• published the article Welcome our 2 new staff members.
    Welcome our 2 new staff members.

    Due to the amount of time and dedication they have put into the site, both SilVerSurFnStud and Elfen Lied have been asked to join our team here at diablo3.com

    Congrats to both of them!
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  • published the article Diablo 3 Chat Room!!
    Due to popular demand, we have set up a diablo3.com chat room.

    You can access this chat room by going to our java IRC Client located at:

    If you have an IRC Client like MIRC, or X-Chat, you can connect to the following server, and channel.

    Server: irc.diablo3.com
    Channel: #diablo3

    Come join the channel, and hang around for a bit. We allready have a couple people cheatting it up there.

    Also, we'll be giving random Free Web Hosting give aways in the channel as well. So for a chance to win, drop by!
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  • published the article Avatars are Fixed.
    Avatar's should be fixed now. Find any errors, just post them here.
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  • published the article Cyks; The New News and PR Team Member!
    Everyone congradulate Cyks. He has been picked to start up our news team. He'll have moderator abilitys on the news and polls forum.

    He'll be the one who posts news and new polls. He'll also be able to aprove anyone who wants to submit a poll or news article.

    Cyks will also be spreading the word about Diablo3.com at other gaming based websites for us.
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  • published the article New Patent for Diablo Filed by Blizzard
    cyks; who is one of our forum members, has found that Blizzard on the 9th of December 2005 filed a trademark for Diablo.

    A screen shot of the trademark page, and directions on how to get to that trademark page are posted below:

    Quote from cyks »
    The US patent office allocates search sessions per visit, so no direct links will function. Below are some directions on how to see what Sage and I see

    1st: click the link, --> http://www.uspto.gov/ebc/indexebc.html
    2nd: You will see three columns: Patents, Trademarks, other. Click search(TESS) under the Trademarks column and Trademark EBusiness
    3rd: Click 'New User Form Search (basic)'
    4th: Fill in 'Blizzard,' for the 'Search Term.'
    Note: Be sure to assign 'Owner name and address' for the 'Field' parameter!!
    5th: Look for 'Diablo.' It should be the first one (There is one for Diablo I, II, and one for LOD, but LOD says LOD, LOL).
    5th(cont.):Click 'Diablo'
    6th: Enjoy!
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  • published the article Diablo3.Com Website team is looking for staff!
    Do you want to be part of the hottest website for Diablo III? Sure you do! Well here is your chance... I'm in need of some Graphic Artists to help develop the current layout of the website.

    I am also in need of somone who can do small RPG spirit like graphics. Here are some examples:


    https://www.digitaltoxicity.net/forums/Inferno/items/heavyspear[1].gif" width="" height="" alt="" />

    Note that these images were taken from my final fantasy based RPG system. The images that we will need for the Diablo3.Com RPG system will need to be Diablo based/themed.

    If your interested, or know anyone who might be, Have them send a PM to

    In that PM include the following:

    Your First name
    Your Last Name
    Your E-Mail Address
    Your MSN, AIM, Yahoo or ICQ

    A portfollio, or ATLEAST 10 samples of your work
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  • published the article Diablo3.com New Layout, Site Engine, and Webmaster.
    Welcome to the new Diablo3.com Layout and site engine!! We're still running vbulletin3, but we now have a new CMS, and layout! That means more content when we get our hands on it, and more features for you guys.

    Along with the new Layout and Engine, Diablo3.com recruited myself as a new Webmaster. I'll tell you more about me in the next post!
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