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    no offense TNT, but you're way behind the times with this. I already paragoned to 100 with just about the same build, but instead of FoT, used Air Ally and a skorn. I will say that yes, it is indeed a fast way to farm. i mostly farm mp3 or less, but when i was paragoning and trying to maximize xp return, i bumped up to mp6/7 on a regular basis.

    And a little tip when streaming and talking about spirit regen or whatever class resource...dont put your camera over top of the resource. people want to see the spirit regen in action.
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    Quote from SLeMM

    how much spiritregen u have?

    i wouldnt have even close to 100% spirit nonstop with this build. (14.24 regen atm)
    Also,u miss alot of movespeed without fleeted foot, why do u not use this?

    - i would traded Dash with another
    - u rly need exalted soul?
    - cyclone i would trade for the 3 regen rune

    nice to see other builds on TR,
    seems there are many varities of it out there.

    cheers !

    depending on your attack speed, you probably have enough regen to stay full pretty much 100% of the time.
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