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    My advice:

    remove the clock from the game. remove the clock from your os, remove all clocks from your home and put black out curtains over every window.... you wont know how much time has passed. If youre having fun then you will reach level 70 in what seems like hours, if not then.... it may take you months :P
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    oh and change your skills:

    bash (with punish or instigation...whatever)
    hammer of the ancients (with rolling thunder or smash)
    sprint with marathon or furious charge with merciless assualt or dreadnaught
    rend with bloodlust
    battle rage with into the frey
    WOTB with TOC

    your passives are fine.

    use them skills and you will see a difference, running a WW barb with a skorn isnt the best scenario as the sprint whirlwinds wont tick over enough to give you fury return.
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    get better gems... thats about it. unless you want perfect stats on everything, you have your life steal from belt, you have relatively high str, you barb doesnt look rubbish (with that dps you should be able to survive and kill most things even on mp7, maybe just slowly) just get to plvl 100 and then think about gear because your str and vit will change dramatically by then :)
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    Hey guys, I still hear people moaning about the game and how unfair RNG is and blah blah blah, and i will TOTALLY admit that at one time i did my share of complaining, but to see the game in its current state really makes me happy. In fact just the other day me and a few friends were leveling new characters and all three of us said how much we really were enjoying the game again. I would be lying if i said the game was perfect, but to see what it was like at release and then compare to now.... hell i dont see other game devs doing this at the moment! take the sim sity launch for example, what a piece of garbage that was!

    On behalf of some who wont/cant/refuse to say it i may aswell thank blizzard for listening to us and changing various aspects and bringing the game closer to ideal :D

    I personally believe the main issue in all of this is people having a "readily-available" view of other peoples opinions. For example when Jay Wilson made the remark about D2/TL1+2 designer it may have been unfair and childish, but years ago this wouldnt have been readily available to the public... and Jay wouldn't have been subjected to the "mob culture" we now have on these forums and facebook and whatnot. I may be totally wrong but i believe that Jay wouldn't have gotten such a bad time if every little thing that he did wasn't sent out over the "net-waves"... :S

    Oh well, If you read this then i hope you can say thank you for your favourite aspect aswell :D

    Cheers guys, looking forward to the next patch!
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    If my rage could be contained right now i could nuke the world!
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    Ok i can accept what you're all saying, and i appologise for sounding like a spoilt brat! i suppose im just frustrated. As i am wrong about the drm can one of you guys explain it so i have a better understanding?

    I still maintain my arguement about the servers though, you tell me it is needed to keep the game going but how does it work for other games and games of the past? i think having a constantly online single player mode is terrible and refuse to believe that it is a decent aspect of the game.

    Im sorry if im coming across as ignorant and im not trying to troll or anything, again im just frustrated :(

    edit: why the HELL would would i get banned? for expressing a negative feeling? i havent sworn or posted exploits or been threataning.
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    Hi there everyone, this is my first post after a long time of lurking.

    Firstly let me say that i have been playing Diablo since its inception, along with Hellfire, Diablo 2, LOD and various mods, and it has been my "go to" game for some years. I can remember the feeling of beating Hell difficulty on LOD and uber Tristram, i can remember beating diablo on the original game and i ALSO remember the rewards that were plentiful and useful.

    My childhood comprised of listening to every single iron maiden record in a row and playing these games non-stop, created by a company who brought other amazing games like StarCraft and Warcraft... (and lost vikings ha ha) Then WORLD OF WARCRAFT! oh man what a company, they know what theyre talking about, i mean Blizzard are extremely clever! 10 Gajillion players paying 10 quid a month to play that game... thats money that i cant even comprehend! what a passionate company!

    Later in my life after not having anything to play (or at least hold my interest for very long) i hear about Diablo 3 (dun dun DUUUUNNNN!) "oh BOY i cant wait". I promptly bought the collectors edition (which was a first) and held my breath waiting for the adrenaline rush that i felt in the good old days...

    Sadly this hasnt been the case :( you have two amazing games and now this?! i am, as the meme suggests "Dissapoint"

    I'm not going to QQ about the graphics being similar to WOW or the story line being rushed, cliched and.... well rather bland. However my frustration begins with the DRM, the server maintainance, the AH/RMAH and the TOTAL lack of respect by blue posters.

    I have bought a game that i mostly play single player, it has a chat option which is not needed when i want to play alone, it has a friends list which is not needed when i want to play alone, people can jump into my game... which is not needed when i want to play alone, and worst of all I GET TOLD I CANT PLAY THE GAME BECAUSE THE SERVERS ARE UNDER MAINTAINANCE WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT NEEDED WHEN I WANT TO PLAY ALONE!!!!

    How can you POSSIBLY justify this move when every one KNOWS for a FACT DRM does not work?

    (apparently i cant post a url incase i link you to the nigerian lottery or something?)

    People have written scripts and bots to farm this game over and over to recieve obscene ammounts of gold and items and sell them on the AH for 50,000,000,000 and on the RMAH for £250, and you create a game using DRM talking about how you dont want the game to be broken?!!!?!?!

    Well unfortunatly the game IS broken because the creators are nothing more than money hungry idiots that have no business sticking thier noses into such an amazing series!

    How can you justify the RMAH? when PVP gets implemented how will that work? Will it be pay to win? or will you balance it so that every one has the same gear when they enter the arena? nah i dont think you will... thats no good for the financial side of business is it?

    Dear LORD, im going to the supermarket to buy some beef, i shall pay the lady at the till, get home and then every slice i cut will be riddled with problems, "error 37 cant access the beef servers to give you a decent cut at the moment...try again in a bit" "oh you want this slice? thats an addictiona £20 please" "error 75 beef currently unavailable... try again in a bit" MY BEEFS GONE COLD AND SO HAS MY LOVE FOR THIS GAME!!!!

    And if by chance a blue poster does indeed decide to respond to this post i can bet it will just be some sarcastic comment because (again) they just DO NOT have the respect for thier customers!

    TL;DR Blizz you have had your chance to be a blood sucking conglomerate with WOW but now the greed has taken over your company and you cant help but get your defiling claws into other great avenues. Believe me, you WILL fall.
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