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    posted a message on The elusive Flying Dragon
    I have one in my stash. It is just a random drop, like everything else. Kadala can help.

    The Monkey set sounds useful. It is not clear to me how to best make use of the proc. You can just use it as attack speed bonus, it should at least help with spirit generation. A build direction that could be interesting to explore is this:

    Maybe with a few modifications. Although in the end even that build can be better done with 1h weapons I think - e.g. if you look at the Rimeheart based build in the comments.
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.7 Preview
    This is pretty awesome. I guess I will log back in once the patch hits :)
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    posted a message on Why should we NOT start botting? Discuss!
    Why would you have a program play the game instead of doing it yourself? It's like buying movie tickets and then not going.

    Let me be a bit more specific. I think the misconception that is in place here is that the whole grind is to gear up (and getting the paragons up) for some future content. In my opinion this is fundamentally wrong. The process of leveling and gearing is all that there is. If you let the bot do it instead, you might as well not play at all. If you don't enjoy playing right now, why would it be more fun if you are leveled out and decked out in BiS gear? Then there is nothing left to do...

    Content additions will be marginal, similar to the uber bosses. They add something to the endgame, but they don't become the new endgame. This is not WoW where there is a new raid every other month that requires better gear.

    Future expansions will most likely reset paragon levels in some form, and make most gear obsolete, so this is also not a good reason to run a bot.

    PvP is still unclear. If someone thinks he has to bot to be prepared for PvP, I can not change it. It's something I don't care so much about though.

    Finally, if someone is just looking to make money off the game, then running multiple bots is probably a good idea. But I think this is not the main point of this thread.

    In short, I don't see how botting enhances the gaming experience. If you enjoy the game, play it, if not, stop. A bot won't change that.
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    posted a message on Getting Rid of Resistances
    I can do MP 10 ubers with 3% life steal, around 500 all resist, 5k armor (with passive), and around 58k health. I can't solo farm MP10 with the same gear, mostly due to reflect mobs, but since it's not efficient I don't care. My low MP farming gear is almost the same, except I swap a +vit/+resist Inna's Radiance for one with spirit regen/resist and exp gem, and I wear my best hellfire ring.

    Instead of going crazy and checking out the top 10, I looked at a few of the top 80-100 dps monks. The lowest resist I found was 292, most were between 350 and 550, with some concentration around 500. I think that's a good value.

    800 all resist seems very high to me, that was maybe needed a few patches ago, but not anymore. In terms of high DPS items, some loss is almost mandatory:
    Innas pants: 200 vit or 100dex/100 vit is better than 80 all res, so no resists here
    Lacuni bracers: at most one resistance
    Inna's belt: dex vit is better than all resist
    Witching hour: at most one resist (want dex/vit!)
    Inna's chest: again high vit is probably better than all resist

    Compared to a solid 1.0.3 outfit with double resist in all those slots, a loss of roughly 300 resists seems natural to me.
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    posted a message on Price Check Gloves High Int, IAS, Crit, AR
    Int max is 300 on gloves
    No vit
    no crit damage
    crit chance is low

    I'd value them at roughly 10m, but since I don't play mage, I might be somewhat off here
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    posted a message on How to deal with reflect damage at mp6+?
    while I'm not a big fan of nerfing mob abilities, I think that if they changed reflect to work similar to how shielding works now, it would be more fun. If they don't change it, at least adding some kind of aura would help.
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    posted a message on Rakkis Crossing
    It's not round :)

    I'm serious. If you look at Alkaizers route, it's also built such that you reduce TP times and such. E.g. you start at the checkpoint before Azmodan and run back to the WP, TotD lvl 1 you make one circle from WP back to the WP, and in fields you also make one circle. The two areas where you actually port are Keep lvl 2 and Arreat lvl 2... those are just crazy XP, so it's worth it.

    Rakki is not bad, and if you read one of Alkaizers interviews you see that he only strictly stuck to his route for the last 10 paragon levels, for much of the rest he did siegebreaker - azmodan and similar runs.

    A lot of people include Rakkis in their runs. Personally most of the time I skip it... it's too random.
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    posted a message on What happened to Gem prices????
    imho the square gems were never a significant part of the total crafting cost. Gems have not changed since the release of the game, and there is absolutely no gem sink in the game. My guess is that by now, there are more star (and higher) gems around than the market can absorb, so gem prices have decoupled from the production cost and dropped.

    Eventually Blizzard will have to rethink gems and/or introduce a sink.
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    posted a message on MP3 A1 or MP1 A3.
    Quote from cam_core

    I'm just curious from a purely farming oranges POV.

    I've only got like 45k dps, 40k~ health, around 600 resist, and meh LoH/LS.

    From a speed/efficiency standpoint.

    Is MP3 Act 1 more viable than MP1 Act 3.

    How could someone answer this for you? You have to find out yourself. Things to consider:

    Once you turn on monster power, Act 1 and Act 3 should have very similar difficulty. So if you can do Act 1 on MP3, you might also be able to do Act 3 on MP3. There are a few hard hitting guys in act 3, so you have to check whether it works.

    Monster density: A3 has many areas that require little running and much killing, and a few well established farming routes. To be really efficient in act 1, you have to find a good route, and I'm not sure they exist.

    Overall, lower MP is better if you are in doubt. The MF gain from MP is not that much if you consider what you already get from NV stacks and from paragon levels.
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    posted a message on Auction House bug/hack ?
    27m sale on the ah gives you 22.95m gold, not 24. What was the exact amount you got?
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