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    Thud has no bans that any single person knows of. Macros haven't been banned besides the macro+script type things done with screenshots and other program combos for basically botting but was super easy for them to catch.

    The current main bot source doesn't inject into the game and manually uses your keyboard and mouse and just reads the game without injecting is the main issue with them catching this. It has almost 0 ban reports and most probably got banned doing other stuff / manual reports.

    Demonbuddy back in the day could tell when Warden went active and was going to find it and shutdown until they could find it and hide it again. Tho demonbuddy injected to the game and got banned so often.

    The stuff I said is just stuff learned when I used to do all that back in the day RMAH stuff with 20+ accounts and early season botting and quad box botting etc.

    As for the rest im not certain I haven't touched the game much in a while since I moved to PoE in 3.0. Diablo just got monotonous paragon farm and even if you botted it did nothing without a group to also get to gr 150 for gems and augs. Forced grouping is garbage.

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    you weave in your generator while holding strafe.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnGjr_uWC3I an example of what i mean.

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    posted a message on Patch Notes LoL !!!

    Wizard... nerf? Can you read?

    The only thing they buffed was sets not being used atm or used by a couple people. There is no other class changes other than Seismic slam getting a rune changed to do more damage for barb.

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    posted a message on Will the new patch 2.5 be for console players?

    Every patch wil hit consoles. Seasons were said to start at Season 10 so possibly this will be the one to actually hit. That was what was said at blizzcon so unless something changed it should start seasons on there too.

    PS4 and Xbox One players will get access to the Seasons “early next year” (there hasn’t been a specific month given yet), but they won’t have to worry about playing catch up. When Diablo III Season 10 starts on PC, console players will start from that point as well. Combined with the upcoming arrival of the Necromancer class to Diablo III that’ll let you explode corpses, and it’s clear that Blizzard definitely still cares about the dungeon crawler. And four years after its release, we definitely think it holds up as the best of its genre.

    Tbh I see it getting delayed until S11 most likely unless something gets posted soon.

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    posted a message on Need some help on ancient Yang's roll.
    Quote from oOFLAWLESSOo»

    1541-1849 lightning damage

    9% damage

    972 dexterity

    chance to deal 24% area damage on hit

    reduces all resource costs by 46%

    +10 MAX discipline

    multishot attacks 50% faster

    Rolling Damage Range to Max is a 2.39% damage increase. Rolling % damage is worse. Rolling IAS is just bad.

    Rolling Disc to 12 is a 2.31% increase if you have 84 Disc. If you have 81 or less Disc before rolling the Weapon you gain 2.40% or more the lower your Disc is.
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    posted a message on when seasons ends: a bunch of questions
    Quote from ReLoader_7»

    is there a paragon migration as well or does that just evaporate? Do the paragon lvls carry back to NS?

    Yes the exp does. So say you are 1k on season and like 600 on non season you might be like 1070-1.1k ish. rough guess but ya
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    posted a message on Solo Vs Group XP balance: S4 Nothing Changed!
    Quote from HS_PaiMei»

    So they nerfed XP gear into the ground. And they even lowered HP monster settings for solo. Now solo should be able to compete with groups, or atleast the gap between solo and groups is closer. Wrong! 4-player groups are already doing Grift100+speeds, netting more then 1.000+bil XP/H. Solo player doing Grift70 speeds in about 8-10min is getting 100bil/H. Difference is more then x10. Look at the 4-player Leaderboard in Europe. People are already at 2000 paragon. This is only 1 month into the season. Still 2 months to go. End result: you will still run 10k+ main stat behind, just like last season. Byebye leaderboard dreams.

    Nothing Changed.

    This twisted sword+twister health globe support meta is way way to strong. And should have been nerfed long time ago. The amount of dmg Wiz can do is just mind boggling wrong. Which allows these super high 100+ grifts.

    Tbh if the Twister spec didn't exist there would be a way smaller gap. The only reason any runs near this exist is due to how the wizard works. Knowing blizz they didn't even expect half the builds players came up with.
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    posted a message on [2.4] How will we farm paragon levels next patch?

    Its gonna be level gems like crazy for more dmg than care as much about exp. Cubing even level 50 gems on every item is already 650 paragon levels. Add higher gems and GG many paragon levels of stats.

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    posted a message on Hellfire passive snaphot expliot.

    Since it is fixed already it doesn't matter. By the end of the season every single rank will have been beaten that used it. We still have fucking like 3months left not like its a big deal. Everyone will be many hundreds of paragon(or 1k more) higher than now and more perfect rolls and higher gems.

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    posted a message on Need an explanation about Barb and Dh comparison
    Quote from RRenaissance

    Speaking of the next PTR, if they want to have a decent time to test changes with all the new sets incoming for other classes, they should start this sometime soon, unless we stay in this season until the end of august....

    They already said this season will be 4 months.

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