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    posted a message on Official AH Delays Statement, Artisan Stories Will Be Continued in RoS, Differences Between Templar and Crusader, T-Shirt Design
    Well great way to start a morning, check diablofans and see your tshirt design on the front page.
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    posted a message on 6 of the same Nat's Reflections on the AH.
    Check for yourself:
    114 Dex
    38 Intel
    8% Improved Attack Speed
    203 Life Regen
    21% Crit Dmg
    3.5% Crit Chance

    5 of these are posted on the GAH, 4 of them are buyouts, where each ring is posted 1 hour after the other.

    The 6th ring is listed on the RMAH for $118. (Has the same post time as one of the rings on the GAH)
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    posted a message on Barb 1h Sword, 151str, 88cd, 2.8 LS, & OS
    Looking for some offers on this sword

    851.2 dps
    151 strength
    88% Crit Hit Damage
    2.8% Life Steal
    Open Socket

    Feel free to add me in game jtveclipse12#1566 (mention sword in request)
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    posted a message on Disintergrate Volatility
    Gave this build a try on my Wiz, she's only at 110k, and it works okay. Probably need alittle more dmg to make it work better then what i have.

    As for passives. Give your scoundrel a Buriza-Do Kyanon (Or any bow that has cold damage) and take the Cold Blooded passive.
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    posted a message on Act 3 Run
    Yes I prefer reading the info, over videos.

    Tower of the Curse Level 1 & 2. I run both these with my wizard in archon. After doing Crater 2, archon is up to atleast 2 mins, and you can get through both levels in 2 to 3 minutes. Each level has 1 to 3 elites and a chance for a goblin. The only problem i have as archon is my armor usually falls off halfway through level 2.

    Keep Depths Level 3 however, i will agree with you about archon. All the back tracking does mess that up.
    @Orb if the entrance is in the south your probably not gonna go back through it, so i kinda see that as a dead end :). I've thought about doing skycrown after stonefort, just haven't yet.
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    posted a message on Act 3 Run
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who runs this run or something similar, but here is my act 3 run.

    Short Version:

    Checkpoint from The Core of Arreat.
    Waypoint to The Tower of the Damned Level 1.
    Waypoint to Arreat Crater.
    Proceed through Tower of the Cursed Level 1 & 2.
    Portal and Waypoint to Bridge of Korsikk.
    Waypoint to Rakkis Crossing.
    Portal and Waypoint to The Keep Depth Level 1.
    Immediately go to The Keep Depths Level 2.
    Proceed through The Keep Depths Level 3.
    Waypoint to Stonefort.
    Portal, identify, and start over.

    Explanations and tips:

    The Core of Arreat
    Same map every game.

    The Tower of the Damned Level 1
    Same map every game.
    Run in a circle to the same waypoint.

    Arreat Crater*
    Few random pieces generated.
    Exit is always in the North East corner.

    Tower of the Cursed Level 1
    Same map every game.
    Little, white monsters, few elites, and good chance for goblins.

    Tower of the Cursed Level 2
    Two maps can be generated here, both quick.
    Little, white monsters, few elites, and good chance for goblins.
    Requires teleporting.

    Bridge of Korsikk*
    Slightly random, but work around the edges of the map in a circle, back to the original waypoint.

    Rakkis Crossing*
    Slightly random, but a straight path.
    Tip: The Charred Door, click it and if a guy comes out saying help me. There is a champion or elite pack in the room. If not, there is just a vendor inside.
    Requires teleporting.

    The Keep Depths Level 2*
    Lots of random.
    Exit is always on the west.

    The Keep Depths Level 3
    Slightly random.
    Do a quick tab to your map when entering to check and see where the waypoint is. This way you can hit the dead ends first.
    South is always a dead end.

    Same map every game.
    Keywarden likes to hide off the paths.
    Teleport out.

    *these maps are dense with monsters.

    I do this run on all my characters and it works well for me. Average gear you can get it done under 30 minutes. Not saying its the best run for loot or xp, but it works for me, and its not as repetitive as some runs.

    The items I pick up are, 1 handed weapons (minus crossbows), rings, amulets, gloves, shoulders, and of course legendaries. By the end of the run, my bags are full of these items. On some occasions i do have to teleport and identify items. Since paragon level 60 on my monk, I have got about 1.5 legendaries and hour.

    Change it up to whatever fits your build and gear.
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    posted a message on How much internet speed required for diablo 3 in INDIA?
    I live in a rural area, where mobile broadband is the only internet worth using. I have an unlimited 3G plan, where the bandwidth at best is 1mb. But at 5gbs of data usage, speeds are limited down to 0.35mbs.

    Normally my latency is in the 100-150ms range. The game is very playable in this range, even when im being throttled back on bandwidth. On bad days my latency is 200-400ms. The game is still playable, but you can notice the game doesn't play as smooth.

    So all in all, if your latency is under 400ms, you should be good to play. Hope this helps
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    posted a message on 26mil Budget - What to upgrade next....
    If i were you, i would replace my chest with, 100+ dex/vit, 45+ physical resist, and 3 sockets.
    and for the legs the same stats with 2 sockets.

    The more damage you get the less resist you need. I ran 550 resist with 55k dmg a few weeks ago, with little problems.
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    posted a message on Is crafting worth it?
    I've tried crafting 6 property weapons 10-30 at a time and i'm lucky to get an item that breaks me even on crafting. So overall i would say its not worth it.

    However, once I was gonna try to craft a 6 property 2h sword, and during the 2nd crafting cast bar, I noticed that i was crafting the 5 prop 1h sword recipe instead. I quickly moved but it was too late, the 2nd one got crafted. The 1st one was worthless 400dps. The 2nd on the other hand.

    1026.1 Dps
    275 Min Dmg
    316 Max Dmg
    40% Dmg
    280 LoH
    2.6 Life Steal

    Checked the AH at the time, and the cheapest I could find was 100 million. This weapon I am currently using.

    I bought the 6 property 1h sword, and after probably 100 craft, I gave up from the fact that nothing i was getting was over 700dps.
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    posted a message on Two simple interface ideas.
    I posted this on the d3 forums, but within a matter of minutes it was at the bottom of the page. Like to know what people think of this.

    I know D3 isn't WoW, but one addon that I hated playing without in WoW, was mikscrollingbattletext. Personally for me I like to see what ability actually hit for what. Since there is no combat log this would be incredibly helpful.


    One con is, during fights with monster, your screen gets kind of cluttered. But on large fights, it is the opposite.

    The second idea is less noticeable. If you look at the picture again, you'll notice on my hot key bar, I do have enough spirit to use Blinding Flash and Breath of Heaven. I can not count how many times I've die, from running into a group of champs/elites because I thought my Serenity was off cool down. Because it wasn't grayed out.
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    posted a message on Extra loot from Champion Packs
    Decided to start experimenting with new abilities because I've been run the same one in all of inferno and even before that. During a Champion Pack (Blue Named Monsters), they were all low on health and one died with Exploding Fist (Impending Doom), which resulted in extra loot dropping. At first I just thought it was just a one time thing, but did it a few more times and here ya go.


    I believe this is a similar bug as was being able to get 2-3 NV buffs from health linked mobs when they all died at the same time.

    Build 1

    Build 2

    The 2nd build worked slightly better for me, cause it brings them all down pretty consistently. Also you generate more spirit to actually spend on Exploding Palm.

    Quick Note:
    Some Champion Packs like Shielding and Illusionist make this next to impossible. Range monsters makes it hard to get them together for the explosion to work.
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