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    posted a message on +2 for HC (EU) s9launch (Descr)

    Hey there..Are you playing in Eu?If yes count me in for the long night run..

    I played from vanilla and almost every season mostly solo..

    i have sent you a fr request


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    posted a message on Would you play season 7 (or any season) if no stash tab given?

    Sardoron covered pretty much everything..I play only seasons hc focusing on one class each season

    having one more mainly for support when i can;t find a spot with my main..

    Also:When i am done with my season ( mainly getting top 50-100 mid-season) and die pushing,

    i delete everything including mules,support chars..So i dont get lured to play ns:)

    Too bad you don't play seasons OP..You seem like a good guy i follow your streams from time to time:)

    Nevertheless i wish you the best all..Have fun:D

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    posted a message on [Rant] Hardcore is dying

    This endless grinding for caldesans takes much fun away and that's a fact.

    I have been playing this game only in hc mode since july 2012 and didn't miss a

    single season.I also try to be as much active as I can in communities helping ppl lvl,gear boosting them

    etc etc..And this is probably what keeps me in this game so long..The social aspect of the hc communities..

    I will probably try to push for top 50 leaderboard mid season as I always do and rip/drop game till the next season but I will be coming back

    for the next season release:P

    For the devoted hc players out there:See you in game guys and remember to help others:) It will make it easier for you to get help when you'll need to:)

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    posted a message on Paragon - the problem or the solution?

    Yep my bad guys:) Was reading the ban thread to another tab and i accidentally posted my thought over there:)

    Thx a lot for placing the post to the right place:))

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    posted a message on Paragon - the problem or the solution?

    My conclusion...

    Paragon system needs reworking asap..In its current state diablo
    is a game that gives

    shared accounts/botters/no lifers , a huge advantage...I am not of
    course saying that dedicated ppl should
    not have an advantage vs casuals,but when paragon farm is clearly
    overkill compered with itemization-skill,things are clearly,ehmm,

    getting a wrong turn...

    Some things about me ...Not for brag or impress anyone..Just to clarify why i am against the current paragon system..

    I killed diablo hc inferno at early September 2012...When most ppl at hc didnt step foot outside act 2..

    I played only seasons since they were implemented being constantly at top 100 or 50 of the
    leaderboards for the first month in every season at eu hc..

    I could call myself a dedicated diablo 3 hc player yes..

    The thing is that in this last season,it took me only 2 weeks to
    get a crusader full lon gear..

    At paragon 700 i did 80 g rift with him...
    Was able to reach 60 place at the solo cru hc
    leaderboards..Everyone above me was at
    least 200 paragon
    more..The top 20 was 400-500 paragon more..I play
    mostly solo,so i knew i couldnt compete with these fellas at paragon farming..

    After a little thinking everything became clear.I should stop
    playing till season 6 hits..

    I can give plenty of my free time to this game cause i really love it..

    I consider myself a good hc player...At least a
    very experienced one since i play from d2 hc ladder
    times..But my seasons last roughly 1
    month or so,before everyone
    starts this stupid paragon farming all day long..

    Someone threw the great idea of ladders using paragon lvl
    to divide players.My 2 cents to this great idea..:) Well done bro.

    I would very much like to test my skills vs other players below 1000 paragon.

    I think that would keep me in game for more
    than a month each season..Not only me but many players that really enjoy
    the item hunt/leaderboard competition but rl doesnt let them farm paragon 16h per day...

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    posted a message on TP on HC bug?

    Hi all there..Today i experienced a very strange and very dangerous bug..
    I was boosting 2 ppl to help them get some gear,as i usually do
    when i am not rifting solo or with premade groups..
    One of the guys tried to go get some loot and got attacked by non elite mobs...
    When i saw his life droping i immediately tp'ed to him..
    And that;s when things got really nasty,,,
    While tp was channeling the poor guy died (rip)...So
    when the tp bar got full the guy wasnt there to tp to him..
    And as you all can see at the screen shot i tped to something called ipcruser (lolz)
    My char didnt of course tped enywhere but stayed at his spot UNABLE to move,UNABLE
    to cast any spell,getting damage from some random mobs passing by there..
    So when i got to 10% of my life the mobs died from my thorn damage..
    Conclusion...DO NOT tp to save someone at hc...Cause if he dies while you try to tp to him
    you can end up to this [email protected]#$ty mess..



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    posted a message on Patch 2.4: ULTIMATE GUIDE for Season 5!

    Great job bro!!It will be rather helpfulll for all of us...Thx for sharing with us all...

    Only a small correction at something that made me laugh:)

    After hitting 70 at your guide you say

    *One gay find kanais cube, one guy run to Malthael and the rest do all T1-bounties*

    Can we send the gay kill Malthael or the gay of the party always gets the cube? :)

    P.S. Joking of course :) No mean to offend anyone

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    posted a message on WTC - Helm Of Command
    f request sent :>
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    posted a message on Hardcore wd build/stats?
    hi there m8..my humble opinion..do act3 crater 1==>azmo hell runs till you get some gear or money to spend at ah to start gearing up for inferno...one of the biggest mistakes ppl do at hc is gearing up defensively for act1 with an average gold stack..let me explain..getting 800 resist with gear that doesn't have very good overall stats will come to the point that it takes ages to kill elite packs and at the same time you won't be able to progress to act2/3t(cause the gear needed costs millions more than the "average" stack ...my advice...gear up with mf gear and good stats for act1 and farm there till you get real progress gear..as far as the build is concerned...i've tried numerous builds with my current wd and another one thath died 1 month ago..splinters/kitting vq/bears ,pets,nearly everything..i have come to the conclussion that a tank oriented build is the least possible to get you killed..need some loh (wep/amu) and defencive stats...Spells used:.firebomb/plague of toads as main attacks (POT/ROT is a great survuve tactic with bad medicine passive),SW,GOTD,SH/siphon and horrify/frightening aspect is the build i use...if you dont really mess it up nothing can kill you in act1
    have fun and may the force of stable internet connections be with you:)
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