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    posted a message on Show Off Your Transmog!

    This is my Ronald McDonald WD

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    posted a message on Your preferred method of TX rifting?

    1. Yes and no. Depends on my mood.

    2. Always

    3. Until I have a full stack in my stash.

    4. ALWAYS. I even find myself doing that out of habit if I happen to kill an elite while fighting the rift boss.

    5. Close immediately after if it isnt a very good denisty/elites map.

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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
    What trying to pick up loot with a speed pylon feels like:

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    posted a message on [GUIDE] The Ghostbuster guide for patch 2.0.6 and beyond.

    I present to you - The Ghostbuster guide for patch 2.0.6 and beyond.

    1. The spec
    2. The gear
    3. Paragon points
    4. Where to hunt
    5. Video showing you what this is all about.
    6. Theme song! This might be the only D3 build with a theme song. ULTRACOOL!
    7. Group play and chat.
    8. TL;DR

    1. THE SPEC.
    For proper ghostbusting we will need rays and beams to attack the ghosts, some tricks to hunt them down and most
    important of all, our capturing device.


    Skill 1: Ray of Frost / Cold Blood: We need a blue ray. It is as simple as that. Cold blood is recommended cause you might be in for a long fight.
    Skill 2: Disintegrate / Convergence: Our red beam that we need for ghost hunting. Convergence makes us hit more ghosts andthat is a good thing.
    Skill 3: Teleport / Wormhole: Ghosts are quick and travel through walls and stuff. You will need this to hunt them.
    Skill 4: Black Hole / Supermassive: The heart of our spec. This is what you use to suck in all the ghosts you have weakened.Use Supermassive to get the biggest hole possible. The video later in the guide will show you how to use it.
    Skill 5: Mirror Images / Extension of Will: Some ghosts just require a whole team of busters to go down. This is yourteam. Use them wisely.
    Skill 6: Frost Nova / Cold Snap: Ghosts giving you a hard time? Can't catch them with Teleport? Keep this little trickup your sleeve but DO NOT use it too often. The ghosts might see you and tell other ghosts and we do not want them to know all of our secrets.

    Skill 1: Blur: Ghosts will try to harm you and an injured or dead ghostbuster is not a good ghostbuster. We do not want that.
    Skill 2: Astral Presence: This skill is needed for the longer fights. You might have to control your ghost for a very long
    time. It would not be good if you ran out of Arcane Power at that point would it?
    Skill 3: Illusionist: Used to refresh your Teleport and Mirror Images. The ghosts will think twice before hitting you next time.
    Skill 4: Evocation: We need cooldown reduction. More on this later.

    2. THE GEAR.
    You will have to roll max cooldown reduction on all possible slots to get back to sucking as soon as possible if a Black Hole
    fails you. Those slots are shoulders, gloves, rings, weapon, source and amulet. You will also need a max diamond socketed in your helm. Furthermore you need to get 3p set bonus from Born's set and 2p from Captain Crimson.

    Black Hole damage on all possible slots is also needed. That would be shoulders, chest and source. We want Black Hole to suck as hard as possible.

    A ghostbuster fights in pale brown outfits so you HAVE TO use the desert dye. Nothing else is accepted. This is the most importat gearadvice.

    EXTRA ULTRA SECRET PRO TIP: Use Aughild set if you have it or are able to craft it. Ghosts used to drop the Shard of Entsteig Plate needed for Aughilds. This means Aughild is their very own set. Seasoned ghostbusters refer this to the "Wolf in sheep's clothing" trick. Read more here:

    Core: 1. Movement speed 50/50 - You need to be fast and furious to hunt ghosts.
    2. Maximum Arcane Power 50/50 - As I said earlier, you do not want to run out of Arcane Power in a long fight.

    Offence: 1. Cooldown Reduction 50/50 - We need this if a Black Hole suddenly fails. The more you suck the better.
    2. Attack Speed 50/50 - Ghosts are fast, you are faster.

    Defence: 1. Resist All 50/50 - Ghosts like to attack you with slime, this is your raincoat.
    2. Life 50/50 - Ghostbusting is your life, you need alot of it.

    Utility: 1. Resource Cost Reduction 50/50 - DO.NOT.RUN.OUT.OF.ARCANE.POWER!
    2. Gold Find 50/50 - It gets a little messy when hunting ghosts. Use your gold to pay the citizens of Sanctuary when you
    accidentally destroy their properties (barrels, benches, scarecrows and whatever).

    Good places to hunt ghosts is The Festering Woods, all three Defiled Crypts, Archives of Zoltun Kulle and even Rifts. If
    you enter a rift and find ghosts in it you will have to notify your party members and log on your ghostbuster. Ghostbusting
    is something you do every day and night, not just when it suits you.

    This is gameplay that was recorded in a rift this week. I have a very good computer so dont be too surprised about the
    realistic graphics.



    6. THEME SONG.
    Due to the awesomeness of ghostbustning we have our own theme song. Listen to it while ghostbusting to pump up morale. If you are not ableto listen to it when you suck you will have to sing it.


    Usual chat scenarios and how to respond.

    Player: Hey dude you and your spec suck!
    You: Thank you.

    In this scenario he or she is complimenting your mad ghost hunting and Black Hole skills. You should be proud.

    Player: Get out of here noob!
    You: I am ghostbusting, sorry if it is taking to long this is a tough ghost.

    He or she did not notice that you switched character and wanted you to log on your ghostbuster because this level is packed with ghosts.

    8. TL;DR: TL;DR eh? Well you just don't have what it takes. Nothing to be ashamed of. Move along and live in peace knowing that we takethis fight for you. You are welcome.

    Did you read it all? Thank you, I owe you one.
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    posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    Just got trolled by D3. Ran a random public rift at T4 with my wizard. Game dropped me 3 legendary shields and a legendary bow. Lidless Wall, Ivory Tower, Denial and Cluckeye. Rng at it's finest =)
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    posted a message on The RNG Thread!
    For lols. Opened a chest, it drops Band of Hollow Whispers for both me and my friend.

    For lols again. Friend gambled 14 shoulders from Kadala, got 3 x Vile Ward, 1 x Firebird, 1x Homing Pads
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    posted a message on Lost horadric caches anyone?
    The cache drops on the ground at your location. Clear room in your inventory and go back to where you were when the quest was completed.
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    posted a message on 20 RIFTS on T1 and 2000 plus blood shards = 1 legendary plan
    I dont really get these kind of posts that start popping up everywhere after a few weeks of RoS.How fast do you want to get BiS gear? What do you want to do if you got BiS gear after a few weeks? This isnt a mmo with new tiers of gear getting added all the time, enjoy D3 for what it is.

    Go play hc on a challenging difficulty and the deaths of your characters will let you find upgrades more often :) If you dont want that,well, may RNG be with you.
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    posted a message on Video: Torment 6 solo rift fire wizard
    Cool moive, I will have to gear up a bit more but it looks interresting.

    OT: If you dont have Unity the buff from Pride's Fall can be ALMOST permanent with the Dominance passive since absorbs does not break the buff (depends on how fast you kill mobs ofc).
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    posted a message on Bad data - Anyone seen this before?
    I just got this too. In one of the corners of Briarthorn Cemetery, just like you. Havnt seen it before.
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    posted a message on Selling 30m hc gold for 75m sc gold.
    As topic says I want to sell 25m hc gold for 75m sc gold. Since you bring the sc gold you will have to trade first. Don´t contact me if you can´t accept that. We can do the trade in smaller parts if you got trust issues. Contact me here or ingame: lickz#1880
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    posted a message on WTS Dead man's legacy. 20% as, 10% cc, 1.32 h-regen, 13% bola shot dmg.
    Selling this Dead man's legacy. Contact me here, pm me och ingame at Lickz#1880.

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    posted a message on Selling good CMWW wand.
    Had some problems with my internet so I wasnt able to sell this one to the ones interrested. Selling it again now.

    Price is 10m.
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    posted a message on [SOLD] Trading 11m HC gold for 30m SC gold.
    Edit: Sold it.
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