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    Don't really like the idea of caps especially when taking Paragon bonuses into account. Yes, you can get additional IAS, CC, Crit etc. But looking at the experiences needed to max out those bonuses, the advantage just might get to big (instead of getting less advantage for every Paragon point). Instead of using Paragon points to smooth out drawbacks of your items or to max out a specific stat it just gets more important to get those 700 Paragon points as quickly as possible.

    A problem with caps is that they again don't make you choose (one important part about different stats on items: do I take the item with CC or IAS for example?). Just go for the caps and add as much main stat and +damage as possible. In the end the characters might look more similar than they do now. IMHO it would be much better if they restrict the number of offensive (and maybe defensive/utility) affixes that can roll on items. Already got CC/CD on an item? No IAS or damage possible. IAS/CD? No CC or damage, etc. This would force people to choose if they wanted to max out specific affixes or go for a more balanced item build. You could go for the highest crit chance possible with high CD, or try out a speed build with as much extra damage as possible or go for getting a bit of everything.

    One problem of D3s current itemization besides the prevalence of CD ist the fact that you just try to get more of everything and only need to choose between affixes depending on your ingame wealth.

    Thinking about it a fun mechanic might be something like variable caps: do not cap all 3 stats but 2, allowing 1 to go beyond the cap. You then would be forced to choose between high attack speed, cc or cd depending on your build leaving more room for more different builds.

    Another interesting thing might be something like a global cap: Don't cap all 3 stats but give each stat specific points towards a global cap: lets' take the values of 250%, 40% and 40% (adding all the others might get a bit complicated):
    Global cap of 1000:
    1 point of CD would be worth 2 cap points.
    1 point of CC would be worth 6 cap points.
    1 points of ias would be worth 6 cap points.

    In that case a player could go for a balanced approach with 250% CD, 41% CC and 41% IAS. Or they could try to get 100% IAS (600 points), 60% CC (360 Points), leaving room for 20% (40 points) CD.
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    posted a message on [Spoilers Ahead] D3: Reaper of Souls - Images: Crusader Icons, Item UI pics, ACT5 Load screen, Portraits, and more to come
    Quote from Wildthood

    WHY PEOPLE ONLY RECOGNIZE BAAL?!! poor Mephisto noone remembers him.
    To me the only face that might be recognised as Mephistos face looks much more similar to Diablos face instead of Mephisto (which was much more human like)
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    Well, the simplest solution to just buff CC reduction on items: Double them (from 14% to 28%) and make the bonuses stack additively. Maybe change Berserker to add 50% CC reduction instead of immunity. (they would need just 2 instead 4 items for immunity) That way every character could get CC immunity but would lose out on other stats. Since CC reduction is able to only spawn on rings, amulets, helms and shields as well as on a few Legendaries people would have think about taking CC reduction instead of more offensive capabilities. You would have another good affix and it would encourage people to make more decisions about item choice (do I need immunity for my build or would 85% reduction be enough so I get 1 more offensive item? CtC Mempo? CC Mempo?).
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    Quote from Squishy_Tia

    My problem is that the console versions apparently have a working (as in viable) itemization model.
    The problem here is that the console demographics are probably not the same as the PC demographics. The selling point of the console version will be local coop. Sitting in your living room with a couple of friends and slashing monsters. WIth that in mind the target demographic probably won't be people playing the game for a year and still trying to perfect their characters.

    It's people sitting together for a couple of hours and slaying monster, finding better loot etc. Not necessarily people playing the game 3-5 hours/day in the most efficient way possible to max out their chars. There might be a reason that there aren't much MMOs on consoles. You can play them for more than a year, but the grind does not seem to match console play.

    Taking the console approach to the PC would probably mean that the most hardcore players would have maxed out their characters after a month and start complaining that they can't upgrade their characters anymore (something the top players are complaining currently in D3; credits card heroes were even complaining much earlier).
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    posted a message on Tips on fun and effective low MP builds for Demonhunter? And is there any really effective MP10 Build?
    Quote from Xtreme84

    Sorry if this turned in to a rant, but I feel as if Demonhunters are kind of the odd man out. Please prove me wrong.
    If gold is no issue at all, you could try out Strafe/Chakram Cloud + Jagged Spikes (current build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Poekel-2407/hero/231168 , but add a 1270 Buri and a 330 Vit/Dex Dead Mans instead of the Danettas; they're just for testing).

    On MP9 the killspeed is comparable to my 200 million Barb (SP, Strafe in, cast Sentry (Chains for more AoE), spam Caltrops). Bad thing is that the DH items probably are worth more than 10 times the Barbs items...
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    Quote from Elendiro

    Try it, make an Excel spreadsheet of your tests and see if it's addative of multiplicative.

    It's not additive. I tried that and I haven't seen lots of 5 row pierces which you would expect at 100% pierce.Now testing Hungering Arrow and Buriza seems to be extremely complicated as you would need a large sample (so you would have to count every single pierce without missing too many).

    So far Burizas Pierce seems to have a cooldown of 1 second (tested it with Rapid Fire. It did pierce always between frame 30 and 40 (36 max I think); this shows that it is not affected by Proc Rate (I would expect the pierce to be distributed more randomly) and that it does not proc by each volley (than you would expect a pierce at frame 30 or nor pierce at frame 30 but a pierce at frame 60)).

    A theory of mine is that Burizas Pierce will go for a certain distance, but might be overwritten by Hungering Arrows Pierce:Game checks either Hungering Arrows Pierce or Burizas Pierce. If Buriza pierces the 1 second cooldown starts (next shot won't check for Buriza), but the arrow will pierce for a certain distance (5 pierces). On each hit the game checks for Hungering Arrows pierce. If it pierces it will overwrite Burizas pierce.
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    posted a message on Ballistics: Additive or Multiplicative?
    Multiplicative. Each rockt does 217.5% weapon damage with ballistics on.

    Test: 11 damage, 3142 dex, 148% crit damage, ballistics
    Expected damage at 217.5% weapon damage: 1923.60828
    Observed damage: 1924
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    posted a message on Where does all the unids come from ? :)
    Quote from Papagaj

    well i bought 30 echoing furys from him and before identification.... each had the same DPS. Something like 267.7 DPS. But after identification....none of them was the same. So? How is this possible?
    Instead of armor legendary weapons always roll with minimum base damage. Unid legendary weapons will always show the same damage as long as Blizz won't fix this.
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    posted a message on Potentially amazing items after changes to legendaries
    Quote from HDaytna

    Where did 120% come from or was that a typo? The Marquis gems are 110% aren't they?
    Of course. Just mixed it up with the 220% you can get from a Manticore.

    Buriza might be quite interesting afterall though even if it won't be that good thanks to the cold damage. Interesting skill combinations might be Hungering/Bola for example. Depending on the mechanics you would get a huge amount of extra damage from the pierce (even if there is an internal cooldown and if the Pierce would be affected by proc rates). Hungerings extra 70% damage per pierce is huge (against singe targets) and Bola Shot will hit a lot especially with Volatile Explosions (against multiple targets; 2 enemies are double damage, 3 triple damage etc.).
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    Quote from HDaytna

    I guess it's true what you're saying about different looks. I've been playing the efficiency game too much and that part didn't even occur to me. Now they only need to get the affixes right so that rare (dropped, not crafted) items will actually be viable in at least some other parts than gloves.
    The buriza could be really cool with the 40-80% pierce chance and up to 15% freeze. It's a shame there's only one random property on it, BUT on the other hand it has three properties that affect it's dps which (if they're allowed full rolls) would mean the dps on that thing will in most rolls be decent. Then again cold damage is lower than other types.

    Did the math on possible Buriza dps rolls and it seems the range is around 820dps-1300dps with 1300 broken by only the ones extremely near a perfect roll. Even with an open socket rolled for the random property, chances are the Buriza will remain a novelty item for multishot freezing scoundrels. The math below.

    Hellion Crossbow
    (413-421) - (498-514)
    1.10 APS

    Cold damage on req.lvl 60 items ranges between (44-201) - (102-459).
    +31% - 50% damage

    Minimum roll: (413+44)*1.31 - (498+102)*1.31
    599 - 786 Damage (avg 692.5)
    Max roll: (421+201)*1.5 - (514+459)*1.5
    723 - 1460 (avg 1091.5)

    Attack speed 8-9% (1.10 * 1.08 = 1.188) or (1.10*1.09 = 1.199)

    Worst possible dps: 692.5*1.188
    Best possible dps: 1091.5*1.199
    If they don't change elemntal and black damage calculations and keep cold damage lower than the rest calculations should be:
    (413 - 498) * 1.5 (Legendary weapons always roll with minimum damage values)
    -> 619,5 - 747
    Add the cold damage (171 - 399; level 60 does have higher maximum values with 201 - 459 but in this case overall damage should still be lower as level 60 weapons do have less base damage; 413 - 498 vs 296 - 355)
    -> 790,5 - 1146
    Add 11% attack speed for 1.22 APS:
    .> 1181,265 DPS max

    And of course you only get 1 socket or max 100% critdamage.

    So the best Buriza would have 1181 DPS, 200 Dex, 3xx Armor, 15% Freeze Chance, 80% Pierce and 120% CD. This would only be interesting for certain very specific builds but nowhere as good as a good Manticore (1300-1400 damage, 200 dex, 2 Sockets). If I recall my tests Burizas Piercing does have some kind of cooldown. I was not able to get even 2 piercing shots in a row. It was pierce, no pierce, pierce, no pierce.
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    posted a message on How would you do difficulty in an ARPG?
    Well I'd say that you are looking in the wrong genre (Diablo style ARpg, not ARpg per se) if you want a difficult game. Loot based ARpgs are mainly about constant rewards: Finding loot and progressing. They are not about being skillful. There are other games for that. Difficulty is just a mechanism that adds visibility to your rewards:

    With increasing difficulty you will get new skills/items to overcome this difficulty. As you progress you notice a rise in difficulty, then you find a new item, get a new skil and get rewarded because the effect is a lower difficulty. Higher difficulties in these kind of games should only be temporary.

    At the end a lot of players do want to feel like a god killing even the strongest monsters in a matter of a second. The more the merrier. Otherwise players won't feel rewarded by leveling up and getting better and better loot.
    1 funny thing about this kind of ARpgs is that usually the first levels are the hardest (from a difficulty view). You got crappy skills (usually just left click attack), no equipment and monsters kill you by looking at them. The games become more fun the more powerful you get. If you look at D2 (before Synergies) the first 30 levels usually were the most boring. You never had enough Mana to use your cool skills, it took you ages to get from point a to point b, most of the time you had to fight single monsters and you kept all your skill points until level 30 because you needed to save them for the fun endgame (with synergies it was not as bad anymore as you would not lose out later when putting points in Teeth for example).
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    posted a message on Best Demonic Essence Farming Route Guide!
    Quote from JKlimek

    Can't watch videos at work. Can you type out the run details?
    This does not seem to be possible anymore. .

    I'd say Warrios Rest might be the best way to farm essences though if you can do it fast enough on higher MP levels.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3: Designed for Consoles
    Quote from maka

    Quote from brx



    as far as I am concerned they can have it LOL

    Hmm....where the hell is the WD's mana orb in the PS version?
    I'd say it's the blue bar (looks like they would use the space for others players. You might be able to squeeze in 4 players healths/button/resource icons there.
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    posted a message on Monster damage charts ?
    Well I did some tests:
    13 Maniacs, damage: 40338 - 45004
    Getting rid of all resist gear, 1 Maniac, damage: 98205
    MP 5, 4 Maniacs: 63515 - 69950

    Damage scales well with MP and DR (though I am not sure which damage type it is and if it is counted as melee damage, I tend to think it's physical as this would be in line with the observed 40-45k damage). Hitpoints did not seem to be correlated at all to damage.

    With melee reduction I got 82,768% DR. As a conservative estimate I would assume a max explosion damage of 50k at MP0 which would result in 290k max damage at MP0. So a conservative table would be:
    MP0: 290k
    MP1: 318k
    MP2: 348k
    MP3: 382k
    MP4: 418k
    MP5: 459k
    MP6: 503k
    MP7: 551k
    MP8: 604k
    MP9: 662k
    MP10: 725k
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    posted a message on Monster damage charts ?
    Quote from Bagstone

    Still, Lunatic Explosion damage remains to be datamined. Any volunteers? ;-)

    You could do some tests first. As they explode there is a possibility that explosion damage might be similar to D2s Corpse Explosion (or those exploding bone thingies) in that it does not have a damage range but is based on their actual hitpoints (maybe even not taking damage reduction into account).If that's the case you could just write down their hitpoints and the damage they do to you. Even something like 5 maniac would be enough to see if there is a direct connection.
    There are people who did exactly that - go to a Fallen Maniac on MP0 and calculated the hit, taking their AR/armor into account - and the numbers vary from 100k to more than a million (I just did a quick search and read some threads about this). That looks too wide of a damage range, no idea what's going on there and why it's so difficult.
    Well, this might indicate that the explosions damage is not reduced by DR (armor/resistance).
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