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    As we now know, we will fight 2 bosses. Exactly how this is going to work is supposed to be a fun surprise for the players.
    However, how do you think the fights will work? Is there maybe one for each act?
    I hope that they will take the last boss with the one that feels most natural to place with him.

    Ideas to how this could work!

    Diablo + Rakanoth:
    Diablo will keep all his abilities as well as Rakanoth, no new abilities are added but Rakanoth will enter the Shadow realm in the same way as Diablo when you get sent there. Neither he nor Diablo will hide while you fight your own clones. Rakanoth maintain all his abilities in that world.
    The Terror Realm will be activated when Diablo reaches 60% HP or Rakanoth reaches 5% HP.
    Rakanoth's HP will be increased, but not higher than Diablo's HP (Which might be increased too)
    Both will see huge increases in damage.

    Azmodan + Cydea:
    Cydea will still summon spiderlings, slow (but in bigger areas) you etc, like she already does. Upon reaching a certain % of HP she will summon massive amounts of spiderlings.In addition Azmodan will still use his laser, fireballs, summon minions etc, and he won't stop doing this during the magma floor phase. He is more likely to target players slowed by Cydea for his fireballs (can be a bad and good thing).
    Upon reaching 0.1% HP Cydea will escape and summon much larger amounts of spiderlings and succubus, but no longer slow making sure it wont get harder but not a lot easier either (should still be a bit easier though), until Azmodan is dead, his death will drain her last bit of HP finishing the encounter. If Azomdan dies first then Cydea won't ever escape and simply die, however she will drink Azmodan's blood or something like that, empowering her so it will be easier, but not a lot easier (like if you killed Cydea first). Like in the last fight, Cydea will get more HP, not as much as Azmodan, but he will probably get more HP himself. Both will see huge increases in damage.

    Belial + Maghda:
    Maghda will still be Belial's tool.
    The fight starts with an upper platform (like in the belial fight) where Belial and Maghda is hiding while summoning berserkers and serpents. After killing enough of these Belial will come down, Maghda will still be hiding on the platform but is now shooting her insects at the players. Upon reaching 10% HP Belial will go back to the platform (which is at the center of the room) and will force Maghda down.
    During this phase, anytime either Belial or Maghda reaches 75% , 50% 25% or 0.1% HP, he/she will be shielded. When both are at one of those values, adds will be summoned and by the deaths of theese adds (both berserkers and serpents) the shield will be removed, adds will not be summoned during the 0.1% HP shield. Belial and Maghda attacks just like they do in their original fights during this phase, maybe with a few added spells (meteors for Belial).
    Both will have their HP and damage dramatically increased and will be about equal in HP.

    The Butcher + The Warden
    I know what you are thinking: Warden isn't a "boss". Well, as I saw it there is more reason for Warden to be here than Leoric, but it could even be that butcher must be replaced with Leoric because he don't have any relation to other bosses than Mahgda.
    Both will keep their abilities, butcher won't be stunned after he have done a charge. Dangerous floor will still be there. Warden will cast Jailer twice as often. Nothing stops you from instant nuking down one like at the other bosses ^^
    Drastic increases to HP and damage of course.
    This is act I, so the fight will be easier than the other acts. However, Warden's jailer together with a boss like Butcher where you need to dodge a lot of attacks and dont stand on burning floor can be quite interesting I think (hope).

    This is mainly how I imagine things to work out (bosses abilities working to make each other stronger - teamplay from their side). However, who said we are limited to just Diablo 3 bosses? :o
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    Hello, we do have a +1 function or a "like" function (I don't know what to call it, the reputation system?) for posts where you can up vote other people's posts. The main problem I see with it is "Visibility" and "Clarity of Function". I know that if I find a good post (but mainly only on posts) id press +1. I didn't do that to begin with, because I didn't really notice it or know what it was.

    Do any1 have any great ideas for what we can do in order to improve this function? How can we make it more visible and more obvious what it is, and make people press it more often.
    Also, as I have understood it is directly connected to the thing on your profile which from 0 to 10 is neutral, from 11 to somewhere else is good etc, maybe mousing over that should explain the system?
    Maybe make a sticky in this forum section about what it is? (Though this isn't the most visited forum section...)

    (only on these problems, thanks, if you want a down-vote function, this threads intention is not to discuss that).
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    Quote from Khaleesi

    Wow PvP was playable in 2010 at expo's and was scheduled for "shortly after release"

    Now their lieing and saying they originally said the end of the year???

    And to add insult to injury are saying it wont be here till 2013?

    Horrible public relations....I wonder why when it was playable in 2010 with full arenas with the schedule of launch(later being pushed back to "just after launch", they have failed this badly???

    Hope lots were fired over the failure to meet deadlines.

    That you fail to read isnt blizzards fault.
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    Im more annoyed by people complaining over not being lucky enough with drops.
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