its power. Additional changes to that end will come to the PTR soon. The tornadoes should remain a meaningful part of the playstyle, but they were too impactfull before. We're aiming for about 40% of your damage coming from the tornadoes and 60% from Whirlwind itself.

    During the BlizzCon announcement, the Necromancer themes mentioned did not include Poison. What about that?

    The main themes are Blood and Decay and we can build interesting gameplay around them. Poison will probably only be on Runes to differentiate the Necro from the Witch Doctor more.

    Will PS4 and XBox One get the Anniversary patch at the same time as PC?

    Yes. Also, Seasons will be coming to consoles in the future.

    On Saffron Wrap: Most Legendaries need Set synergy to be worth using. Any plans to add Overpower to a Set?

    We talked about adding it to Wrath of the Wastes, but decided against it. We'll see how Saffron Wrap turns out on live and evaluate from there. Let us know how it feels.

    Group play is more rewarding than solo play, can you reduce the disparity there?

    We look at this very carefully. We want to make solo play more fun when doing Bounties and are experimenting with that right now.

    Do you have plans to rework Akkhan's?

    We added a 7th piece on the PTR and want to see what new builds players can make with the new flexibility before any further reworks.

    Are there plans to add more Achievements?

    The Necromancer patch will come with its own set of class Achievements.

    Some Sets vastly outperform others (like Firebird's). How do you feel about this and what kind of changes can we expect?

    We don't want players to log in weaker after a patch, so we're very carefully about nerfing Sets. In 2.4.3 we buffed some of the weaker Sets to address the issue. We plan to continue monitoring that and adjust to provide more variety in playstyles.

    Are there plans to overhaul and improve the skill system?

    We wouldn't fundamentally change such an important system on a live game. The flexibility of our system allows us to make wild Legendaries which anyone can immediately try out.

    Can we get a new Transmog Set for Seasonal rewards?

    Transmog Sets are cool. We will do new cosmetics for Season 9, like Portrait Frames.

    Can we get info on the timeline for Season 8 ending and 9 starting?

    We will announce more information on when S8 ends very soon. S9 will start shortly after S8 ends, somewhere around release of patch 2.4.3.

    Will there be an alternative end game that can compete with Greater Rifts?

    We see Seasons as a way to engage with the game over a long time, keeping the game fresh. That is a form of end game. If you want to absolutely max out your character, Greater Rifts are your way to go. Challenge Rifts will provide an additional way to compete.

    Are there plans to lessen the dominance of Wizards' Archon skill?

    We agree that Archon is a bit too dominant. Delsere's doesn't use Archon and we buffed it with 2.4.3.

    Why don't CMs and developers interact more with community members and posters?

    We're experimenting with different ways of communicating right now, since forum posts are only seen by a small portion of the community. This live stream is one of those new ways, just like Twitch and Youtube. We won't abandon one form if others work better. We are here and are listening, the developers are reading the forums. For example, there will be additional Greater Rift tweaks coming to PTR as a result of your feedback on the forums.

    What kinds of things does a Diablo team want for Christmas?

    Wyatt: Some snow in Irvine.

    Brandy: No snow in Irvine!

    Someone else: Butterfly Wings.

    Joe: An Ancient Witching Hour for my UE build.

    Thank you for submitting questions and happy holidays!


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    This Week's Tavern Brawl is The Battle for Gadgetzan
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    December 13 Hotfixes, Upcoming PTR Legendary Changes, Blue Posts, Tweets

    Facebook Q&A on Thursday

    Senior Game Designer Joe Shely will hop onto Facebook Live on Thursday at 4PM PST to answer community questions. For details on how to submit your questions, check the announcement below.
    We will of course bring you a summary of the Q&A shortly afterwards.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Blog)

    Join us for our first-ever Facebook Live Q&A Thursday, December 15! We’ll be joined by Senior Game Designer Joe Shely to answer a few of your Diablo questions.

    Got a question for us? Submit any Diablo question by posting in this forum thread or via Twitter using the hashtag #D3QA.

    We’re hoping to answer as many questions as we can and can’t wait to see you Thursday at 4:00 p.m. PST. See you there!

    Clickies, Traps & Breakables Lightning Talk

    The first of the Lightning Talks, focusing on inside design insights, from this year's BlizzCon has been re-recorded and uploaded to youtube! In this video, Neal Wojahn talks about how the environmental kills came into being and what the challenges in making them happen were. The volume is fairly low, so be sure to turn it up.


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    Getting Dirty with the Grimy Goons - Our Favourite Grimy Goons Decks
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Mythic+ 20 Darkheart Thicket, Volunteer Guard Day, Blue Tweets, DLC #563

    Blizzard Book-Publishing Label Launches

    Blizzard has launched their own book-publishing label, Blizzard Publishing. While all initial (re)releases are set in the Warcraft universe, we can be sure that future Diablo books will appear under this new label, too.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Press Release)

    Blizzard Entertainment today announced the creation of a book-publishing label, Blizzard Publishing, dedicated to developing and releasing new Blizzard publications and reissuing out-of-print titles in the company’s Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo settings, directly and through ongoing global partnerships. Each of Blizzard’s game universes has been inhabited by millions of players worldwide, and Blizzard Publishing will help maintain the lore and legacy of the company’s earliest novels and manga while also providing a variety of new ways for people to engage with Blizzard’s rich worlds and characters. Several of Blizzard Publishing’s upcoming releases will be available in multiple formats, such as print, audiobook, and e-book.
    The first books published under the Blizzard Publishing label include two sets of previously released novels and manga from award-winning and New York Times best-selling authors.

    Blizzard Legends

    • Warcraft: The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb
    • Warcraft: Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden
    • World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden

    Blizzard Manga

    • Warcraft Legends: Volume One, with stories by Richard A. Knaak, Dan Jolley, and Jae-Hwan Kim
    • Warcraft Legends: Volume Two, with stories by Richard A. Knaak, Dan Jolley, and Aaron Sparrow

    Future releases in the Blizzard Legends and Blizzard Manga series will include titles across multiple Blizzard franchises.  

    Blizzard Publishing has also developed a new original title, the World of Warcraft Adult Coloring Book—an epic volume of more than 80 pieces of concept art, sketches, and more, featuring characters and scenes from beloved locales across Azeroth.

    “Great stories and inspiring artwork have always been at the heart of everything we do,” said Lydia Bottegoni, senior vice president of story and franchise development at Blizzard Entertainment. “The creation of Blizzard Publishing gives us new opportunities to celebrate the art and stories of our games with Blizzard gamers as well as fantasy and sci-fi fans around the world.”

    Those looking to dive into a new book today can find the aforementioned Blizzard Legends novels and Blizzard Manga titles, as well as the World of Warcraft Adult Coloring Book, wherever books are sold and online at gear.blizzard.com. Blizzard Legends titles are available for USD $14.95; Blizzard Manga titles and the World of Warcraft Adult Coloring Book can be purchased for USD $12.95. Blizzard Publishing releases are distributed by Publishers Group West.

    Blizzard Publishing is also planning to release a captivating series of full-color coffee table art books, starting with Art of Hearthstone and Cinematic Art of StarCraft, as well as additional novel and manga reissues, in 2017 and beyond. Further details about these and other Blizzard Publishing titles, including pricing for regional translations, will be announced at a later date.

    Rhykker's Unhallowed Grenades DH Build

    Rhykker has published a new video detailing a new PTR Demon Hunter build using Unhallowed Essence and the new Hellcat Waistguard. It plays quite a bit differently from existing UE builds, so be sure to have a look.


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    The Potions of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan - Be Prepared for that Kabal Chemist!
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Patch 7.1.5 PTR - Build 23194

    New PTR Patch Notes - - Set Buffs For Every Class

    Once again, the 2.4.3 PTR has received an update! And this time around we have a number of balancing changes: Apart from the changes to the new items we reported on a few days ago, there are also buffs to various class sets like Roland's Legacy, Embodiment of the Marauder, Inna's Mantra, Spirit of Arachyr, and Delsere's Magnum Opus. The Barbarian's Wrath of the Wastes set has also received changes to be less dependent on Dust Devil RNG.

    Find the latest changes below or the full list of 2.4.3 patch notes here.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Full Patch Notes)

    • Bug Fixes
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue preventing the transmogrification options granted by the Anniversary Event from being available account-wide
    • Class Specific Items
      • Crusader
        • Faithful Memory
          • Each enemy hit by Falling Sword increases the damage of Blessed Hammer by 50-60% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 10 times
      • With Doctor
        • The Barber
          • Instead of dealing direct damage, your Spirit Barrage now accumulates on the target
          • When you stop channeling casting, it explodes dealing 225-250% of the accumulated damage to all enemies within 15 yards
    • The following class set powers have received changes
      • Barbarian
        • Wrath of the Wastes
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Whirlwind gains the effect of the Dust Devils rune and Dust Devils all Whirlwind damage is increased to 2500% weapon damage by 400%
      • Crusader
        • Roland's Legacy
          • (4) Set Bonus
            • Increase the damage of Shield Bash and Sweep Attack by 750% 1250%.
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Every use of Shield Bash or Sweep Attack that hits an enemy grants 50% increased Attack Speed and 10% 15% damage reduction for 8 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
      • Demon Hunter
        • Embodiment of the Marauder
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Your primary skills, Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Impale, Multishot, Cluster Arrow, Companions, and Vengeance deal 800% 1200% increased damage for every active Sentry.
      • Monk
        • Inna’s Mantra
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Gain the five runed Mystic Allies at all times and your damage is increased by 50% 100% for each Mystic Ally you have out.
      • Witch Doctor
        • Spirit of Arachyr
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • The damage of your creature skills is increased by 1500% 2400%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Locust Swarm, Hex, and Piranhas.
      • Wizard
        • Delsere’s Magnum Opus
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Enemies affected by your Slow Time take 2000% 2800% increased damage from your Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Explosive Blast, Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, and Wave of Force abilities.
    • Bug Fixes
      • The Barber
        • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue that was causing the explosion created by this item to fail if the stored damage exceeded the target’s current health
        • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue preventing +Spirit Barrage damage from applying to the explosions created by the skill when equipped with this item



    • Greater Rifts
      • The Greater Rift progress bar now displays the percentage completion at the end of the bar when it is nearly filled
      • The experience and Greater Rift progression awarded for defeating many smaller monsters has been increased
      • Players will now get an extra chance to upgrade their Legendary Gems if they do not die in a Greater Rift


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    The Angry Chicken Reviews the Rest of the Set & Talks About Decks to Play
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Dave Kosak Moves to Hearthstone Team, Argus Lore, Blue Tweets, DLC #562

    2.4.3 PTR Upcoming Item Changes

    Nevalistis has posted an update on some of the reworked items from 2.4.3. In short, The Barber and Faithful Memory are getting some nerfs, while the other items will likely stay the way they are.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)

    It's been great to see a lot of earnest testing and honest feedback. Thanks, everyone, who's participated thus far! Based on your feedback, we have a few changes pending for some of these items that I wanted to share before they go live in the next PTR patch.

    The Barber
    Those of you who have been testing The Barber have seen this item jump from flat out not-functioning to most certainly over-performing. We suspect that the damage on this item is a tad high (particularly when using the Phantasm rune), so we're removing the damage bonus granted by the final explosion. There were also some pretty funky interactions occurring with Phantasm that caused some scaling issues, and we'll be correcting those.

    TLDR: Witch Doctors looking for massive AoE explosions from Spirit Barrage should still see effective results, but they won't be quite so over the top.

    Faithful Memory
    Faithful Memory is greatly benefiting from changes made to Greater Rifts and density. As many of you have noted, it's a wee bit on the powerful side. We're going to implement a cap on the number of stacks that can be gained and see how this performs. That leaves room for potential tweaking in the future if it's been adjusted too far.

    Hellcat's Waistguard
    We're pretty happy with how Hellcat's Waistguard is panning out in practice. We wanted to introduce an alternative play style rather than a new meta for Greater Rift pushing with the possibility that someone might discover a new top-tier combination or build with it, and we feel this item fulfills that goal.

    Manald Heal
    Manald Heal is in very much a similar place as Hellcat's Waistguard, though it admittedly needed a bump from its initial version on the PTR. Thanks to everyone who helped us test this item! The builds that are coming out of it actually perform pretty well, and we think there's still more room for player experimentation here.

    Overall, I want to reiterate that we don't intentionally design items to shift or change "the meta," nor are we looking to continue feeding power creep. The intention of many of these items (and likely those in the future) will be to provide options to play differently while remaining reasonably competitive with other existing options.


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    Gadgetzan Deck Spotlight: Come Try Something New!
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Adopt Mischief Today and Support Make-A-Wish

    How Would a Third Person Diablo Game Look?


    One of our moderators and official MVP, Monstrous, took to our forums to ask how a third person Diablo game would look like. Jay Wilson recently tweeted about how every other game during D3's early development seemed to go down the third person route but that he hand his team decided to stick with the isometric perspective. What if they hadn't? Do you think a Diablo game could work in third person? How would that play? Let us know on the forums!

    Rhykker's S9 Builds

    Popular Twitch Streamer and Youtuber Rhykker has released a new video showcasing how the current top builds may change come patch 2.4.3 and Season 9. He goes over all classes and explains how the additional item each of them gets influences how each class can be played. Watch the video below!


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    Hearthstone Patch 7.0 - Gadgetzan! Card Flavor Text, New Card Backs, & More!
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Legion PvP Season Rollover December 13

    Jay Wilson's Insights into Vanilla Development


    Vanilla Diablo III's game director Jay Wilson has recently been posting quite a few insights into the game's development on his twitter account. Here are some of the tidbits:

    • Seasons and Rifts were already envisioned during vanilla development. Tweet
    • Early internal versions of the game were much closer to Diablo II. Tweet
    • Jay and his team had a ton of creative freedom during development, no upper management pressure. Tweet
    • Removing "earthly" satanist symbolism like pentagrams and burning crosses was a conscious decision to make the game world more unique. Tweet
    • Jay agrees that D3 has grown a lot since release, but a learning phase was necessary to get there. Tweet

    Diablo Brawl Coming to Hearthstone


    Today's Hearthstone patch has added a card back which is apparently associated with a Diablo-themed Tavern Brawl called "The Dark Wanderer". In this context, it's worth noting that Hearthstone has recently dropped its "Heroes of Warcraft" subtitle. Could we see more than just this Brawl in terms of Diablo content in Hearthstone?

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  • published the article 2.4.3 PTR Updated Patch Notes, Blizzard's Black Friday Sale

    Gadgetzan Card Reveal Dump Stream Next Monday, November 28
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Legendary Item Bad Luck Protection Soft Cap Removed

    2.4.3 PTR Updated Patch Notes

    The 2.4.3 PTR has gotten another minor update. Again, it's mostly bug fixes with the only notable change being a buff to the Legendary Gem you get for the Anniversary Event.

    Find the latest changes below or the full list of 2.4.3 patch notes here.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Full Patch Notes)

    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue which prevented the Archon version of Teleport from correctly incorporating the player’s attacks per second
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue that prevented Grenades from dealing Area Damage
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue that prevented Grenades from utilizing Life on Hit
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue which prevented critical strikes from correctly resetting the recharge time on Overpower
    • Legendary Items
      • Red Soulstone Shard
        • New Legendary Gem
          • Periodically struggle for control, unleashing a ring of Fire that inflicts 1000% 12,500% weapon damage to enemies it passes through
            • With the above change, the primary effect of the gem deals significantly more damage at the gem’s base level, but scales more slowly with additional levels
          • After gaining a level, your resource costs are removed and cooldowns on skills are reduced by 75% for 15 30 seconds (Requires Rank 25)
    • Bug Fixes
      • Pinto's Pride
        • Fixed a bug where the bonus Wave of Light damage from this item was not being calculated correctly
      • The Barber
        • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue that was causing the explosion created by this item to fail if a large amount of damage was stored
      • Rabid Strike
        • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue preventing this item from correctly rolling 4 affixes
        • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue which prevented the mimics spawned by this item from inheriting the Lashing Tail Kick attack speed bonus from Rivera Dancers
        • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue preventing mimics spawned by this item from benefitting from Tzo Krin’s Gaze and Lashing Tail Kick: Hand of Ytar

    Blizzard's Black Friday Sale



    Blizzard has put many of their digital downloads on sale.

    While Diablo III did not get a special deal (though the Battle Chest was recently added to the store: D3+RoS for $30), there are deals for most other modern Blizzard titles:

    • Overwatch Origins Edition - 40% off
    • World of Warcraft excluding Legion - 75% off
    • Starcraft II Wings of Liberty & Heart of the Swarm - 50% off
    • Starcraft II Legacy of the Void - 33% off
    • Heroes of the Storm: Several bundles - 50%+ off

    The deals last until November 28th.

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  • published the article D2 Ladder Reset, First Person Job Opening, Chris Metzen Interview

    Gadgetzan Gazette - Vol. 32 #10 "Final Edition" Pg 2
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    The Soultakers, World Quest Bonus Event, Mythic Helya, Blizzard Gear Black Friday

    Diablo II Ladder Reset

    The Diablo II Ladders are being reset today. If you want to have another go to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary, now's your chance!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forum)

    Start deciding your next build, because it's ladder reset time. We'll take the servers down for maintenance on November 22nd at 10:00 AM PST. Expect a few hours of downtime.

    See you in Sanctuary, Adventurers.

    New Blizzard Job Opening for First Person Title

    The Blizzard Careers page is listing another curious new job opening: An engine engineer for a first-person engine of an unannounced project.

    While the older job listings for a new game in the Diablo universe seem to be gone, this unannounced project might still be a Diablo game. Of course, knowing Blizzard, we won't actually find out any time soon.

    What do you think? Would a Diablo game in first person work? Let us know in the comments!


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blizzard Careers)

    Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an experienced engine engineer to work on a robust first-person engine for an unannounced project. The ideal applicant has demonstrated ability to lead a team of engineers to success, has a vision for how a scalable, performant and technically excellent engine should be built, and has a passion for adopting state of the art rendering technology to implement visually stunning games.


    You must be an excellent engineer, collaborating closely with the technical director and other engineering leads to build a technically excellent engine across multiple platforms. You must enjoy collaborating with art and technical art leads, understand the artistic vision of the game and identify the technology needed to achieve and extend that vision. As a leader you will inspire and guide some of the most talented and passionate engineers in the industry as your team builds that technology together.

    Chris Metzen Interview by Scott Johnson

    After Chris Metzen, former Creative Director of many Blizzard games, stepped down in September, we haven't heard much from him.
    Now, Chris Johnson of Frogpants Studios has interviewed him about his decision to leave Blizzard, private issues like anxiety, and much more. Be advised that this is a very personal interview with no specific relation to Diablo, so don't expect any major development news.


    You can listen to the whole >1 hour interview on Soundcloud or on Youtube (static video).


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  • published the article New 2.4.3 PTR Patch, Diablo III Battle Chest Now Available

    The Kabal Reveal Week - 3 New Cards, More to Come!
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Dev Interview, BlizzCon 2016 - Blizzard Engineering Panel, Blue Tweets, DLC #559

    New 2.4.3 PTR Patch

    The 2.4.3 PTR has gotten a new patch! Read the new changes in the patch notes below.

    The vast majority of changes are small fixes. What's of note is a reduction of damage from the Electrified Elite affix and the addition of a PTR only vendor to all towns.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blog Post)

    • Bug Fixes
      • (PTR Only) Fixed a variety of issues causing client crashes, improving overall stability
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue preventing the SSAO feature from being disabled correctly
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue causing the gamma slider in the 64 bit client to work incorrectly
    • Class Specific Items
      • Some existing class-specific Legendary items have been updated to include a unique Legendary power
        • With the below changes, the minimum levels required to use these items have been adjusted to match the level at which their corresponding skills unlock
        • Diablofans note: The actual items' powers were not adjusted. View their powers here.
    • Bug Fixes
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue which caused the Soulstone Shard to trigger its special effect while players were in town
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue causing gem removal costs to be reduced to zero
    • Bug Fixes
      • (PTR Only) Fixed an issue which caused text display issues with some Season Journey objectives
    • Enemy Affixes
      • Electrified
        • With this, the damage caused by this affix has been reduced by about 35%
    • PTR Only
      • PTR Bag of Fortune
        • Players on the PTR will now receive a special bag from normal Rift Guardians Djank M'iem, a vendor who appears in each town hub in Adventure Mode and Campaign Mode
        • This bag costs 300 Blood Shards and contains class-specific items that are being tested for the upcoming patch
        • This bag will always drop items which are specific to the class which opens it
        • In cases where the PTR bag contains a weapon, the bag will also drop a Flawless Emerald and a Ramaladni’s Gift

    Diablo III Battle Chest Now Available


    During the BlizzCon madness, Blizzard bundled the PC versions of Diablo III and Reaper of Souls into the Diablo III Battle Chest. You can buy it digitally for yourself or as a gift on the Battle.net store, or grab a physical copy at a retailer near you. Price point is 29.99 USD / 29.99 EUR.


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blog Post)

    This holiday season, gather your friends and prepare for the defense of the mortal realms . . . the Diablo III PC Battle Chest is available now at a new low price of $29.99! The Battle Chest includes both Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion, together at last in one definitive volume.

    You can purchase or gift a digital copy in the Shop, or you can pick up a physical box at retail, arriving in stores starting today, just in time for the holidays. Check your local retailer for availability.
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    New Card Reveal: Grimestreet Pawnbroker & Shaky Zipgunner
    Heroes PTR Patch: Nov 7 - Varian Hero, New Brawl, Revamped Tutorial, Nexus Challenge
    Trial of Valor Open, World Boss - Shar'thos, US - Kosumoth Mount, Darkmoon Faire

    PTR Patch 2.4.3 Datamined and Patchnotes

    Update 3:47 PM PDT - Added Anniversary Dungeon strings

    Update 4:00 PM PDT - Added more Anniversary Dungeon, Demon Hunter, and Kanai's Cube strings

    Update 4:05 PM PDT - Added Achievements and Cosmetics Strings


    The Patch notes for the new PTR patch are up, as is the PTR itself! Read the full patch notes at the bottom of this post.
    The patch contains pretty much exactly what was promised for it at BlizzCon plus a few minor fixes. If you want to catch up on all the other upcoming content, check our BlizzCon Recap here.


    We've started datamining the patch and it seems there are some more secrets hidden in the Anniversary Dungeon and maybe beyond!

    As always: Datamined changes are not 100% accurate, not all of these things need to be in the game, or at least not in the way indicated here.

    We will continue to update this post as we discover more, so check back often!


    Note: Completing a Rift on the PTR seems to give you a bag which contains the Legendary that was changed for your class. This is obviously a PTR only feature to allow for easier testing of the new items.


    Anniversary Dungeon Strings

    • AnniversaryDescription - The past is never far in these parts... Cultists have delved through the remnants of Adria's belongings and discovered the secret to reviving her memories. For a fleeting time, this town will appear as it was many years ago...
    • Cosmetic_Pet_Butcher - He may be little, but he is fierce.
    • Cosmetic_Pet_MooCow - This young creature has a regal air, as though he holds some special place within his herd. Who knows what would they do if he went missing...
    • Cosmetic_PortraitFrame_RetroAngel - A timeless guardian of order gazes upon you.
    • Cosmetic_PortraitFrame_RetroDemon - You are watched by a malevolent force from years past.
    • Lore_ChamberOfBone - Beyond the hall of heroes lies the Chamber of Bone. Eternal death awaits any who would seek to steal the treasures secured within this room. So speaks the Lord of Terror, and so it is written.
    • Lore_HallsOfTheBlind - I can see what you see not. Vision milky, then eyes rot. When you turn they will be gone, Whispering their hidden song. Then you see what cannot be, Shadows move where light should be. Out of darkness, out of mind, Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.
    • Lore_Valor - ...and so, locked beyond the gateway of blood, and past the hall of fire, Valor awaits for the hero of light to awaken...
    • Lore_WarlordOfBlood - The armories of Hell are home to the Warlord of Blood. In his wake lay the mutilated bodies of thousands. Angels and man alike have been cut down to fulfill his endless sacrifices to the dark ones who scream for one thing - blood.
    • Mood_Level_01 - The sanctity of this place has been fouled.
    • Mood_Level_05 - The smell of death surrounds me.
    • Mood_Level_09 - It's hot down here.
    • Mood_Level_13 - I must be getting close.
    • Valor_PedestalOfBlood - You do not have a Blood Stone.
    • BlackMushroomNeeded    - An ingredient is missing.
    • AnniversaryCorpse_Farnham - You need a strong drink to wake this spirit.
    • AnniversaryCorpse_Ogden - This man died penniless, giving all he had to his neighbors.
    • AnniversaryCorpse_Pepin - This man's spirit yearns to help the wounded and afflicted.
    • AnniversaryDungeon_Griswold - The restless spirit of this blacksmith needs to make one last treasure.
    • CraftingPlan_Smith_Smith_WirtsLeg - Teaches the Blacksmith how to craft a wooden peg leg.
    • WirtsMap - Secret Map
    • Narrator_01 - The Soulstone burns with hellfire as an eerie red glow blurs your vision. Fresh blood flows into your eyes, and you begin to hear the tormented whispers of the damned. You have done what you knew must be done. The essence of diablo is contained... for now.
    • Narrator_02 - You pray that you have become strong enough to contain the demon and keep him at bay. Although you have been fortified by your quest, you can still feel him clawing his way up from the dark recesses of your soul.
    • Narrator_03 - ighting to retain control, your thoughts turn toward the ancient mystic lands of the far east. Perhaps there, beyond the desolate wastes of Aranoch you will find an answer. Or perhaps salvation.

    Demon Hunter

    • Custom Engineering - Increase the duration of your Caltrops, Marked for Death, Spike Trap, and Sentry by 100%. / Increase the maximum number and charges of Sentries to 2 and number of Spike Traps to 4 (was 2).
    • Spike Trap - Cost: 15 Hatred / Lay a trap that remains dormant until another Hatred spender is used to detonate the trap. When detonated, the trap and all other traps will explode in a chain reaction for 1160% weapon damage as Fire (was Physical) to all enemies within 8 yards of each trap. / You can have a maximum of 4 (was 2) Spike Traps active at one time.

    Kanai's Cube

    • [INFUSE LEGENDARY] - Infuse Legendary Power
    • [INFUSE LEGENDARY]_Name - Natala's Prayer
    • [INFUSE LEGENDARY]_Lore - "Natala's sacrifice saved the Horadrim from themselves, but her name must be stricken from the texts." -fragment of the Dark Exile Scrolls.


    • Thank Goodness You’ve Returned! - Kill all 4 bosses.
    • Adventuring Hero - Kill one unique monster from the Labyrinth.
    • Champion of the Townsfolk - Kill 20 unique monsters from the Labyrinth.
    • Protector of Tristram - Kill all unique monsterss from the Labyrinth.
    • I Sense a Soul in Search of Answers - Collect all the Cultist Pages from the precursor event.
    • Pssst… Over Here… - Acquire Wirt’s Leg.
    • The Dark Passage - Visit the Dark Passage.
    • The Chamber of Bone - Visit the Chamber of Bone.
    • The Halls of the Blind - Visit the Halls of the Blind.
    • An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision - Kill the Dark Lord in a solo game starting with a Level 1 character.


    • Cosmetic_Wings_Mercy - You feel the reassurance that mercy, perhaps an angel, watches over you.
    • Cosmetic_Wings_Blue - "Ten thousand strong, the angels burst forth from the clouds and fell upon the gathered army of the underworld, tearing it asunder with their savage weapons." -The Book of Jarl, Volume IV
    • Cosmetic_Wings_Red - "So ancient are the angels of the High Heavens that many of their deepest secrets are lost, even to themselves." -Deckard Cain
    • Cosmetic_Pet_FallenHound_Skeletal - "When first practicing the Art of Rathma, it pays to start small. Trust me on this." -Mehtan the Necromancer

    Official Patch Notes


    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blog Post)

    • New Feature: 20th Anniversary Event
      • A mysterious group of Cultists is stirring up trouble! Hunt them down in Adventure Mode to uncover clues that reveal a portal into Tristram’s past, and rediscover the terrifying darkness that took hold of the town so many years ago…
      • This event is only available in January
        • Please note that the anniversary event features a pre-cursor event

        • This will start a few hours before the rest of the event is available on the PTR

    • Hardware Support
      • Support has been added for the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) SDK and Razer peripherals
        • Supported backlit keyboards will respond to certain in-game situations like Legendary and Set item drops, characters leveling up, and more
      • Players will need to update their firmware for supported devices to use this feature
    • Barbarian
      • Overpower
        • Now has 3 charges
        • Cooldown per charge remains 12 seconds with a chance to be reduced slightly by critical strikes
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue which caused Wave of Light to sometimes fail to deal damage when players were under the effect of Epiphany
      • Fixed a bug which prevented a Hydra from being spawned when two Mirror Images attempted to cast Summon Hydra at the same time
      • Fixed an issue which caused the active effect of Earth Ally and Fire Ally to not benefit from Attacks Per Second or +Mystic Ally damage
    • Class Specific Items
      • New items have been added to the game
        • Crusader
          • Armor of Akkhan
            • Talisman of Akkhan (Amulet)
              • Has been added as a 7th piece to Armor of Akkhan
              • The set’s current bonuses and powers remain the same
            • This amulet will always roll with Critical Hit Chance in addition to 3 other random affixes
      • Some existing class-specific Legendary items have been updated to include a unique Legendary power
        • Note: Existing items will not be affected by the following changes; only new versions of the items will roll with the added Legendary power
        • Barbarian
          • Saffron Wrap
            • The damage of your next Overpower is increased by 40-50% for each enemy hit, up to a maximum of 20 enemies
        • Crusader
          • Faithful Memory
            • Each enemy hit by Falling Sword increases the damage of Blessed Hammer by 50-60% for 5 seconds
        • Demon Hunter
          • Hellcat Waistguard
            • Grenades have a chance to bounce 3-5 times, dealing an additional 50% damage on each bounce
            • This bonus is increased to 800% on the final bounce
            • The following skills are affected by this power:
              • Cluster Arrow – Dazzling Arrow, Cluster Bombs, Loaded for Bear, and No Rune
              • Rain of Vengeance – Anathema
              • Strafe – Demolition
              • Rapid Fire – Bombardment
        • Monk
          • Rabid Strike
            • Spirit spenders that teleport you while Epiphany is active are also mimicked on a distant target for free
        • Witch Doctor
          • The Barber
            • Spirit Barrage no longer deals direct damage but instead absorbs the damage as charges
            • After the target has not absorbed Spirit Barrage damage for 1.5 seconds or dies, the charges detonate doing damage to all enemies within 15 yards
            • Damage is increased by 15-20% per charge
        • Wizard
          • Manald Heal
            • Lightning damage done by your Arcane spenders does an additional 20-25% of the damage over 5 seconds
            • This damage-over-time effect can be refreshed by additional Lightning damage and stacks
      • The functionality of some items has changed


        • Crusader
          • Defender of Westmarch
            • Can no longer summon a wolf more than once per second
            • Damage done by the wolf is increased for each block made during the interim
        • Witch Doctor
          • Jeram's Bracers
            • The minimum level for this item to drop has changed from 12 to 31 in order to match the level at which Wall of Death unlocks
    • Bug Fixes
      • Hellfire Amulet
        • Fixed an issue where Fetishes spawned by this item with the Fetish Sycophants passive would not reduce the cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo correctly when Starmetal Kukri was equipped
      • Illusory Boots
        • Will now properly allow Crusaders using Steed Charge to pass through walls
      • Flail of the Ascended
        • Now takes into account +Shield Bash affix bonuses in its damage
        • Damage stacks will now persist when changing gear and picking up items
      • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused cosmetic pets to be dismissed unintentionally, requiring the player to resummon them through the collections UI
      • Fixed a bug causing transmogrify options to not properly unlock sometimes when first acquiring an item which grants a new transmogrify option
      • Fixed a bug which caused the buff from the Legendary item Ahvarion, Spear of Lycander to end when changing floors in a Greater Rift
      • Fixed an issue which caused the Bones cosmetic pet to incorrectly produce sound when players interacted with some user interface elements
      • Fixed an issue which caused +Elemental damage bonuses on weapons to override the damage bonus granted to Ancient Spear by Skular’s Salvation and its elemental type
      • Fixed an issue which allowed Necrosis damage from the Helltooth Harness set to be reflected back by some enemies onto Witch Doctors using projectiles like Poison Dart
    • Season Journey
      • The Destroyer and Guardian tiers of the Season Journey will no longer require players to augment an Ancient Legendary item using level 30 or higher and level 40 or higher Legendary gems, respectively
      • Along with this, the Conqueror tier now requires players to augment one Ancient Legendary item using a Legendary Gem at level 50 or higher
    • Bounties
      • The number of enemy kills required to complete the following Bounties has been reduced
        • Kill Aloysius
        • Kill Axegrave
        • Kill Bholen
        • Kill Captain Donn Adams
        • Kill The Crusher
    • Rifts
      • The Cesspools map has been adjusted
        • Enemy density and overall map size have been reduced
        • This area can now appear as the starting dungeon in Rifts and Greater Rifts
    • Greater Rifts
      • We have made a number of changes to improve the play experience of Greater Rifts
        • Monsters should now be more evenly distributed on each floor in Greater Rifts
        • The size of each floor in a Greater Rift is now more consistent
          • On average, a rift should take between two and four floors to clear
        • There is no longer an increased chance to see the same tile set when you venture down a floor in a Greater Rift
        • There is now a guaranteed area at the entrance of each floor with no monsters
          • This area is just large enough for ranged characters to maneuver
        • Several additional monster types can now appear as Champions and Elites
      • The stacking effect of the following is now cleared upon entering a Greater Rift
        • The items Lord Greenstone’s Fan, Fortress Ballista and Flail of the Ascended
        • The skills Arcane Dynamo and Mythic Rhythm
    • Greed’s Realm
      • The portal to Greed’s Realm will now close 60 seconds after opening Greed’s chest
      • With this, players may now open multiple portals to the realm in a single game
    • Zones
      • The waypoint for Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 in Adventure Mode has been moved from the entrance to the midpoint of the level in order to provide quicker access to some bounties
        • With this change, bounties requiring you to kill unique enemies will only spawn these enemies in the first half of the dungeon, and all monsters on the map will contribute to bounty progress
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue preventing the scene for Bounty: Research Problems from spawning
      • Fixed bugs that led to large open areas with no monsters in some rooms in Greater Rifts, which was especially common near the entrance to certain floors
    • Enemies
      • Quality of life improvements have been made to enemies
        • Several enemies that leap at the player can now be killed in mid-air, including Winged Assassins, Punishers, Lacuni Huntresses, and Burrowing Leapers
        • Several enemies that can become un-attackable, such as Sandsharks, Snakemen, and Rockworms now spend more time vulnerable. When these enemies do burrow or stealth, they no longer remain in this state for more than 3 seconds
        • In addition, emerging Rockworms now always show ground cracks to help attentive players avoid their initial attack
    • Enemy Affixes
      • Shielding
        • Will now be cancelled immediately if the shielded monster is the last remaining monster in a pack
      • Reflects Damage
        • Now fires a projectile instead of instantly dealing damage to the player
        • The warning duration for this affix has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1, and its active duration has been reduced from 6 seconds to 4
      • Electrified
        • Crawling lightning generated by this affix now pierces, allowing it to damage multiple targets in succession
      • Juggernaut
        • New enemy affix
          • Juggernaut monsters are permanently immune to crowd control effects, but move more slowly than normal monsters
          • Only a rare Elite enemy can be a Juggernaut
      • Bug Fixes
        • Fixed an issue which caused Winged Assassins to sometimes travel across the ground instead of through the air when leaping
        • Fixed an issue which prevented Greater Rift Guardians from reliably teleporting to players when they spawned more than a few screens away
        • Fixed an issue which sometimes cause Rift Guardians to spawn in a location where they couldn’t be targeted
    • Belial
      • Now transitions more swiftly between his normal and larger version boss phases
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed the wording on the “Socket To Me” achievement to clarify that socketing only one gem is required


    • Dyes
      • Can now be accessed through a new tab at the Mystic
        • This includes Collector’s Edition dyes
      • With this change, dyes will no longer be sold by vendors
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed display and text issues with some skills and items
      • Fixed an issue causing keybind issues when the UI was hidden
      • Fixed a bug which caused Followers to sometimes become idle in combat
      • Fixed an issue which prevented Followers from being dismissed while they were incapacitated in battle
      • Fixed an issue which allowed pets and Followers to be attacked immediately after exiting a portal
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  • published the article BlizzCon 2016 - Complete Recap

    New Legendary Card Reveal: Auctionmaster Beardo & Shakru, the Collector
    Heroes of the Storm State of the Game Panel Recap
    BlizzCon 2016 - World of Warcraft Q&A

    BlizzCon 2016 - Complete Recap


    This year's BlizzCon has brought us plenty of info on upcoming content: From the Necromancer class to the Anniversary Event and Challenge Rifts. Minor changes include UI additions such as the Armory, crafting materials and dyes, two new zones with more monster types, and changes to Greater Rifts as well as added powers for Legendary items.

    Patch 2.4.3 "The Darkening of Tristram" with the Anniversary Event, new Legendaries, the Dye UI, and Rift improvements will be on the PTR next week and will make it to live in January. The other changes will be coming later next year.



    • The Necromancer will be a new playable hero, available as both, male and female characters.
    • They will be available in the "Rise of the Necromancer Pack", which will also include a pet, two new character slots, and two new stash tabs. along with a portrait frame, pennant, banner shape, and sigil.
    • The pack will release some time in the second half of 2017, it will not be free, though the price is unknown as of yet.

    Necromancer presentation slides


    Necromancer armor studies


    • One-handed Scythes will be the Necromancer's class weapon type, likely to be paired with a special off-hand, just like Wizards and Witch Doctors.
    • They will have access to new Sets and Legendaries, specifically tailored to them.
    • The Necromancer will have less than 4 Sets at release, to leave room for the community to come up with new playstyles and have those added onto new sets.
    • The Necromancer's resource is called Essence and caps out at 200. It does not regenerate automatically, but is only gained from skills.
    • Necromancers will also be able to use Monsters' Corpses for many of their skills.
    • The Necromancer's main stat will be Intelligence.
    • Known Spells: (Keep in mind that they're in a very early version)
      • Bone Spear - 20 Essence. Summon a piercing Bone Projectile that causes 450% weapon damage as physical to all enemies it passes through.
      • Siphon Blood - Channeled. Generate 15 Essence each time damage is dealt. Siphon the Blood from the targeted enemy dealing 300% weapon damage as physical. Siphon Blood heals you for 2% of your total health every second while channeled.
      • Command skeletons - 50 Essence. Active: Command your skeletal minions to attack the target and increase their damage by 100% for 5 seconds. Passive: Raise skeletons from the ground every second. Skeletal minions deal 50% weapon damage per attack.
      • Blood Rush - 4 second cooldown. Shed your mortal flash and reappear up to 50 yards away, passing through most obstacles.
      • Corpse Explosion - Target an area, exploding all corpses within 20 yards dealing 150% weapon damage as physical.
      • Decrepify - 10 Essence. A crippling curse that reduces the enemies' movement speed by 75% and reduces damage done by 20%.
      • Blood Golem - Will also be Active/Passive, allowing you to directly command it.
      • Army of the Dead - Summons over a hundred skeletons to instantly attack an area.

    The eight known Necromancer spells


    • You can view the Official Blog post showcasing the Necromancer here.
    • The announcement trailer for the Necromancer is available on Youtube.

    Necromancer Cinematic Trailer stills


    • The Anniversary Dungeon recreates the events, monsters, and levels of the original Diablo inside Diablo III.
    • The Dungeon will be 16 levels deep and accessible for all existing characters.
    • Returning boss fights are The Butcher, The Skeleton King, Lazarus and Diablo himself.
    • You will be able to enter the Dungeon via a teleporter in The Old Ruins of Tristram.
    • The Anniversary Dungeon will be included in Patch 2.4.3, "The Darkening of Tristram".
    • It will be a limited time event, occurring for the month of January every year.

    Anniversary Dungeon presentation slides

    Retro Aesthetic

    • The whole dungeon will feature special visual and audio filters to invoke all that sweet nostalgia. Here is a little sneak peek of what that will look like.
    • The whole graphics will be more pixelated, colors will be desaturated and the light radius reduced.
    • Animation changes include snapping to one of 8 directions, walking only, and no variation in attack animations. Here is a tiny clip to showcase those.
    • Many old sound assets will replace existing ones and the remaining ones will sound more tinny.
    • Monster AI and physics engine will also be tuned down.
    • The UI in the dungeon will also be changed to be more reminiscent of the earlier titles.
    • The assets it uses will all be from Diablo III, with the exception of some bosses.

    Pixelated, darker art style of the Anniversary Dungeon


    Rewards to be earned in the Anniversary Dungeon


     Challenge Rifts

    • Challenge Rifts will be a new type of Greater Rift in which everyone will play the same character and same Rift layout, completely independent of the character you entered with.
    • Both will be taken directly from a Greater Rift run a player has done previously. We don't know whether it will be picked randomly or be a curated system.
    • They will refresh periodically, giving a new challenge after each refresh, current plan is new build every 3-10 days, though that's not set in stone.
    • There will be a staging area where you can test out the character's build before heading into the actual timed Rift.
    • Challenge Rifts will include Leaderboards to compare your performance with that of your friends and whole region.
    • To place highly, you will need to practice the build and learn the GR layout.
    • Beating the original runner's time will reward your main character, likely with Bounty Bags.
    • Entering a Challenge Rift in Multiplayer will have all players play the exact same character.
    • Challenge Rifts will come later in 2017, not with patch 2.4.3.

    Challenge Rift presentation slides

    Quality of Life and UI changes

    • The Armory will allow you to save loadouts, to switch to with a single button press.
      • A loadout includes skills, passives, items, and cubed powers, but not Paragon Points.
      • You will be able to store and name 5 full loadouts per character at a time.
      • Items that are part of a loadout will still need to be physically present in your stash or inventory.
      • When switching to a new loadout, you can choose to send your current gear to the stash or inventory.
      • The Armory loadouts will always use the highest level of appropriate gem (normal and Legendary) you own.
      • As part of the Armory introduction, removing gems from gear will become free.
    • We will be getting a full Crafting Material UI, meaning that materials no longer take up inventory or stash space!
      • This UI will be accessible from the inventory and include the more common materials as well as Bounty Cache materials and Hellfire Event parts.
      • You will still need to click those items to pick them up, but will now get a floating text notification for the amount you picked up.
      • Kanai's Cube will get a button to automatically fill it with the required materials for the active recipe.
    • The Mystic will get an additional tab: The Dye Interface allows you to buy and apply all dyes directly to your gear.
      • No more running around all the towns to find that one dye color!
    • The Mystic changes will make it to 2.4.3, the rest of these interface additions will become available later next year.

    New UI elements showcase

    New Legendary Affixes

    • Six Legendary items will get new affixes with patch 2.4.3, one per class.
    • Barbarian: Saffron Wrap - The damage of your next Overpower is increased by ~50% for each enemy hit. Max 20 enemies.
    • Crusader: Faithful Memory - Each enemy hit by Falling Sword increases the damage of Blessed Hammer by ~50% for 5 seconds.
    • Demon Hunter: Hellcat Waistguard - Grenades have a chance to bounce ~5 times dealing an additional 50% damage on each bounce, 800% on the final bounce.
    • Monk: Rabid Strike - Spirit Spenders that teleport you while Epiphany is active are also mimicked on a distant target for free.
    • Witch Doctor: The Barber - Instead of dealing direct damage, your Spirit Barrage now accumulates on the target. When you stop channeling, it explodes dealing ~250% of the accumulated damage within 15 yards.
    • Wizard: Manald Heal - Enemies stunned with Paralysis also take ~2750% weapon damage as Lightning.
    • There is also word of the Akkhan Set getting a seventh piece, likely an amulet.

    Rift Changes

    • Finishing a Greater Rift without dying will grant an additional Gem upgrade attempt. Hardcore players will always get this 4th attempt.
    • A new algorithm will be used to spawn monsters in Rifts, ensuring that there are no more huge empty areas.
    • Any monster population can now spawn on any tile set.
    • The areas near the entrance to a new Rift floor will be free of monsters.
    • Greater Rift floor sizes will become more consistent.
    • Currently, there is a high chance to get an identical tile set when descending a Rift floor. This will be changed to make new tile sets much more likely.
    • The Necromancer demo build would open a portal to a small boss floor when getting 100% in a Greater Rift.
      • This may very well be a demo only feature and not make it to live.
    • All of these changes will be included in patch 2.4.3.

    New Zones & New Monsters

    • The Shrouded Moors
      • A rain-swept, windy, and desolate grassland.
      • Many civilizations have tried to settle here but none ever lasted, their remnants still visible throughout the zone.
      • The Shrouded Moors are located in the north of Act II.

    Concept art and early in-game version of the Shrouded Moors

    • The Temple of the Firstborn
      • An ancient structure with a lovecraftian vibe to it
      • This is the place where Inarius and Lilith created the first Nephalem.
      • The temple can be found beneath the Shrouded Moors, deep underground.

    Concept art and early in-game version of the Temple of the Firstborn

    • The Realms of Fate
      • A new type of zone that allows seamless transitions from one tile set into another
      • Still in an early stage, not quite clear where it'll see use.
    • The two new zones will come with multiple new monsters, some more feral ones for the Shrouded Moors and Demons for the Temple where shown off.
    • The zones and monsters will also not be in 2.4.3, but rather come later net year.

    Concept art for future monsters

    Monster Changes

    • Leaping monsters will become killable in mid-air.
    • Invisible and buried monsters will appear much more quickly.
    • The Reflects Damage Elite affix will be changed to fire projectiles in retaliation instead of dealing damage instantly.
    • The Shielding Elite affix's shield will be instantly removed if only one monster with it remains.
    • New Elite affix: Juggernaut - Drastically increased crowd-control resistance.

    Seasons on Consoles

    • Starting with Season 10, Seasons will finally be coming to PS4 and Xbox One!
    • They will be functionally identical to the PC Seasons, including Leaderboards, the Season Journey and all its rewards.
    • Cheating on consoles is something the team has an eye on, but won't share any details on yet.
    • New Seasonal rewards - like the Seraphim Wings - for PC and consoles were also shown off.

    Seasons on Consoles presentation slides and upcoming Seasonal rewards

    Useful Links & More

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